In-person learning will hopefully return, but for seniors, the open campus will not.
A Farewell to the Open Campus
Amelia Chapman, Staff writer • October 29, 2020

This past week, Boulder High began to reintroduce students back into the building. In-person learning will now be postponed until mid-November, but for some, the few days they were allowed on campus were viewed as an opportunity to reconnect with classmates or get to know teachers. For others, it was only a reminder of what was lost: the open campus. The campus will not remain closed forever; many will return next year to find the rice balls at Alfalfa’s just as delicious or the candy at the...

Finding the perfect online recipe can be hard, but many food products come with their own suggestions for baking.
The Best Back of the Box Baking
Gracie Lee, Staff writer • October 27, 2020

With canceled plans and extra time at home this fall, more and more people are finding themselves craving some laid back baking. However, scrolling through thousands of online blogs and recipes can be a tedious chore. There are thousands of recipes to choose from, all requiring different foreign ingredients...

There are 19 candidates on the Colorado ballot.
A Look at Some Third Party Candidates
Hannah Cohen, Staff writer • October 27, 2020

The 2020 presidential election has turned, for some, into a consideration of “who do I hate the least?” as they consider President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. Others have gone the route of a third party or independent candidate. Here’s a look at some of the stranger “other”...

Telluride is known for its skiing, but there are plenty of things to do there before the snow falls!
Eight Colorful Colorado Locations to Visit Before Winter
Ruby Link, Staff writer • October 20, 2020

Although Colorado has mainly been put on the map for its ski slopes, one of the best times to visit is before the snow even comes. Colorado is home to some of the most breathtaking views that are amplified by the striking colors of fall. So for those looking to soak up the last couple weeks of warmth...

Socks and 'Stocks: A Fashion Dilemma
Larson Burak, Sports Editor • October 15, 2020

Choosing to wear Birkenstocks carries some distressing baggage for fans of footwear. Once broken in, the sandals are very comfortable and undoubtedly the move for your feet during summer days that require efficient changeover from being barefoot to putting on shoes. They’re long-lasting, go well with...

Is anonymous shrimp delivery a light-hearted joke or a troubling incident?
Tsuchiya's Shrimp Delivery Crisis
Keeton Hanzlik-Green, News Editor & Copy Editor • October 15, 2020

DISCLAIMER: All events in this article are based on a true story and involve real issues. Identity fraud and seafood allergies can seriously affect members of our community. Stay sharp. Approximately one year ago, Luke Tsuchiya—then a junior at Boulder High—was sitting in his room reading...

At the White House, the South Portico has been the backdrop to many an event, including the RNC.
The White House: Not Just a House
Isabel Oliver, Features Editor • October 13, 2020

This past Monday, President Trump returned to the White House from a three-day stay at Walter Reed Military Medical Center after being diagnosed with Covid-19. He stood atop the South Portico steps, removed his mask, waved a bit, then turned and entered his home—all without his germ shield. At first...

Best of Trader Joe
Best of Trader Joe's: Fall 2020
Elliote Muir, Editor-in-Chief • October 13, 2020

It’s been six glorious years since Trader Joe’s opened a store in Boulder. The California-based grocer, which has been around since the late 1960s, is famous for its relaxed, Hawaiian shirt atmosphere and use of private-label goods, which make up 80 percent of its inventory. Trader Joe’s keeps...

Everyone loves a good recipe, but food bloggers
Online Recipes Need to CHILL
Amelia Chapman, Staff writer • October 8, 2020

Fall is approaching and with that, your favorite foods. The scent of pumpkin pie will soon fill your home and, if properly made, will leave you and your family fighting over the last piece. Like the tech-savvy teenager that you are, you take to the web, searching for the perfect recipe. You click on...

Photo caption: Grab a pumpkin spice latte--nothing will be able to bring you down.
Drown Your Sorrows in Pumpkin Spice
Ruby Link, Staff writer • October 2, 2020
CU and the City of Boulder
The Breakup
Elliote Muir, Editor-in-Chief • October 2, 2020
Fall has arrived!
Five Things to do This Fall
Halie Leland, Staff writer • October 2, 2020
SAT books have piled up since last year when seniors began to study for the test, now finally a year later we can get rid of them. Photo via Flickr
An Ode to The SAT
Isabel Oliver, Features Editor • October 1, 2020
Baby: Is She Truly Like Lightning in a Bottle?
Luke Kreidl, Opinions Editor • October 1, 2020
Presidential candidate Joe Biden had a lot to say to President Trump on Tuesday night
Biden's Retorts, Rated
Hannah Cohen, Staff writer • October 1, 2020
When the weather looks like this, there
Guys: Stop Wearing Shorts When it's Snowing
Clara Fraser, Opinions Editor • September 30, 2020
Ragers and global pandemics coexisting? Not as difficult as it may seem.
How to Party During a Pandemic
Luke Leiden, Webmaster and Social Media Director • September 29, 2020
During Covid-19, many of us have been staying inside, without an important part of out environment – plants.
Five Plants That Are Impossible to Kill
Ella Webber, Staff writer • September 29, 2020
Google meet icon. BVSD Uses google meet for all of its online classes. Photo Via Wiki Commons
7 Things to TOTALLY Do During Online School
Isabel Oliver, Features Editor • September 18, 2020
Jenna Karvunidis
Trailblazing Since Birth
Luke Kreidl, Opinions Editor • September 16, 2020
Women love a traditional, chivalrous man. The type who would be real skilled at hunting and gathering in ye olden days.
Now Watch Me Whip (My Girl with a Goat)
Elijah Boykoff and Grace Schwab February 18, 2020
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