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Boulder Highs sports teams often get more attention than other programs.
School Spirit: More Harm Than Good?
Sophii Sherman, Opinions Editor • October 1, 2022

During the most turbulent time of the school year, when class expectations and school year norms are still being solidified, when people are trying to settle into the academic year and prepare themselves...

With the chances of a shooter having an ID, is this policy effective, or merely security theater?
Psst… the Doors Aren’t the Problem
Hannah Cohen and Leah Frankel September 20, 2022

A 9:30 bell shrieks as the class clambers to the dusty rows of the auditorium. Five hundred-plus students sit down for what is a new year of high school — a particular forte full of "hey over here!" and "sit down’s." Suddenly, a full, booming voice (also known as Mr. Cawfeild) silences the crowd...

Coffee can be a costly- and wasteful -societally acceptable drug.
Don’t Talk to Me Before I’ve Had My Coffee
Jane Dunbar, Webmaster • September 19, 2022

Hi, I’m Jane, and I have a debilitating addiction to caffeine. Judging from the lines at Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, I’m not alone. I’ve grown to love the taste of coffee, but it’s not my taste buds talking, it’s my addiction. Whose bright idea was it to normalize the concept of slinging a...

The new school year provides an excellent opportunity to reevaluate how you approach school.
A New Look at Learning
Leah Frankel, Staff Writer • August 15, 2022

Immediately, when the phrase “rouge academic” is mentioned, the primary interpretation issues the idea of extreme change, tearing down the educational system, dethroning power systems, etc. In association with these ideas, many dismiss the subject, deeming the task radical and rebellious. But before...

Cursing adds a colorful lexicon to even a kids vocabulary.
Surely We Should Swear
Calvin Boykoff, Staff Writer • August 15, 2022

When children are in elementary school, the thought of swearing is terrifying. When they go to middle school, they are overwhelmed with their sense of freedom, and some may find that the middle schoolers' use of swear words is over the top. But what happens when we reach high school? When the average...

Netflix continues to fund mediocre TV thats insulting to the viewers taste by discontinuing shows that are far better.
Netflix is Running Out of Good Ideas
Saisree Kumar, Features Editor • August 15, 2022

A recent TikTok I watched told me to go 35 minutes into the fourth episode of a show called “Best New Cherry Flavor,” and I would not be disappointed. I was horrified at what I saw and baffled by what possessed Netflix to create a show this weird. It’s almost as if they have so much money and no...

The sizable agnostic population in Boulder tends to foster an apathetic culture surrounding religion, and this ignorance ostracizes believers and drives further polarization.
Even When it's Painful, Pay Attention to Faith
Leah Frankel and Hannah Cohen August 15, 2022

Boulder is a decidedly agnostic place. While spiritual, the city lacks the same religious intensity that is prominent across its politics, culture, and societal structure. In this little microcosm, it’s understandably easy to ignore why faith holds such a prominent place in most of the world. It’s...

On TikTok and other social media platforms, a trend claiming that losing weight is “fatphobic” has caught on.
TikTok's Toxic Fat "Activism"
Lucca Swain, Staff Writer • August 15, 2022

Recently, out of the depths of TikTok, a movement has re-emerged in the form of fat activism. The concept of fat advocacy isn't anything new, having roots that stretch back to the 1960s and becoming especially prominent in the modern-day through sites such as Tumblr. But this new wave of activism is...

Providing a Google Meet option for advisory would make it easier to catch up.
Our Ableist Lack of Online Resources
Tia Wagner, Staff Writer • August 15, 2022

For years, disabled and chronically ill people have been asking for online options. Not all teachers post their daily work on Schoology or Google Classroom, so when a sick student is absent for months at a time, they have few resources to help them catch up. The system, therefore, discriminated against...

In the 2021-22 school year, clubs were unable to draw consistent members.
Clubs Deserve a Dedicated Time
Jonathan Stafford, Staff Writer • August 15, 2022
Americans are stubbornly attached to their daily showers at somewhat detrimental effects.
You Don't Need to Shower Every Day
Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer • July 6, 2022
Ted Cruz Filibustered an Amendment to Obama Care by Reading Green Eggs and Ham for Nearly 24 Hours.
Does the Filibuster Benefit Our Government?
Charlie Martin, Business Manager • May 9, 2022
Many have briefly learned about Cecil Rhodes in their history class, but few are aware of the extent of his influence, as well as the source of his wealth and fame.
The Racist History of the Rhodes Scholarship
Clara Thomas , Arts and Entertainment Editor • May 9, 2022
The day before prom, Student Council passed out bracelets imploring students to avoid drinking and driving.
PROMulgating Safety
Kate Schwab, Staff Writer • April 20, 2022
The most popular alcohol, according to students, is beer.
Teenage Drinking: Driving Forces
Calvin Boykoff, Staff Writer • March 14, 2022
Governor Polis signing into law a plastic bag ban. This ban fails to take into account the economic inequality of renewable bags being costlier, and broadening the gap between rich and poor.
The Climate Change Movement Needs a Reboot
Amelie Panaccione, Jr. Editor in Chief • March 14, 2022
Daylight savings time has existed for over a century- but does it actually serve anyone?
Daylight Savings Should Not Exist
Quinn Merrill, Staff Writer • March 13, 2022
While women may have many IUD options to chose from, theres no side-effect opt out.
Men Have Everything (Except Birth Control)
Alexa Dembo, Editor-in-chief • March 11, 2022
Due to Boulders increased rate of fentanyl-related deaths, Colorados Good Samaritan laws, which let people have some immunity from substance laws when reporting on overdoses, have never been more relevant.
Drug Education Needs a Rewrite
Hannah Cohen, Opinions Editor • February 13, 2022
Some of the stress factors high school seniors feel like they need on a college resume to impress the institution.
Colleges' Absurd Expectations
Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer • February 13, 2022
Rogel Aguilera-Mederos was originally sentenced to 110 years in jail after a traumatic truck accident which left four people dead.
A 10 Year Sentence for Four Deaths
Saisree Kumar, Features Editor • January 27, 2022
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