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Ku Cha strives to deepen their patrons connection with tea through all elements in their store. In an interview with 5280, Pan says. “Outside of China, most people don’t connect tea with art and culture. We want to make that connection.”
Ku Cha House of Tea
Ava Quinn, Insights & Features • February 26, 2024

In my view, the most inconspicuous shop in the middle of Pearl Street, Ku Cha House of Tea, boasts the most charming and serene cafe in Boulder.   Rong Pan and her husband Qin Liu, the owners of the...

In her first semester at Boulder High, Mental Health Advocate and licensed therapist Staci Kianpour hopes to use the Wellness Center to grow community within Boulder High.
Meet the Wellness Center
Ella Gibney, Staff Writer • February 26, 2024

As the new semester gears up into full swing, and we trudge through the cold, dark days of February, I have been feeling incredibly prone to burnout and procrastination, and I bet I’m not alone. Rather than doing homework, I’ve been spending hours scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram, lacking the motivation to get any work done, and in my classes during the school day, I’m not much better.  Thankfully,...

The Ginger Pig is only 14 minutes away from Boulder High School by foot and 3 minutes by car.
The Ginger Pig
Rogan Oakes, Staff Writer • February 26, 2024

If you have good taste and an adventurous palate, you might be interested in a local restaurant called The Ginger Pig. The Ginger Pig is a small restaurant on Pennsylvania and 13th with a very unique aesthetic and menu.  The building of The Ginger Pig is distinctive with its lack of seating and exterior appearance. The place is very small and has a pickup window on the south side of the building...

Boulder High Search and Seizure
Boulder High Search and Seizure
Finn Smith and Laird Krodelsmith January 30, 2024

As we roll into a new semester, it may be time to take a critical look at school policies from the previous one, namely the policy on student searches. These searches became relatively prominent in the back part of last semester, and the searched groups ranged from a few people in a bathroom to entire classes. We’ve taken a look at many of these searches and their circumstances, as well as examined...

Boulder Valley School District reported in 2018 that 33% of their high school students vape regularly and 46% have vaped at least once.
Nico-teens: Teenage Vaping in Colorado
Rogan Oakes December 21, 2023

Back in 2020, Colorado raised the legal age to buy nicotine products statewide 18 to 21. This was in response to the astonishingly high amount of teenage nicotine users in the state of Colorado compared to other states in the U.S. According to the Colorado Department of Public Health, the amount of teenage nicotine users in Colorado 2018 was twice the national average. This raises the question: has...

Chef Lairds Regal Russian Tea Cakes
Chef Lairds Regal Russian Tea Cakes
Laird Krodelsmith December 21, 2023

Welcome back culinary connoisseurs, Chef Laird is back with another round 1 pick in this year's Christmas cookie spread: A buttery sweet cookie to complement any of your favorite holiday beverages, that is easy to make, doesn’t require many ingredients, and is sure to satisfy all of your guests. These coveted cookies are known by many names, but the flavor, and overall joy found within their powdery...

Many people that invest in astrology also invest in tarot cards. Though they are different practices, they both help to predict the future.
Are the Answers in the Stars?
Oli Ruzic December 21, 2023

“What’s your zodiac sign?” is a common question that can have two very different responses: “I’m a Cancer sun, Gemini moon, and Aquarius rising!” or “Why would I know that?”. There is a lot of skepticism when it comes to the relationship between the stars and personalities, 60% of Boulder High Students think it’s a fallacy. How astrology’s used today makes it hard to disagree with...

Now would be a good time to check your tardies. Many students didnt know about how many tardies they had until they were slapped with detention.
The New Tardy Policy
Griffin Nguyen December 21, 2023

A Tardy is a given consequence for showing up late to class. We all know what a Tardy is, we all know what it means, yet some of us still show up to class late. It is a consequence best avoided but not as severe as an unexcused absence.  If you usually show up a little late to class or even occasionally, you should start to think about the tardies you are accumulating, because if you have ten tardies...

An advertisement distributed to Boulder High students via email
The State of Youth Military Recruitment
Molly Dembo December 21, 2023

It is no secret that the military is facing deficits in recruitment. From its recent peak in 1987 to 2022, military recruitment declined by 39%. The army, airforce, and navy expect to fall short of their 2023 recruitment goals by 10,000, 10,000, and 6,000 recruits respectively. There are several contributing factors to this decline, especially in up and coming high school graduates, namely 17 and...

DIA Conspiracy Theories
Jules Conners December 21, 2023
Criminal Brains
Sabine DeOrsay December 21, 2023
Hillside Pizza, on Broadway, is newly opened and currently offering coupon deals to customers!
The Best Place for Pizza in Boulder
Ella Gibney December 21, 2023
With finals week just ahead and the semester drawing to a close, for many, these past few weeks have been a stress-storm of tests, projects, and presentations, on top of endless homework and studying hanging over our heads. How do we take care of ourselves at such a stressful time? 
We interviewed licensed therapist Jenny Hecht for information and advice on how to tend to our mental health. Here’s what she had to say.
	It is no secret that mental health is just as important as physical health, a vital aspect of your well-being. It might also be no surprise that our country’s collective mental health has steadily been getting worse since the turn of the century. For teens, the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the growing use of social media and the pressure of academic performance cause constant stress and anxiety in our daily lives. According to the American Psychological Association, feelings of persistent sadness and hopelessness among Americans have increased by about 40% in the ten years from 2010 to 2020. It is now more important than ever to intentionally care for and preserve your mental health. But how, exactly, do we do that?
	To start, Jenny wanted to make it clear that taking care of your mental health does not mean there is something wrong with you. “Everyone has mental health, as it is another domain of our health,” Jenny said. “It requires the same level of care and intention as our physical health.” When we don’t put in the effort to take care of our mental health, it is easy to let any stressor, such as an upcoming math test, cause us to feel overwhelmed, stressed, or exhausted.
When our brains get overloaded with pressure from things such as social media or school, the stress “turns off our prefrontal cortex, the part of our brain that gives us the ability to think critically, solve problems, control impulses, manage our time effectively, and find motivation. Instead, we are now being run by our amygdala, which is the part of our brain that helps us to survive,” said Jenny. The fight, flight, or freeze reaction that the amygdala triggers is what causes these intense feelings of exhaustion, hopelessness, anger, or panic. Many students are familiar with these feelings… they often occur during late-night study sessions, a final exam, or just during the course of a normal day. The amygdala response is what causes us to start scrolling through social media rather than finishing our homework, to freak out over the upcoming test rather than studying for it, or to feel like “giving up”. 
While these emotional reactions may not always be preventable, Jenny explains that there are ways to escape this mindset. “Learning to recognize when you are in this state and taking the time to engage in practices that help to reengage your prefrontal cortex is a very important part of avoiding ‘burnout’, which happens when our nervous system spends too much time in an amygdala-driven state,” says Jenny. Jenny stated that there are many practices that restore our mental health: almost anything that moves your body and engages your mind can help bring you back to focus. This could include getting exercise, going outside, taking a few breaths, getting some food, or calling a friend. 
Jenny also led us through a few grounding exercises that can help pull us out of this emotional state and return us to a decision-making one in just a short amount of time.
	“If you are stressed, the energy in your body travels up to your head,” Jenny explained. “We stop paying attention to our bodies and miss important cues. The idea of ‘grounding’ literally means to pull your energy back down to the ground.”
	“If you are feeling stressed and/or overwhelmed, start by bringing your attention to your seat or your feet. Simply notice yourself being supported by the seat you are on or your feet on the floor. Begin to extend your exhales so they are longer than your inhales, ideally exhaling through your mouth. And imagine that you are an hourglass timer filled with sand that has just been flipped over so all of the sand is at the top of your head. As you breathe, that sand travels down the centerline of your body, gathering at your seat or your feet, creating an increasing sense of heaviness and groundedness.”
	Jenny also emphasized the importance of taking care of your mental health in your daily life. Providing your body with the nutrients, sleep, and exercise it needs on a regular basis is a great way to avoid feeling overwhelmed by everyday stress.
	By using these simple grounding exercises and making sure to maintain your mental health through healthy behaviors and patterns, you can help keep yourself safe and stable during even the most stressful times. If you are struggling with maintaining your mental health, seek out additional ways to improve your mental health. There are many resources available that can help keep you safe and healthy. Talk to a Boulder High counselor, therapist, trusted adult, or friend, or look into the many websites, programs, and helplines available online. Take care of yourself this holiday season, and good luck with finals, Panthers!
How to Care For Your Mental Health
Ella Gibney and Summer Gardner December 21, 2023
Student Owned Businesses
Sabine DeOrsay November 17, 2023
Abusive Relationships
Ella Gibney November 17, 2023
Chef Lairds Praiseworthy Pumpkin Pie
Chef Lairds Praiseworthy Pumpkin Pie
Laird Krodelsmith November 17, 2023
On October 13th, a vague announcement was made, reciting rules about hate speech and discrimination from the student handbook.
Let's Talk About Hamas
Becca Kless November 17, 2023
Are Textbooks Here to Stay?
Taylor Robinson November 17, 2023
Off of 19th street, on the east side of the school is where I parked my bike Friday morning. By afternoon my bike had been stolen but the thief had the decency to leave me with my helmet.
Stolen Bikes
Griffin Nguyen, Staff Writer • November 13, 2023
BVSDs 56 schools all gathered in the BVSD is the place to be event on October 11th in an attempt to let individual schools convince students to join the district.
Is BVSD the Place to Be?
Rogan Oakes and Milan Gdowski November 13, 2023
The Search for Coffee
Ava Quinn October 26, 2023

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