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Spotted in the wild: a pair of Nike blazers, yet another example of sneakers popular now that were popular in the 20th century.
Trends: Gut und Schlecht
Madelyn Barnes, Staff Writer • May 15, 2023

Some of the worst trends at this school revolve around fashion, whether it is clothes, accessories, hair, or something else-the students have opinions about.  Some of the most popular trends now are...

Classrooms are hotbeds for analytical and fantastical thought.
Class Time Daydreams
Madelyn Barnes, Staff Writer • May 15, 2023

It's no secret that school can be ridiculously boring. Long lectures, miserable socratic seminars-that one kid talking the whole time- and review time without music, or some kind of distraction is depressingly dull. With the phone and music ban in most classes, students must resort to coming up with...

An actor portrayal of the perilous fate that awaits the ignorers of road rules (no children were harmed with this production).
License to Flatten: E-bikers
Heidi Naumov, Guest Contributor • May 15, 2023

What was wrong with normal bikes? Why, why are we giving young, wild, irresponsible children faster bikes? Are children not dangerous enough to their health and society on normal bikes? And besides that, these kiddos are at the prime of their health (probably), so they could easily spend their excess...

Despite teachers best efforts, students often spend their valuable educational minutes on a silly little video app.
TikTok Gems
Madelyn Barnes, Staff Writer • April 18, 2023

TikTok has taken over youth lives. Hours upon hours a day, children sit on their butts watching these short videos. They ignore homework, their families and friends, fall behind in class work, and just life in general.  Anyway, here are my two cents on the best TikTokers:  Do you wanna get silly...

Birdcall, The Most Overrated Restaurant in Human History
Birdcall, The Most Overrated Restaurant in Human History
Lucca Swain, Social Media Director • April 5, 2023

Of all the food fads to move through Boulder’s social circles, Birdcall has to be the most aggravating. Before I ever even tried food from the chicken chain, I had heard endless praise for how delicious the chicken sandwiches are and for how the food is a “gift from god”. Yet when I ordered myself...

Which one of these postal services is the best at moving boxes to houses?
Postage preferences
Madelyn Barnes, Staff Writer • November 15, 2022

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? This philosophical question has plagued us for years. But now, I have another question. One that, objectively, is even more important: Which delivery company is best? It has recently been brought to my attention that some of our very own students prefer USPS...

Its time to toss your streaming service and find your parents old discmans.
The Best Ways to Listen to Music, Ranked
Hannah Cohen, Opinions Editor • August 15, 2022

On January 28th, I quit my Spotify addiction. That’s an exaggeration, but not by much - the platform served as the hub for my podcasts, playlists, albums and slightly stalkerish tendencies.  So imagine my horror that previous Wednesday, when folk icon Neil Young removed his music from Spotify,...

Presidential candidate Joe Biden had a lot to say to President Trump on a Tuesday nights debate.
Biden's Back, Babey!
Hannah Cohen, Opinion Editor • May 9, 2022

Good news politics junkies, drama enthusiasts and people with too much time on their hands. The President Biden we know and tolerate is back!  On the campaign trail, Biden played into the current political sensationalism that America pretends to hate but secretly craves. Politics is a show, performance...

Some schools get creative with their mascots- for better or for worse.
High School Mascots
Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer • January 27, 2022

Nothing’s more creative and innovative than mascots like the Eagles, Wildcats, or the Bulldogs. But what about mascots that you haven’t heard? The ones that make you question if they even exist. I can assure you, these are all real and memorable. 1 Panthers - Boulder High School What can I...

A quote from the wall of a physics classroom speaks for itself.
Is AP Physics the Hardest Class?
Norrie Boyd, Business Manager & Cartoonist • January 21, 2022
Each color creates a response, and objects can often be associated with a certain color.
My Classes and the Colors that Represent Them
Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer • January 10, 2022
Sitting on the Floor can be more enjoyable than expected.
Take a Seat, on the Floor
Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer • November 18, 2021
Senior Pet Peeves
Senior Pet Peeves
Norrie Boyd and Charlie Martin, Cartoonist and Business Manager & Media Director • November 9, 2021
Although this room spray was sitting at the bottom of the display shelves, it definitely deserves a spot at the top.
Trader Joe's Fall Food Reviews
Annika Bjorklund and Alexa Dembo November 2, 2021
Annika Bjorklund 22 climbs out her window at the start of the school day to avoid a fist fight with the car adjacent to her.
Why I Love the Senior Lot
Annika Bjorklund , Editor-in-chief • October 2, 2021
Panera has 2,161 locations across the United States since 1987.
Why Panera is Overrated
Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer • September 28, 2021
Trust me. Airplane food is actually amazing.
Airline Food is Better Than Michelin Star Restaurants
Amelie Panacicone, Staff writer • May 12, 2021
Stellas Suggestions Vol III
Stella's Suggestions Vol III
Stella Hofferman, Arts and Entertainment Editor • April 8, 2021
Many people have fallen victim to the draw of hallway makeout sessions, but in the time of COVID-19, are these public displays of affection appropriate?
It's Far Too Soon For Hallway PDA
Isabel Oliver, Features Editor • April 8, 2021
Stellas Suggestions: Volume II
Stella's Suggestions: Volume II
Stella Hofferman, Arts & Entertainment Editor • March 19, 2021
Stellas Suggestions: Volume I
Stella's Suggestions: Volume I
Stella Hofferman, Arts & Entertainment Editor • March 10, 2021

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