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Puris are small, round, flat pieces of bread made of unleavened wheat flour, deep-fried, and served with egg curry, which is made with hard-boiled eggs, onions, tomatoes, whole & ground spices, and herbs.
You're Doing "Indian Food" Wrong
Saisree Kumar, Features Editor • January 7, 2023

A popular trend that's taken over my “For-You” page recently has been Indian food virgins rating Indian food, and so far, I have not seen a single positive TikTok. It seems odd that there isn't one,...

BHS students awaiting the start of the Homecoming pep rally on Thursday, September 8th.
The Great Downfall of Pep
Jules Conners, News Editor • January 7, 2023

The pep rally: an awkward, problematic waste of time at Boulder High. We lose valuable class time to accommodate these long rallies. Are they worth it?  The fundamental idea of the pep rally is truly fantastic. In theory, it's a fun way to celebrate school spirit and to remind the neighborhoods around...

“When it comes to subjective offenses like disturbance or disobedience vs. objective infractions like tardiness or truancy, minority students are more likely than White students to be referred for disciplinary action.”
Do the Crime, Pay the Time: Privelege and Punishment
Saisree Kumar, Features & Insights Editor • November 14, 2022

In 1968, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the first federal hate crimes statute that stated it was a crime “to use, or threaten to use, force to willfully interfere with any person because of race, color, religion, or national origin.” Yet, in BVSD (Boulder Valley School District) this statute...

What we could’ve learned from schools online era
Why You Should Go to School With COVID
Sophia Sherman, Editorial Editor, Media Director • November 14, 2022

Ever since school fully came back in person in the fall of 2021, flu season isn’t the only sickness to worry about spreading.  It’s no secret online school was difficult for many people. Teachers had to spend hours lecturing to silent profile icons, while students often felt isolated and confused...

Fitness TikTok has gone from positive encouragement to sexist nonsense.
The Nightmarish Devolution of Fitness TikTok
Lucca Swain, Social Media Director • November 2, 2022

About six months ago, the Owl published an article addressing the fatphobia movement on TikTok, and how that lobby quickly turned from a force for good into a miserable cesspit of hypocritical body shaming. However, on the other end of that spectrum was GymTok, a section of the app dedicated to weightlifting...

Local girl tells funny joke, proves women could be funny.
Women Aren't Funny
Sophii Sherman, Opinions Editor • November 2, 2022

There has been a lot of progress in making comedy inclusive to women. With infamous comedians such as Amy Schumer, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and the thousands that seem to sprout from TikTok every day, the age-old stereotype that women just “aren’t funny” evidently seems to be disproven....

The tardy policy is especially difficult given how long it takes to get through the crowded hallways.
A Sinister Tardy Policy
Jonathan Stafford, Features Editor • November 2, 2022

Last school year, if a student was twenty minutes late or fewer, they were marked tardy. As tardies built up for a student, they would have some disciplinary measure enacted upon them to reduce the number of tardies the student was receiving. These disciplinary measures included sweeping the cafeteria,...

When immigrants study hard to come here for a better life on a skill-based visa that states they can do the given job better than a citizen, they never imagine how some of them may not be able to go back home for the next 20 years.
Shackled: Skill-Based Immigration is an Unfair Process
Saisree Kumar, Features Editor • October 24, 2022

Forty-seven million people in the United States are foreign-born immigrants. Almost a million and a half immigrants are in the country due to their hard work and a skill-based visa. That's 1.4 million people who earned their spot in this country by exhibiting skills that deem them to be a more valuable...

Boulder Highs sports teams often get more attention than other programs.
School Spirit: More Harm Than Good?
Sophii Sherman, Opinions Editor • October 1, 2022

During the most turbulent time of the school year, when class expectations and school year norms are still being solidified, when people are trying to settle into the academic year and prepare themselves for what's to come, the administration at Boulder High School decided to lead us through an apparently...

With the chances of a shooter having an ID, is this policy effective, or merely security theater?
Psst… the Doors Aren’t the Problem
Hannah Cohen and Leah Frankel September 20, 2022
Coffee can be a costly- and wasteful -societally acceptable drug.
Don’t Talk to Me Before I’ve Had My Coffee
Jane Dunbar, Webmaster • September 19, 2022
A New Look at Learning
Leah Frankel, Staff Writer • August 15, 2022
Cursing adds a colorful lexicon to even a kids vocabulary.
Surely We Should Swear
Calvin Boykoff, Staff Writer • August 15, 2022
Netflix continues to fund mediocre TV thats insulting to the viewers taste by discontinuing shows that are far better.
Netflix is Running Out of Good Ideas
Saisree Kumar, Features Editor • August 15, 2022
The sizable agnostic population in Boulder tends to foster an apathetic culture surrounding religion, and this ignorance ostracizes believers and drives further polarization.
Even When it's Painful, Pay Attention to Faith
Leah Frankel and Hannah Cohen August 15, 2022
TikTok's Toxic Fat "Activism"
Lucca Swain, Staff Writer • August 15, 2022
Providing a Google Meet option for advisory would make it easier to catch up.
Our Ableist Lack of Online Resources
Tia Wagner, Staff Writer • August 15, 2022
In the 2021-22 school year, clubs were unable to draw consistent members.
Clubs Deserve a Dedicated Time
Jonathan Stafford, Staff Writer • August 15, 2022
Americans are stubbornly attached to their daily showers at somewhat detrimental effects.
You Don't Need to Shower Every Day
Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer • July 6, 2022
Does the Filibuster Benefit Our Government?
Charlie Martin, Business Manager • May 9, 2022
The Racist History of the Rhodes Scholarship
Clara Thomas , Arts and Entertainment Editor • May 9, 2022
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