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Amanda Reader is a friendly, hard-working senior at Boulder High. She joined The Owl team this year because of her passion for uncovering and spreading both truth and justice (aka “actual tea”). This trait was most likely inherited from her mother, who works as a lawyer and is a notable inspiration to Amanda. She has always admired how her mother consistently worked hard to create the life she wanted, especially when obstacles got in the way. One of her mother's friends is also a hero to Amanda. She described this woman as “driven, successful, and down to earth” - three qualities that Amanda values and strives to achieve. When she has free time, Amanda enjoys golfing, hanging out with friends, and watching TV - but she admits that all of these activities only come after at least 20 minutes of laying in her car and preparing physically and mentally for her next move. Qualifying her as a particularly involved Panther, Amanda is involved in National Honor Society, Mock Trial, the Varsity Girls Golfing Team, and Panther Pride. Through joining the The Owl staff, Amanda hopes to improve upon her research and writing ability alike. She would like to develop these skills for college as well as her future career. Amanda prefers green grapes, but takes into account the firmness over everything.

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Recht field, Boulder Highs very own football field. Football fields are 57,000 Sq Ft.

[Photo] The White House: Not Just a House

Isabel Oliver, Features Editor October 13, 2020

Recht field, Boulder High's very own football field. Football fields are 57,000 Sq Ft.

Ah, graduation. A notoriously in-person activity. With social distancing and self-isolation in full effect, high schools and colleges around the country have started postponing and even cancelling their graduations. But what about Boulder High?

Really?… BVSD (Graduation)

Amanda Reader, Staff Writer April 23, 2020

Hi, Boulder High! It’s Amanda, and after a far too long break, I’m back! Today, I would like to talk about something that has clearly not been talked about enough… the coronavirus. The coronavirus...

Senior Emma Bagley smiles for her senior photo. Photo courtesy of Emma Bagley.

Student Athlete Spotlight: Emma Bagley

Amanda Reader, Staff Writer April 2, 2020

Recently, I got the chance to sit down with Boulder High senior Emma Bagley. Bagley is a very competitive athlete and plays on the Boulder High girls basketball team, as well as the Boulder High girls...

BHS’s December Graduates

Amanda Reader, Staff Writer February 18, 2020

Many seniors are dreading this last semester of high school. What they might not know is that they might not have needed to even be in school right now. A trend that has been catching on is for many seniors...

Drake Arthur (junior) is shown here in his purple sweatsuit, wearing it with a smile. Photo by Amanda Reader.

Sweatsuit Scandal, Part Two

Amanda Reader, Staff Writer January 25, 2020

As we jump into the second semester, the basketball season is in full swing. This means that the athletes have new apparel and are flaunting this throughout the day at school, specifically on days that...

The logo of the chicken establishment in question: Canes. Via wikimedia commons.

Cane’s Fried Chicken: A Review

Amanda Reader, Staff Writer January 24, 2020

While there are many restaurants that Boulder High students can attend during lunch, there have always been specific restaurants that student chooses to go to, even if that means driving quite far away....

Really…? Boulder High: Snow

Amanda Reader, Staff Writer January 7, 2020

Hey Boulder High! It’s Amanda, back with another edition of Really?... Boulder High. Today I will be discussing the recent snow storms that we have had, and how the lack of snow removal has made it difficult...

Last years Powerpuff participants get together for a photo after a fun-filled game. Photo courtesy of Charlotte Lee.

Powerpuff Problems

Amanda Reader, Staff Writer November 24, 2019

Despite the excitement and anticipation for this year’s Powerpuff game, the winter weather has led to an unfortunate cancellation of this sacred event. This cancellation of the important game for junior...

Does Boulder High have an issue with respecting student privacy? Lets dive right in to the discussion with this edition of Really?... Boulder High. Photo of school security camera via Amanda Reader.

Really?… Boulder High Privacy Problems

Amanda Reader, Staff Writer November 21, 2019

Hey, Boulder High! It’s me, Amanda, and I’m back with another edition of Really?... Boulder High. Today I will be discussing an issue that many Boulder High students face, this issue is the feeling...

One of Boulder Highs overactive fire alarms. Photo by Amanda reader.

Really…? Boulder High: Fire Alarms

Amanda Reader, Staff Writer November 14, 2019

Hey Boulder High! Welcome back to my column! Today we will be discussing something near and dear to all of our hearts… our beloved building. More specifically, whether or not we can expect it to burn...

Really…? BVSD

Amanda Reader, Staff Writer October 28, 2019

Hey, Boulder High! It’s Amanda again, back with another edition of Really?... BVSD. Today I would like to discuss the crazy amounts of snow that have accumulated this past Sunday and Monday morning....

Screenshot of new BVSD website.

Really…? BVSD

Amanda Reader, Staff Writer October 25, 2019

Hi again! This week we have a special edition of Really?... Boulder High. Today, I will not just be exploring an issue with our beloved Boulder High, but rather an issue that has to with all of Boulder...

The varsity boys soccer team huddles up during a game. Photo via Boulder High Yearbook.

Sko Soccer

Amanda Reader, Staff Writer October 24, 2019

The boys soccer team has been having a ball so far this school year with their 2019 campaign. Whether they are playing under the bright lights of Christian Recht Field, or destroying rival teams on the...

Comic by Lillian Ruelle

Really…? Boulder High

Amanda Reader, Staff Writer October 21, 2019

Hey, Boulder High! My name is Amanda Reader, and welcome to my column! This will be a place where I discuss all the things that Boulder High has done that are... less than ideal, and things that may leave...

Sweatsuit Scandal

Sweatsuit Scandal

Amanda Reader, Staff Writer September 21, 2019

As most of our community knows, there is a deep-rooted rivalry between Boulder High School and Fairview High School. Our impressive soccer team has defended the Boulder High name with its latest victory...

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