When COVID-19 lockdowns took effect in the spring, many acquired new pets as a way to fill their time.
Pandemic Pets!
Elliote Muir, Editor-in-Chief • October 29, 2020

At the beginning of March, junior Clara Hassan’s family adopted Rosie, a black lab mix. Just a few weeks later, COVID-19 lockdowns took effect...

Historical catastrophes such as the Black Death and the 1918 flu pandemic may provide answers to how the COVID-19 pandemic will conclude.
How Does a Pandemic End?
Luke Leiden, Webmaster & Social Media Director • October 29, 2020

In 1854, one of the world’s earliest epidemics was effectively ended when London resident John Snow removed the handle from the city’s public water pump, preventing the spread of cholera through germ theory. Although it’s highly unlikely that the COVID-19 pandemic will be eradicated in such a simple and hasty manner, we assume it will eventually run its course. Someday, somehow, the COVID-19...

Though the city of Boulder does not have a large Jewish population, a myriad group of Jewish individuals can be found at Boulder High School
The Myriad Jewish Identities of Boulder חי
Grady Clark, Staff writer • October 28, 2020

The city of Boulder does not have a large Jewish population, however, Boulder High hosts a myriad group of Jewish individuals. As a proud, active member of the Jewish community, I decided to seek out fellow Jewish students in the Boulder High community to find our differences and the bonds that tie our community together. Please note throughout the article, when I refer to “The Jewish Students of...

With the 2020 election fast approaching, voters are flocking to the polls and filling out their mail-in ballots.
Gen Z Gets Political
Elliote Muir, Editor-in-Chief • October 28, 2020

My eighteenth birthday is six days before the 2020 presidential election. Thanks to the Colorado Votes Act, which allows all 17-year-olds who will be 18 by election day to vote in primaries, I’ve already collected three “I Voted!” stickers.  But I’m in the minority of Boulder High students whose political opinions will be officially heard on Nov. 3. The road to voting is a bumpy one for...

Homelessness in the United States is slowly decreasing, but is it enough?
The Complexity of Homelessness
Keegan Jack, Webmaster & Social Media Director • October 28, 2020

Boulder is known for progressive approaches to homelessness, but a recent controversy has exposed problems with Boulder’s intolerance of the homeless. A series of racist, discriminatory and ignorant comments from a group chat associated with an organization called Safer Boulder were leaked by an anonymous user on Twitter Tuesday, Oct. 6. These leaks highlight an ever-increasing conflict between Boulder...

The Rise of Yerba Mate
Conner Reagan, Sports Editor • October 27, 2020

Many high school and college students are accustomed to a morning beverage that gives them the energy needed to focus during the day. It is often a cup of coffee or an energy drink, but an alternative to these mainstream beverages has gained significant popularity– Yerba Mate. Yerba Mate is a tea derived from an evergreen tree native to subtropical South American countries such as Brazil, Argentina...

Last year
Future Business Leaders of America: A Club for Everyone
Ruby Link, Staff writer • October 26, 2020

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is an embodiment of Boulder High's slogan “A Place for Everyone,” and it has made great strides to work around the barriers that have presented themselves this year. Everyone is welcome to join regardless of their interest or previous involvement in the basics of business as that is not all that is offered. VP of Recruitment, senior Maddy Felix,...

BVSD Survivors is a movement led by students that aims to center survivors, their stories and their needs.
BVSD Survivors
Isabel Oliver, Features Editor • October 23, 2020

Disclaimer: This article mentions themes of sexual assault within BVSD that may be triggering for some readers.  BVSD Survivors (not affiliated with Boulder Valley School District) is an organization started by current and former BVSD students to help survivors share their stories and break the silencing pattern in Boulder Valley School District. While the organization itself is new as of the beginning...

Restaurants and shops on the Hill faced a tough two weeks with the absence of students.
How Did Boulder Businesses Survive the Student Ban?
Ruby Link and Luke Kreidl October 23, 2020

On September 24, the City of Boulder issued a Stay-At-Home order on people of ages 18-22, prohibiting all indoor and outdoor gatherings. While it applies to any person within this age range, it was mainly directed towards limiting the CU students’ interactions with one another. Since the order, there has been an outcry of complaints and many people rushed to see how students, parents and citizens...

What do the Boulder Police Think of Black Lives Matter?
Saisree Kumar, Staff writer • October 23, 2020
Grady Clark sits silently as he waits for the water to boil.
Grady Clark: Tea Master in Training
Miles Wright and Cole Drozdek October 17, 2020
Stadiums have been empty for safety reasons since soccer returned after a break due to Covid-19.
Seeking Soccer Solace?
Calvin Boykoff, Staff writer • October 16, 2020
President Trump has a lot of opinions, many of which are wasted on TikTok.
TikTok versus Trump: Inspiration of a Generation
Isabel Oliver, Features Editor • October 14, 2020
"Among Us" is the latest video game to take the industry by storm.
The Rise of "Among Us"
Amelie Panacicone, Staff writer • October 14, 2020
Voter fraud has been a concern for years and with the increase in absentee voting this year it has become one of our President
Voter Fraud and Suppression
Ella Webber, Staff writer • October 9, 2020
The 2020-2021 Student Council Executive Officers have been elected!
Meet Your 2020-21 Class Officers
Halie Leland, Staff writer • October 9, 2020
A combination of creativity and productivity. Anna Blanchard showcases her July calendar!
The Bullet Journal: Where Organization Meets Art
Amelia Chapman, Staff writer • October 9, 2020
CU Boulder is one of the most common universities that Boulder High students attend. But many students from near and far have chosen to defer this year.
How Do College Deferrals Affect the Class of 2021?
Isabel Oliver, Features Editor • October 2, 2020
Due to Covid-19, Boulder Ballet
COVID-19 Has Boulder Ballet Dancing to a New Tune
Clara Thomas, Staff writer • October 2, 2020
KKK rallies were seen by some members as social events and would bring their families.
When Colorado was Kolorado
Hannah Cohen, Staff writer • October 1, 2020
Teenagers are going to have to face new challenges related to masks and other social distancing guidelines.
Ready to Return?
Conner Reagan, Sports Editor • September 24, 2020
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