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Creature Comforts Cafe is only a ten minute walk or a 4 minute bike ride from Boulder High School.
Creature Comforts Cafe
May 16, 2024
Pictured here is a dumpling from Chiri’s. (A cute lil’ orange cart on Pearl Street) If you’re interested in trying out local dumplings on your own, check out the taste testers chart!
The Deal with Dumplings
May 16, 2024
Instagram Reels is the most used short video platform among BHS students, with more than 80% of students saying they use it regularly.
Instagram Turns Us Into Awful People
Milan Gdowski, Staff Writer • May 3, 2024

Instagram Reels is racist. It’s a fact that is very well known among most who use the platform, and it is becoming a bigger problem. A recent survey of Boulder High School students has shown that a large...

The Boeing 737 is the best selling jetliner and the most utilized model for commercial travel.
The Boeing Problem
May 16, 2024
Landon Covele is campaigning to be the leader of his clan. He has been an avid player for many years.
Clash of Clans: In Defense of "Rushing"
Many adults will tell you stories of the old Casa Bonita and the magic they experienced there as a child.
Casa Bonita Makes a Splash
Pecking Away at Food Waste
Pecking Away at Food Waste
The Glamorization of Mental Illness
The Glamorization of Mental Illness
What Does the Future Hold?
City Council Election Analysis
City Council Election Analysis
Molly Dembo, News Editor • April 9, 2024
Following their $725 Million dollar lawsuit last year, Meta is back in hot water, this time for psychological manipulation
Meta VS CO: The Fight For The Children
Wallace Gilreath November 27, 2023
Is There Room For Religion in Boulder?
Alex Spiridellis October 26, 2023
Coach Geo Tam takes a photo of the Girls Cross Country team holding a medal after yet another amazing race this season.
Coach Interview: Geo Tam
Ella Gibney, Staff Writer
A common idiom to describe someones ethnicity;  having a cactus on the forehead. Meaning someone is very Mexican.
Interesting Idioms
Dune: Part Two Movie Considerations
"Dune: Part Two" Movie Considerations
Arlo Parks grew up obsessed with poet and novelist Sylvia Plath. These poetic influences shine through in the beauty and rich imagery of Parks song lyrics.
New Indie Artist Alert: Arlo Parks
A must-see movie with a suspensful plot, best enjoyed with a bowl of popcorn
Leave the World Behind
All Hail Dolly
All Hail Dolly
Apocalypse Media
Apocalypse Media
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