The Owl

A common idiom to describe someones ethnicity;  having a cactus on the forehead. Meaning someone is very Mexican.
Interesting Idioms
Sandra Redak December 21, 2023

Sitting there in the suspicious-smelling language classrooms of Boulder High, thinking about the hot person sitting across from you, paralyzed by the fear of the next test, the distractions are infinite. You might learn enough to survive in a foreign country, but this environment is not the most conducive...

Students at Boulder High sport a variety of different hairstyles including undercuts, shags, extreme frosted tips and regular shmegular mancuts.
End Frosted Tips
Mia Myca and Becca Kless December 21, 2023

Recently, a strange phenomenon has gripped the students of Boulder High School by the throat. A mysterious occurrence, known as buzzing your hair, bleaching it, and letting it grow into a weird limbo-like state otherwise known as “frosted tips.” Though it might not have been intentional, this hairstyle...

November Horoscopes
Mia Myca November 27, 2023

Aries - Your Thanksgiving spirit food is cranberry sauce straight from the can cut into slices.    Taurus - Go ahead and get some carving pumpkins with all your friends. You deserve a little cutesy group arts and crafts time.   Gemini - Keep your outfits funky and fresh this November....

The Best Of Halloween
Summer Gardner November 27, 2023

The Best of Halloween Summer Gardner   Movies: The Babadook- This amazing psychological horror will evoke feeling of terror and heartbreak at the same time. Coraline- Although this isn’t a scary movie, it still has a cozy yet eerie atmosphere perfect for            Halloween. ...

20 Everyday Words We All Love to Say
Evan McDonald November 27, 2023

A list of 20 everyday words that we all love to use. I can't think of a day that I haven't used all 20 of them.   Sesquipedalian - having many syllables; long (Merriam-Webster). Crapulous - intemperate (Roget's Thesaurus First Edition 1865) Slugabed - a person who stays in bed until...

Boulder High's Least Favorite Holiday
Laird Krodelsmith November 27, 2023

Welcome back Panthers, this month we asked you guys what your least favorite holiday was, and we got some pretty good answers. In a poll of 77 students, just over a third of responses said that Easter was the worst holiday, but nobody really had a particular disdain over the holiday either. Many just...

Why You Shouldnt Hit Snooze On Your Alarm Clock
Why You Shouldn't Hit Snooze On Your Alarm Clock
Jonathan Stafford November 17, 2023

The modern alarm clock, that is, one that is equipped with mechanical movement and adjustable time, was patented in 1847 by the French inventor Antoine Redier. And, in my opinion, that was the downfall of peak productivity across the globe. Now that is a large assertion, but one I can confidently stand...

Senior Lot Comics
Taylor Robinson November 17, 2023

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