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Should late assignment’s negatively impact a students grade?
Should Late Work Affect Student's Grades?
Lucca Swain, Staff Writer • November 19, 2021

Every student almost certainly knows the feeling that accompanies missing assignments; a sinking dread mixed with stinging guilt and the frantic, fearful thoughts of falling grades. It only hurts more...

You can register as an organ donor today at
I’m a Registered Organ Donor; You Should Be Too
Annika Bjorklund, Editor in Chief • November 19, 2021

When my father was 31 years old, he was given the gift of life: a new kidney. After years spent at home on dialysis, this kidney was a new lease on life. My father moved out of his parents’ house, found a job and started a family. Simply put, I would not be here if my father’s donor had not registered as an organ and tissue donor before his death.  The statistics related to organ and tissue...

Chart shows division of time spent doing schoolwork per night. The majority of Boulder High students have over 2 hours of schoolwork per night. 
Boulder High Students: Too Overwhelmed with Schoolwork?
Charlie Martin, Staff Writer • November 19, 2021

We have all had that experience: two tests the next day, an endless pile of math homework, vocabulary terms for language arts, and an extracurricular activity that takes up hours of the afternoon. Through that slog of studying, schoolwork and activities, these thoughts have probably popped into your head: “It’s not fair to have this much schoolwork” or “Do teachers know I have six other classes?”...

Tainted bottles of 30 mg Xanax and Oxycodone pills have been circulating throughout the city.
The Pill Crisis
Saisree Kumar, Features Editor • November 19, 2021

Early in March this year, officials in Boulder county notified our community about fentanyl-laced street drugs circling. Since the announcement, our city has had several fatal overdose cases tied to the recent contamination, and many have lost a loved one. The Coronavirus pandemic led to a 30% increase in overdose deaths nationwide and according to the Denver Post a 59% increase in Colorado. There...

Where Does the Term “Fruity” Come From?
Where Does the Term “Fruity” Come From?
Leah Frankel, Staff Writer • November 9, 2021

As slurs and slang fold their way into our day-to-day lives, how important is it to identify and understand the deep-rooted history behind them? Phrases are adjusted and filtered down throughout many generations, while many disregard them because they’re insensitive in 2021. It’s essential to dive into where these terms have come from.  While some only hear the word “fruity” through comedians...

The original Minecraft caves were dull with limited generation variety.
Minecraft's Comeback
Alexa Dembo, Editor-in-chief • November 2, 2021

Throughout the pandemic, it seemed as if Minecraft had made a vicious comeback. With everyone seemingly having more free time on their hands, many turned back to the game they loved so much when they were younger. People fell back into the obsessive golden pit that is Minecraft. Even now, when quarantine has been lifted, the game remains popular. It’s not surprising that Minecraft has remained...

In order for masks to be effective, they have to cover both the mouth and the nose.
Maskholes: an Epidemic
Norrie Boyd, Business Manager and Cartoonist • November 2, 2021

For the last two weeks, every time I've stepped into my math class Mr. Schenk has reminded the class to wear their masks correctly. Meaning we waste two precious minutes of precalculus every day to remind people, who are supposed to be fully formed adults in one year, to keep their masks over their noses.  Since the beginning of COVID-19, people not wearing their masks correctly or not wearing...

Students at Boulder High are hard at work as they bring back the haunted house.
Welcoming Back the Haunted House
Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer • November 1, 2021

After two years, Troupe 60 is welcoming back their iconic haunted house, and this year’s theme is “Nightmares.” Unlike previous years, the actors and viewers will need to wear masks while in the building, but the well-known haunted house is still sure to shake you with fear. This year’s dates for the haunted house include October 22, 23, 29, 30, 31, from 7p.m. to 10 p.m. each night. The...

Look around, statistics show it really could be anyone; you never know.
Day-to-Day Depression
Cody McConnell, Sports Editor • November 1, 2021

Every day, it takes me 15-20 minutes to get out of bed. This is a significant improvement over the hour that it took me just a few months ago. I go to my bedside table and take the small pill I take every morning, an antidepressant to keep me from tearing myself down with every step I take and to keep the anxieties that constantly rack my brain at bay. Usually, I cry for a little while, often for no...

Students sit on the floor, disappointed that they have no furniture. Luckily, Mrs. Zimmerman is a creative and flexible teacher.
Breaking the Algorithm
Annika Bjorklund, Editor in Chief • October 3, 2021
Classes Undercover: Bicycle Technology
Classes Undercover: Bicycle Technology
Calvin Boykoff, Staff Writer • October 3, 2021
Escape from the Anti-Vaxxers
Saisree Kumar, Features Editor • October 2, 2021
Teens are disproportionately affected by marijuana, the plant pictured above.
Weeding Out the Facts
Jonathan Stafford, Stafff Writer • October 1, 2021
The Earth Guy!
The Earth Guy!
Leah Frankel and Hannah Cohen October 1, 2021
The audience for former Panther Derek Dames Ohls set was rapt.
PorchFest 2021
Hannah Cohen, Opinions Editor • September 21, 2021
 Prior to the sexual assault awareness and support walkout, sentences supporting survivors and reprimanding the district were spray-painted across the campus only to be haphazardly removed during the protest.
Boulder High Sexual Assault Walkout
Akasha Brahmbhatt, Isabel Oliver, and Halie Leland May 14, 2021
Maya Roberts ‘21 and Audrey Kaufman ‘21 lead Boulder High’s StuCo to a successful year despite challenges presented by the pandemic.
Maya Roberts and Audrey Kaufman Lead StuCo in Stride
Amelia Chapman, Staff writer • May 12, 2021
Officer Brent Biekert will be Boulder Highs last School Resource Officer as BVSD plans to discontinue the program in early 2022.
Brent Biekert: Boulder High's Last SRO
Elliote Muir, Editor-in-Chief • April 19, 2021
School Resource Officer Brent Biekert writes to the Boulder High community a year after in-person learning was suspended due to the pandemic.
Letter to the Editor: School Resource Officer Brent Biekert
Brent Biekert, BHS School Resource Officer • April 19, 2021
Boulder High has returned to in-person learning but many things have changed since we shut down a year ago today, March 12, 2020.
Boulder High One Year Later
Isabel Oliver, Features Editor • March 12, 2021
Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman captured Americas attention with the recitation of her poem, The Hill We Climb, on Inauguration Day.
Meet Amanda Gorman: Our National Youth Poet Laureate
Clara Fraser, Opinions Editor • January 29, 2021
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