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The Original (medium) turkey sandwich from potbelly has about 450 calories in it and 34 grams of protein, so its a relatively healthy option.
Sandwich Wars (Deli Zone vs. Potbelly)
Jonathan Stafford October 25, 2023

It’s 11:20 in the morning and the 4th-period lunch crowd has one thing on their minds: food. The budget is tight, as the part-time job isn’t yielding as much money as I previously thought. The lunch...

Students end up skimming their summer reading for annotations rather than being able to genuinely enjoy the book.
Does Summer Reading Do More Harm Than Good?
Ella Gibney October 25, 2023

With the return to a new school year, many Boulder High students (admittedly me included) find themselves in the stressful annual predicament of rushing to finish their required summer reading before classes begin. In a quick sweep of the school, the vast majority of students interviewed across all grade...

Being Sick Is Not A Crime
Being Sick Is Not A Crime
Molly Dembo October 25, 2023

When one places 2153 teenagers into one building, packed twenty five or more to a room, there is an unfortunate reality to be faced: Kids are going to get sick. No matter how much hand-washing, mask wearing, and hug avoiding is done, illness spreads like wildfire. There is, of course, one obvious...

The Obscenity of the Menstrual Taboo
The Obscenity of the Menstrual Taboo
Mia Myca October 25, 2023

For centuries the menstrual cycle was seen as impure, supernatural, and unhygienic. From ancient societies claiming that period blood would make you sick if you touched it, to 20th-century marketing, women have been under fire for far too long. The consistent stigmatization of periods has gaslit women...

Vegitarian options are available at virtually any restraunts or grocery stores.
Vegetarianism: The Way of the Future
Ella Gibney, Staff Writer • October 25, 2023

In 2022, I decided to become a vegetarian. Contrary to many who go on vegetarian diets, I didn’t really think about the effects of my nutritional choices until after I changed my diet. I went vegetarian spontaneously on a whim, not considering why I was making the switch… or why I hadn’t done it...

Unwritten Rules of the Gym
Unwritten Rules of the Gym
Alex Spiridellis and Max Kabjian October 18, 2023

Whether you're a seasoned gym bro or fresh into the world of fitness, it can be a daunting and unruly place. With hordes of tank-top-wearing prepubescents and middle-aged women milling around, there is a lot to track. And with a 3.6% increase in the number of gym memberships in 2021 according to IHRSA,...

Japanese language students are among the most frequent costume wearers
You Should Wear a Costume this Halloween
Evan McDonald October 18, 2023

Halloween is a special time here at Boulder High. Wandering the halls, you may pass a handful of students and teachers wearing costumes. So why dress-up? Such an idea seems to repulse some students and invoke second-hand embarrassment.  Lucas Lepoutre, '24, says he will probably not wear a costume to...

Student IDs have been the conflict of the year. Most career office jobs require IDs but majority of school dont, so should we be wearing them?
1984 or 2023?
Madelyn Barnes September 26, 2023

I’ll admit, I, along with the majority of my fellow classmates whom I started this school year with, held a riveting hatred for the ID policy.  Ugly photos and lanyards that don’t match the fit,  students collectively agree that the requirement and enforcement of student IDs is futile.  Although...

Stroads: America's Modern Infrastructural Plague
Molly Dembo and Max Kabjian September 26, 2023

Not a street, not a road; stroads represent a continuity of overbudgetted and dangerous transportation trends in America. To better understand  the detriments of such a development, it is important to define our terms: A stroad is a hybrid thoroughfare that combines the high speed of a road, with...

White to move. Mate in 4.
1. Nc7+ Kb8 2. Na6+ Ka8 (2... Kc8 3. Qc7#) 3. Qb8+ Rxb8 4. Nc7# 1-0
Where Is Chess Club?
Evan McDonald September 26, 2023
No system was ever put in place to educate Boulder High School students on hallway etiquette.
Hallway Hell: Why Is Walking So Hard?
Becca Kless September 26, 2023
While LA is notorious for its confusing parking signs Boulder might just be a close second.
Parking Around Boulder High
Jonathan Stafford, Features Editor • April 25, 2023
CU has many Sororities and Fraternities located near campus.
Should You Go Greek?
Jules Conners, News Editor • April 24, 2023
What you might not realize 10 hours into your Grays Anatomy binge, is that you’re actively changing the way television is created.
Binge Watching’s Biggering: The Death of the Slow Burn
Sophii Sherman April 23, 2023
SHEIN changes prices constantly and these sales and price drops incentivize people to buy from SHEIN. From SHEINs website.
SHEIN's Fast Fashion Empire
Jules Conners, News Editor • April 23, 2023
A decline in available buses is just one of the many obstacles to high school field trips.
Field Trips Are Not for High Schoolers
Hannah Berns, Opinions Editor • April 23, 2023
“New Year, New Me?”
“New Year, New Me?”
Hannah Berns, Opinion Editor • April 5, 2023
Its That Damn Phone!
It's That Damn Phone!
Jane Dunbar, Web Master • April 5, 2023
Puris are small, round, flat pieces of bread made of unleavened wheat flour, deep-fried, and served with egg curry, which is made with hard-boiled eggs, onions, tomatoes, whole & ground spices, and herbs.
You're Doing "Indian Food" Wrong
Saisree Kumar, Features Editor • January 7, 2023
BHS students awaiting the start of the Homecoming pep rally on Thursday, September 8th.
The Great Downfall of Pep
Jules Conners, News Editor • January 7, 2023
“When it comes to subjective offenses like disturbance or disobedience vs. objective infractions like tardiness or truancy, minority students are more likely than White students to be referred for disciplinary action.”
Do the Crime, Pay the Time: Privelege and Punishment
Saisree Kumar, Features & Insights Editor • November 14, 2022

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