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 Prior to the sexual assault awareness and support walkout, sentences supporting survivors and reprimanding the district were spray-painted across the campus only to be haphazardly removed during the protest.
Boulder High Sexual Assault Walkout
Akasha Brahmbhatt, Isabel Oliver, and Halie Leland May 14, 2021

On May 13 at 9:07 a.m., around one hundred Boulder High students and staff members walked out of their classrooms to gather on the soccer field in support of survivors of sexual assault.  Student Body...

Maya Roberts ‘21 and Audrey Kaufman ‘21 lead Boulder High’s StuCo to a successful year despite challenges presented by the pandemic.
Maya Roberts and Audrey Kaufman Lead StuCo in Stride
Amelia Chapman, Staff writer • May 12, 2021

Just over a year ago, students and teachers would crowd into Boulder High’s gym to watch sports teams parade around and peers compete in games at the start of each sports season. During the end of the first semester, students with a ponytail to spare would gather in the front entrance of the school to support the Pantene Beautiful Lengths project—a partnership between Pantene and The American Cancer...

Officer Brent Biekert will be Boulder High
Brent Biekert: Boulder High's Last SRO
Elliote Muir, Editor-in-Chief • April 19, 2021

After eight years of policing at CU and 19 years with the City of Boulder Police Department, Officer Brent Biekert decided it was time to try something new. Being a School Resource Officer (SRO) “appealed to me because it was different,” Biekert said. He has served as Boulder High’s SRO for the last four years.   SROs were initially introduced into schools in an effort to limit school violence...

School Resource Officer Brent Biekert writes to the Boulder High community a year after in-person learning was suspended due to the pandemic.
Letter to the Editor: School Resource Officer Brent Biekert
Brent Biekert, BHS School Resource Officer • April 19, 2021

I have been the School Resource Officer at Boulder High for the last four years. It has truly been an experience that has made an impact in my life. I have gotten to know many of you personally, whether it was during an athletic season or maybe getting caught with some marijuana on you and leaving the office with a ticket to court. Sometimes we talked about the struggles you have had in life: with...

Boulder High has returned to in-person learning but many things have changed since we shut down a year ago today, March 12, 2020.
Boulder High One Year Later
Isabel Oliver, Features Editor • March 12, 2021

On March 12th, 2020 Boulder High students wrapped up their spring semester abruptly, planning for a short two-week spring break and then back to normal. Now, a full year later, COVID-19 is still around and our lives are drastically different. Yet, even though this pandemic Boulder High students have been able to maintain a community and work together to keep bleeding purple and shining like gold.  Students...

Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman captured America
Meet Amanda Gorman: Our National Youth Poet Laureate
Clara Fraser, Opinions Editor • January 29, 2021

If you tuned into the inauguration celebrations on January 20, amid the swearing-in of the new president and vice-president, performances by Lady Gaga, J. Lo, John Legend, Yo Yo Ma, other famous artists and an obscene amount of fireworks towards the end of the evening, you might have been particularly struck by the new National Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman.  At 22, Gorman is the youngest...

Big platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have suspended Trump from their sites. Should they be celebrated, or is there something bigger at play?
The Trump Dump
Keegan Jack, Webmaster • January 29, 2021

The insurrection at the U.S. capitol on January 6th prompted many GOP politicians to denounce their support of former President Donald Trump once and for all. A number of Republican senators and congressmen, such as Liz Cheney and Susan Collins, have openly pulled their backing of his efforts to overturn the election, and both Twitter and Facebook have suspended Trump’s access to their platforms...

Dr. Jill Biden in 2016 at the USO Gala. Biden is a military mom, an educator and the future FLOTUS of the United States.
Madam First Lady: Dr. Jill Biden
Isabel Oliver, Features Editor • December 20, 2020

On December 11th, the Wall Street Journal published an opinion piece by Joseph Epstein urging Dr. Jill Biden to “drop” the “Dr.” suffix in front of her name due to having a Doctorate in Education (an Ed.D) rather than a medical doctorate (M.D).  Epstein opened his article by diminishing Biden, calling her “Madam First Lady – Mrs. Biden – Jill – Kiddo” and claiming that by going...

You would imagine that with COVID-19 case numbers once again peaking, airports and planes would be empty, but that isn’t the case.
Air Travel During a Pandemic
Isabel Oliver, Features Editor • December 18, 2020

On December 10, the CDC updated its travel advisory stating that “Travel can increase your chance of spreading and getting COVID-19. Postponing travel and staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19.” But people are still traveling and I am unfortunately among them.  This past weekend I flew to Boston, MA for medical reasons. I got tested prior to flying and tested...

In a time of Google Meet classes, it’s rare that every member of a class will have their cameras on; many opt to instead use the camera off feature and hide behind an icon.
Cameras On: What You Need to Know About Boulder High's New Policy
Akasha Brahmbhatt and Isabel Oliver December 16, 2020
Shopping small keeps your community healthy, your friends and family happy and you feeling great about giving back this Holiday Season.
Small Businesses to Support This Holiday Season
Halie Leland, Staff writer • December 16, 2020
Gender doesn
Gender as a Social Construct
Amaya Brooks and Aurora Lord December 15, 2020
Kimberlé Crenshaw coined the term intersectionality in 1989 as “the idea that when it comes to thinking about how inequalities persist, categories like gender, race and class are best understood as overlapping and mutually constitutive rather than isolated and distinct.”
What is "Intersectionality?"
Amaya Brooks and Aurora Lord December 11, 2020
Fiction has long been depicting artificial intelligences in the form of robots, but there are many forms that it could take in the future.
Life in a Machine: The Future of Artificial Intelligence
Keegan Jack, Webmaster • December 9, 2020
While many of us have conversations about raising minimum wage, the answer is not as simple as I thought.
Minimum Wage: It's More Confusing Than We Think
Amelie Panaccione, Staff writer • December 9, 2020
The flags of various micronations.
Micronations: The Best Thing to Happen to Geography Since Pangaea
Ella Webber, Staff writer • December 4, 2020
At the height of the Space Race, the Saturn V propelled 13 missions into space. Here is the Apollo 6 soon after launch.
The Space Race: A Family Story
Elliote Muir, Editor-in-Chief • December 3, 2020
Ever since the inauguration of Donald Trump in 2016, those fighting for gender equality take to the streets during the annual Women
Understanding Patriarchy
Amaya Brooks and Aurora Lord December 3, 2020
Kamala Harris (referred to lovingly as “Momala” by her step-children) is 2020’s Vice President-elect.
The Sweet and Sour of Kamala Harris’ Nomination
Isabel Oliver, Features Editor • December 1, 2020
Many of us are taught a fairytale of Thanksgiving. However, the truth isn
Glorification and Oppression: The True Story of Thanksgiving
Halie Leland, Staff writer • November 25, 2020
With all the devastating events this year, it’s difficult to find things to be thankful for this thanksgiving.
Being Thankful in 2020
Gracie Lee, Staff writer • November 13, 2020
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