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Window-peekers, our skills are no longer needed.
Farewell to Snow Days
Halie Leland, Staff writer • January 10, 2021

Farewell, beloved snow days. So long, responsibility-free joy. Adiós curious, window-peeking self so diligently predicting how much snow would fall. You are gone now, into the void, and I miss you dearly. ‘Tis...

During the winter season, the best potatoes are butternut squash scalloped potatoes.
Winter Squash Recipes and Reviews
Selah Dow, Staff writer • December 17, 2020

The holiday season and the end of the semester can be very stressful. Especially this year with COVID-19, everyone’s feeling a little uneasy. Trying to fight the stress of this season and the sadness that comes with the lack of sunshine during winter can be difficult, so here are my comforting seasonal...

The grilled cheese sandwich is a staple of American cuisine.
Making the Best Grilled Cheese
Gracie Lee, Staff writer • December 17, 2020

There is no better lunch on a Saturday afternoon than a crisp and gooey grilled cheese sandwich. The grilled cheese was the culinary masterpiece of Otto Fredrick Rohwelder in 1922 and has since held a special place in every American’s heart. Sure, you can spend $16.99 on an expensive club sandwich...

We all know it and we all love it: it
The Bodacious Boulder Bubble
Calvin Boykoff, Staff writer • December 17, 2020

Boulder is, has always been and will always be the best place to live. In fact, it has even been named the best place to live in Colorado (according to  Unshockingly, Boulder has been named the sixteenth best place to raise a family in America. Now, what makes our home so great? To be...

Get the Hollywood stars ready, because you are on the fast track to fame.
I am Now a Famous Person
Elliote Muir, Editor-in-Chief • December 16, 2020

If I learned anything from the hit TV show Emily in Paris, it’s that fame is just one mediocre selfie away. While Emily’s rise to “influencer-dom” may have been exaggerated for dramatic effect, there has, in fact, been an uptick in perfectly talentless people achieving fame for doing entirely...

While students love to complain about school, the photos are the real problem.
School's True Problem
Kai Fox, Staff writer • December 15, 2020

Students tend to complain about school's many problems, but they never mention the one true atrocity inflicted upon us: school photos. These dreaded picture days are torture to go through. Have you ever seen a school photo that is flattering? I certainly have not. If a supermodel were to take a school...

The new Eldora has already outstayed its welcome.
Dude, What Happened to Eldora?
Larson Burak, Sports Editor • December 13, 2020

You’ve changed, Eldora. We all know it, but maybe we’re afraid to admit it. Gone is the joy that was once felt when pulling into the Eldora parking lot on a snowy Sunday morning. Mostly because one can’t even pull into the parking lot anymore. As soon as an intrepid skier gets within spitting...

Without their emotional support animals, passengers face a turbulent future of air travel.
Bereft at 32,000 Feet
Elliote Muir, Editor-in-Chief • December 11, 2020
Without their emotional support animals, passengers face a turbulent future of air travel.
While some may proudly flaunt their Tyler-topped Wrapped on social media, others with less-refined taste are forced to take more drastic measures.
Spotify Wrapped: a Blessing or a Curse?
Luke Leiden, Social Media Director • December 11, 2020

It’s that time of year again: Spotify Wrapped 2020. The music streaming service’s interactive recap that highlights users’ top artists and songs for the year has finally arrived. While a select few may gladly celebrate its highly anticipated release, eager to share their superior taste in music...

In the year 2020, after almost a decade of the Saddle Shoe declining in popularity, I have decided to bring them back.
Bringing Back the Saddle Shoe
Akasha Brahmbhatt, Editor-in-Chief • December 10, 2020
PTV has been Boulder High
PTV: We Love It, But...
Amelie Panaccione, Staff writer • December 9, 2020
The Trump 2020 and 2016 campaign team have used multiple different Pro-Trump anthems throughout their campaigning; these are just the best three.
The Catchiest Pro-Trump Anthems
Isabel Oliver, Features Editor • December 9, 2020
To everyone who thinks sleeping with socks is weird, think again.
A Breakdown of Sleeping with Socks
Amelie Panaccione, Staff writer • December 4, 2020
We tried the French toast from six iconic Boulder restaurants and rated their presentation and taste, averaging the two to determine the overall score.
Best French Toast in Town? So Glad You Asked
Elliote Muir, Editor-in-Chief • November 18, 2020
Signs of the Cowpocalypse
Luke Kreidl, Opinions Editor • November 13, 2020
Although Pumpkin Pie is a classic fall themed dessert, this year, I wanted to see what other recipes I could make with Pumpkin Purée.
Recipes to Try Besides Pumpkin Pie
Isabel Oliver, Features Editor • November 8, 2020
The best Halloween candy, KitKat, has an iconic packaging many of us love and get excited to see once the Halloween season arrives.
What is the Best Candy Bar?
Kai Fox, Staff writer • November 8, 2020
Lofi Girl is just chilling on her live stream, listening to music and taking notes with her cat.
Lofi Girl: Secrets of the Vibe
Luke Kreidl, Opinions Editor • November 5, 2020
A student in what they call the "Mario Kart Zone," working vigorously with full concentration on their schoolwork.
Mario Kart Music: The Elimination of Procrastination
Miles Wright, Features Editor • November 4, 2020
Is fantasy football the best way to pass time?
Is This the Best Waste of Time?
Kai Fox, Staff writer • November 3, 2020
In-person learning will hopefully return, but for seniors, the open campus will not.
A Farewell to the Open Campus
Amelia Chapman, Staff writer • October 29, 2020
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