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Pecking Away at Food Waste
Pecking Away at Food Waste
Lucy Paradise, Staff Writer • April 14, 2024

Most people know the joy of having a dog or cat as a house companion (or if you are one of those people who like reptiles…no judgment…maybe a little).  Aside from the usual dog or cat, few consider...

The Glamorization of Mental Illness
The Glamorization of Mental Illness
Summer Gardner and Ella Gibney April 8, 2024

Struggling is an unavoidable and necessary part of human life, so why do we fail to properly communicate when it comes to mental health struggles? In previous generations, there has been an extreme stigma around mental health and until recently, speaking openly about these subjects has been quite taboo....

What Does the Future Hold?
Griffin Nguyen, Staff Writer • February 28, 2024

The future is a fickle thing. It is a mystery that is impossible to uncover and an aspect of our reality that carries an immense amount of weight. Yet we can attempt to predict what will happen in this shroud of uncertainty and estimate the trajectory of current trends, but it can only take us so far....

Why You Should Take a Gap Year
Why You Should Take a Gap Year
Sabine DeOrsay, Staff Writer • February 27, 2024

Every year, many seniors are shipped off to college without considering that a gap year might be for them. So many young people are never given a chance to live out their youth, not in school, and are pressured to know exactly what they want to do as soon as they turn eighteen. Many don’t realize the...

One frustrating aspect of profiles like these it that the people behind them refuse to take down posts. The only way to try to get your post deleted is to incessantly report it, which often times doesnt even work.
Is This Actually Funny?
Mia Myca, Staff Writer • February 27, 2024

Where do we draw the line between teasing and bullying? Often, it has to do with power and the equality or imbalance of it. Teasing is light-hearted, whereas bullying is ruthless. While this isn’t new information, sometimes we tend to forget that, especially when these concepts are transferred to an...

Mr. Boones calendar now resides on the wall of Mr. Wrights classroom.
Stella Breed-Carithers, Staff Writer • February 26, 2024

A few weeks ago, the BHS Owl received a mysterious piece of mail. No bigger than a textbook, the envelope was tan colored, of average shape, and relatively light - inconspicuous. Upon opening the package, however, Mr. Wright, a tenured LA teacher at BHS, met a rather conspicuous pair of piercing blue...

One of the many stained glass windows that adorn the east wall of the 100F Boulder Chapter. These windows can be seen from the street at 16th and Pearl.
Pearl's Not-So-Secret
Max Kabjian, Editorial Editor • February 26, 2024

With many of Boulder High seniors turning 18 this year, many are asking themselves what to do upon reaching the milestone of adulthood. Some register to vote, join the military, or perhaps even get their medical marijuana card. The possibility that few consider, however, is joining a secretive fraternal...

Why Are People So Afraid Of Being Basic?
Why Are People So Afraid Of Being Basic?
Summer Gardner, Staff Writer • January 29, 2024

Being “basic” is often looked down upon and avoided in society, especially, it seems, in the past few years. Let's start by taking a look at the term “basic”. Urban Dictionary states that; “Basic is used to describe someone devoid of defining characteristics that might make a person interesting...

Phones often become a distraction for teens trying to get work done.
The Problem With Gen-Z
Summer Gardner, Staff Writer • January 29, 2024

At some point, someone in your life has likely blamed all of your problems on your phone. Although it may sound irritating and cliche, you should actually listen. People, especially teenagers, tend to spend hours on end on their phones, which can be detrimental to our health, social life,...

Climate anxiety is now one of the leading causes of stress in teens, with  45 percent of people ages 16-25 saying that fear of climate change negatively affected their everyday life in a 2021 survey.
The Doom Of Our Generation
Milan Gdowski, Staff Writer • January 29, 2024
A local hipster (who will remain unnamed) wears Carhartt double-front work pants in the classroom.
Is Buying Work Wear Unethical?
Max Kabjian December 21, 2023
A Drop in the Ocean: Will the COP28 Do More Harm than Good? A Drop in the Ocean: Will the COP28 Do More Harm than Good? 100% 12
A Drop in the Ocean: Will the COP28 Do More Harm than Good? A Drop in the Ocean: Will the COP28 Do More Harm than Good? 100% 12
Max Kabjian December 21, 2023
A post from Kelley Heyer on instagram depicted her showing off a new dress that showed a little too much skin for some people, which led them to leave these comments on her post.
Online Misogyny
Becca Kless December 21, 2023
Academic Anxieties
Jules Conners December 21, 2023
There has been growing pressure on teachers from parents when their students dont perform well.
Grade Inflation and Its Downfalls
Taylor Robinson December 21, 2023
Even simpleton dogs prefer real art to the raising trend of Minimalist art styles. There was no food involved in this experiment, I promise, you can trust me.
Modern Art Is Gross
Madelyn Barnes December 21, 2023
Many students noted that they wish the music was different at homecoming. One person said the music is way too repetitive while others wished that the DJs actually took song requests.
Woo Hoo! Lets All Jump Up and Down!
Mia Myca December 21, 2023
A side by side comparison between a 11 ounce Italian soda and a 20 ounce American Coke shows the monstrous growth of our beverages.
Big Bad Beverages
Milan Gdowski December 21, 2023
The Original (medium) turkey sandwich from potbelly has about 450 calories in it and 34 grams of protein, so its a relatively healthy option.
Sandwich Wars (Deli Zone vs. Potbelly)
Jonathan Stafford October 25, 2023
Students end up skimming their summer reading for annotations rather than being able to genuinely enjoy the book.
Does Summer Reading Do More Harm Than Good?
Ella Gibney October 25, 2023
Being Sick Is Not A Crime
Being Sick Is Not A Crime
Molly Dembo October 25, 2023
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