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Creature Comforts Cafe is only a ten minute walk or a 4 minute bike ride from Boulder High School.
Creature Comforts Cafe
Rogan Oakes and Milan Gdowski May 16, 2024

If you are in search of a place to grab a coffee or a cheap bite near Boulder High, look no further than the Creature Comforts Cafe. Nestled at the corner of 17th and Pearl, this cafe stands out as a charming...

Pictured here is a dumpling from Chiri’s. (A cute lil’ orange cart on Pearl Street) If you’re interested in trying out local dumplings on your own, check out the taste testers chart!
The Deal with Dumplings
Sandra Redak, Features Editor • May 16, 2024

For our readers keeping up with Taste Testers: a tradition where we go around Boulder buying specific foods and ranking them on a handy little table to determine the quality, price, and deliciousness of the item. In this issue, we are chomping down on dumplings. Seeing all of the different dumplings and names for dumplings made us wonder, what even is a dumpling? To figure this out, we must start...

The Boeing 737 is the best selling jetliner and the most utilized model for commercial travel.
The Boeing Problem
Griffin Nguyen, Staff Writer • May 16, 2024

Summer break is fast approaching and with almost three months of time off comes the opportunity to leave one’s ordinary life behind and go far away to some unique place. How would one travel to such foreign and distant destinations? An airplane. Airplanes (which this article is about if you haven’t figured out), are these aluminum tubes with a wing jutting out of either side, containing crowded...

Thanks to Mr. Trinkners repairing skills, his fathers pen still works after ~80 years!
Fountain Pen Repair Club
Evan McDonald, Staff Writer • May 13, 2024

In an exclusive interview with The Owl, Mr. Trinkner addressed the rumors of a potential Fountain Pen Repair Club, "It's more than rumors [but] less than a plan, at the moment," he weighed, "But given student interest, I think we can revive it." The original fountain pen repair club was founded nearly 6 years ago, when some of Mr. Trinkner's upperclassmen students were captivated by his enthusiasm...

A nice coffee mug is always a great gift! Especially if it features Chris Evans in a wool sweater.
Is Coffee Bad For You?
Sandra Redak, Editorial Editor • May 13, 2024

What factor determines the equipment a pleasure craft must carry? Studies by the National Institute of Health, have indicated that 83.2% of US teenagers consume caffeinated beverages regularly, and at least 96% consume them occasionally. Personally, I enjoy consuming on average a cup of coffee, matcha, or chai per day.  With this high level of consumption, there has been a rise in health concerns;...

From left to right Oliver Diamond 26, Lucas Wik 26 Toby Wong 26, Quinn Callahan 26, Mateo Benites 26 are enjoying spaghetti and meatballs in the Boulder High cafeteria and seem to approve of the school lunch.
Nacho-Average School Lunch
Rogan Oakes, Staff Writer • May 13, 2024

School lunch is a touchy subject. Many students are very critical of the lunch at BVSD, with people we have interviewed saying, “Most of it is suspicious looking,” “It tastes terrible,” and “They possibly incorporate sawdust.” However, many students also offer praise for the school lunch, responding that “It is a lot better than most districts,” “It’s pretty good” and “It’s...

Your local thrift store is a great place to shop ethically but still affordably.
Shein isn't the Problem
Summer Gardner, Staff Writer • May 13, 2024

As most of you already know, Shein was exposed as being an extremely unethical company in 2022. This is because of its violation of labor laws, stolen clothing designs, and drastic negative effects on the environment.  Because of these factors, I believe Shein deserves the widespread backlash it got. However, I am also puzzled by this, as many other popular companies are doing similar things while...

This part of the under stage is known to have the most encounters with the theatre ghost, Ralph.
Haunted Hallways
Oli Ruzic, Webmaster • May 13, 2024

Boulder High is one of the oldest school buildings in Colorado. Built in 1875, Boulder High has had a colorful history of staff and students who have walked the century-old halls. While being one of these students, I have concluded that the school is undeniably haunted.  As the one of the only schools in Colorado that has an annual haunted house, these conspiracies starts to make sense. Some spots...

Boulder High Search and Seizure Pt.II
Boulder High Search and Seizure Pt.II
Laird Krodelsmith and Finn Smith April 9, 2024

In the January issue, we wrote about students’ experiences with searches here at Boulder High School, and how these relate to BVSD policy and the law. Since then, The Owl has had more students come forward who were interested in giving us interviews, and we have looked into more resources and documents on school searches. With this new information, we are following up with a second part, and hope...

28% of things put in the trash could be composted says the Indiana University Enviornmental Institute.
Eco-Cycle Spotlight: A New Wave of Composting Education
Jules Conners, Editor-in-chief • April 8, 2024
Big Fish: Behind the Curtain
Big Fish: Behind the Curtain
Ryler Hornasky, Staff Writer • March 21, 2024
Ku Cha strives to deepen their patrons connection with tea through all elements in their store. In an interview with 5280, Pan says. “Outside of China, most people don’t connect tea with art and culture. We want to make that connection.”
Ku Cha House of Tea
Ava Quinn, Insights & Features • February 26, 2024
In her first semester at Boulder High, Mental Health Advocate and licensed therapist Staci Kianpour hopes to use the Wellness Center to grow community within Boulder High.
Meet the Wellness Center
Ella Gibney, Staff Writer • February 26, 2024
The Ginger Pig is only 14 minutes away from Boulder High School by foot and 3 minutes by car.
The Ginger Pig
Rogan Oakes, Staff Writer • February 26, 2024
Boulder High Search and Seizure
Boulder High Search and Seizure
Finn Smith and Laird Krodelsmith January 30, 2024
Boulder Valley School District reported in 2018 that 33% of their high school students vape regularly and 46% have vaped at least once.
Nico-teens: Teenage Vaping in Colorado
Rogan Oakes December 21, 2023
Chef Lairds Regal Russian Tea Cakes
Chef Lairds Regal Russian Tea Cakes
Laird Krodelsmith December 21, 2023
Many people that invest in astrology also invest in tarot cards. Though they are different practices, they both help to predict the future.
Are the Answers in the Stars?
Oli Ruzic December 21, 2023
Now would be a good time to check your tardies. Many students didnt know about how many tardies they had until they were slapped with detention.
The New Tardy Policy
Griffin Nguyen December 21, 2023
An advertisement distributed to Boulder High students via email
The State of Youth Military Recruitment
Molly Dembo December 21, 2023
DIA Conspiracy Theories
Jules Conners December 21, 2023
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