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Evan McDonald, Staff Writer

Evan McDonald is a senior at Boulder High School and a new addition to the newspaper. Born in New York City, Evan moved to Boulder with his family seven years ago. He has a brown dog named Comet. He enjoys rock climbing, video games, amateur woodcarving, and chess. Evan will always play a pick-up game of chess if challenged by a stranger. For this reason, he carries a chess board in his backpack to school every weekday. He is also a former worker of the McGuckins' paint department as well as the Boulder High wrestling team. Evan is an unwavering ally of green grapes after a nasty bar fight with a conniving purple grape. In moments of weakness, however, he will admit that purple grapes taste better as soda and candy flavors. 

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20 Everyday Words We All Love to Say

Evan McDonald November 27, 2023

A list of 20 everyday words that we all love to use. I can't think of a day that I haven't used all 20 of them.   Sesquipedalian - having many syllables; long (Merriam-Webster). Crapulous...

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Should Boulder Adopt a Flag?

Evan McDonald, Staff Writer October 25, 2023

Aurora, Brighton, Broomfield, Denver, Greely, Longmont, Loveland, and Superior are all cities within close proximity of Boulder. They also have another thing in common -- flags. The idea of Boulder...

Japanese language students are among the most frequent costume wearers

You Should Wear a Costume this Halloween

Evan McDonald October 18, 2023

Halloween is a special time here at Boulder High. Wandering the halls, you may pass a handful of students and teachers wearing costumes. So why dress-up? Such an idea seems to repulse some students and...

White to move. Mate in 4.
1. Nc7+ Kb8 2. Na6+ Ka8 (2... Kc8 3. Qc7#) 3. Qb8+ Rxb8 4. Nc7# 1-0

Where Is Chess Club?

Evan McDonald September 26, 2023

Students are sneaking out their phones, opening hidden tabs on their computers, and taking too long to get a drink of water. Are they on social media? Playing video games? Cheating on their classwork? No,...

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Evan McDonald