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Tate Franz 23 hack squatting 270 pounds in order to get legs like C-bum.
May 18, 2022

When one is considering a change in their body shape or size, what do they do? Well, they most likely will hit the gym, an urge that has swept the nation over the past couple of years, seemingly spiking...

Dr. Morales is especially interested in working for Boulder High given the schools rich history.
A Vision and Mission of Trust and Respect
Hannah Cohen and Amelie Panaccione May 9, 2022

Next school year, Dr. Alana Morales will assume the principalship at Boulder High. Dr. Morales brings her passion for education and drive for connection, along with two decades of teaching and three years in the role of assistant principal. Her arrival was announced in February, two months after Dr. Hill announced he was taking a job with district management. Dr. Morales became involved in education...

Banned books offer insight into the topics that shape America.
Book Banning is More Sinister than “Protecting the Children”
Amelie Panaccione, Jr. Editor in Chief • March 22, 2022

Book banning has spread violently in recent weeks. The media is full of outrage over the extreme censorship of books that open readers’ eyes to racial or gender struggles. These bans are knowingly focusing on authors who are something other than white and cis, and are headed by the GOP. However, this wave of censorship goes much further than the front of parents “concerned” for the well-being...

Dr. Hill has been principal of Boulder high for six years and now is leaving to pursue an administrative position in BVSD.
Bidding Adieu to Dr. Hill
Saisree Kumar, Features Editor • March 14, 2022

After six years of being principal of Boulder High, Dr. Hill is leaving to pursue a new position as Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources for BVSD. He is a  Colorado Springs native, and has had a colorful career, starting as an elite student-athlete at CU, balancing sports and high academic expectations. Dr. Hill was CU’s 1990 championship Buffs team’s fullback, and in a CU article about...

According to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services,  your social ties with friends impact your mental, emotional, and even physical well being. Senior friends (Left to right) J.D Espinoza, Diego Castruita, and Eric Ivan Gonzalez give their mental health a boost during lunch.
Teens' Mental Health
Quinn Merrill, Staff Writer • March 1, 2022

In our world, little kids have endless opportunities for entertainment; they have their playgrounds and classes that engage them with art, finger painting, and other fun activities. Parents go above and beyond to make sure their child has something to do; they will set up playdates, take them to fun places and find babysitters. Making friends is also much easier as a little kid. Having all of that...

Patagonia and Allbirds are two corporations attempting sustainibility.
Invest in a Green Future
Kate Schwab, Staff Writer • March 1, 2022

In the wake of the historic Superior and Louisville fires, climate change weighs heavily on the hearts and minds of our community. The climate crisis is accelerating at a frightening pace and is a challenge we cannot ignore. So how can we help? As consumers, we must become more conscious and demanding of eco-friendly products. Generation Z spends about $143 Billion on consumer projects, so we are...

Months before the election, Boulder residents prominently displayed their support for City Council Candidates.
Local Elections '21
Hannah Cohen, Opinions Editor • February 3, 2022

Local elections are often the most forgotten exercises of democracy, especially when they occur in off-years, and require a good understanding of ballot language to read. However, they are perhaps more pivotal than midterm or even presidential elections for the simple reason that a vote is worth far more when it’s 1 out of 238,559 votes than 1 out of 131,610,000 votes. Boulder County proves to be...

Boulder High librarian Becky Vancura proudly displays the many brand new Chromebooks that are still waiting to be picked up by BHS ninth graders.
1:Web @ BHS
Norrie Boyd, Business Manager & Cartoonist • February 3, 2022

The 2021-2022 school year has posed new challenges for the school to come up with innovative solutions. Last year one of the major concerns with online school was the lack of a means for doing school in many students' households. To combat this issue from arising this year the school has issued computers for all first-year students to keep throughout their high school careers. Boulder High is one of...

I-70 continually gets backed up on the weekdays from over-congestion and the tricky mountain turns increase braking.
A Deep Dive on Traffic
Amelie Panaccione, Jr. Editor in Chief • February 3, 2022

Have you ever sat in traffic and wondered how it even happens? The usual answer to this question is that there are too many cars for the road's capacity; however, the origins of traffic are much more complex than over-congestion.  Traffic can be created by a small bump in the road or maybe someone over-breaking through a turn. Mathematicians at MIT  have used models to predict the impact of...

China’s foreign policy has become extremely abrasive in the past year.
China’s Aggression Is Getting Out Of Hand
Lucca Swain, Staff Writer • January 23, 2022
Pictured in this graphic is the idea of compound interest, and why it is advantageous to start investing early.
The Advantages of a Roth IRA
Kate Schwab, Staff Writer • January 11, 2022
With careful investment, you too can become a master of the stocks.
Know it Owl: The Foolproof Guide to Investment
Charlie Martin and Kate Schwab January 11, 2022
Students who are late to class and have unexcused absences can expect to face consequences such as lunch detention and Saturday Community Service.
The New Attendance Policy
Annika Bjorklund, Editor-in-chief • January 10, 2022
Arapahoe Ridge senior Jason Macias (left) and New Vista senior Areli Banuelos (middle) from the Broadway East class working on their FAFSA with the help of Americorp volunteer Joe Daus (right).
What does it Mean to be a Dreamer in Boulder?
Araceli Lopez, Staff Writer • January 10, 2022
An encampment on the intersection of Arapahoe Ave. & Folsom St.
The Homeless in Boulder
Saisree Kumar, Features Editor • January 7, 2022
Should late assignment’s negatively impact a students grade?
Should Late Work Affect Student's Grades?
Lucca Swain, Staff Writer • November 19, 2021
You can register as an organ donor today at
I’m a Registered Organ Donor; You Should Be Too
Annika Bjorklund, Editor in Chief • November 19, 2021
Chart shows division of time spent doing schoolwork per night. The majority of Boulder High students have over 2 hours of schoolwork per night. 
Boulder High Students: Too Overwhelmed with Schoolwork?
Charlie Martin, Staff Writer • November 19, 2021
Tainted bottles of 30 mg Xanax and Oxycodone pills have been circulating throughout the city.
The Pill Crisis
Saisree Kumar, Features Editor • November 19, 2021
Fruity and fruitcake have long been used as slurs for gay or effeminate men.
Where Does the Term “Fruity” Come From?
Leah Frankel, Staff Writer • November 9, 2021
The original Minecraft caves were dull with limited generation variety.
Minecraft's Comeback
Alexa Dembo, Editor-in-chief • November 2, 2021
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