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Rogan Oakes is a junior at Boulder High School and new to being a writer for The Owl. Rogan has a passion for journalism and always wants to find the juiciest stories… and the juiciest of grapes. A true Coloradan, Rogan has lived in Boulder for the majority of his life. He has been learning the skills of martial arts since before he could read, and his practice paid off when he became a sensei at his dojo. When he's not teaching little kids how to beat each other up or putting each other in uncomfortable locks, you can normally find him looking through Spotify, finding strange music to listen to while he’s blowing off homework. Rogan loves the outdoors and all the activities that come with it, including hiking, camping, skiing, and planning for the inevitable apocalypse. However, Rogan also likes to get in touch with his effeminate side through the Front of House theater team, and Starbucks. This aspiring outdoorsman has a fondness for the great state of Minnesota, and you can often find him there waiting for a nibble at 1 of its 10,000 lakes… often while nibbling on some green grapes himself.

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The Ginger Pig is only 14 minutes away from Boulder High School by foot and 3 minutes by car.

The Ginger Pig

Rogan Oakes, Staff Writer February 26, 2024

If you have good taste and an adventurous palate, you might be interested in a local restaurant called The Ginger Pig. The Ginger Pig is a small restaurant on Pennsylvania and 13th with a very unique aesthetic...

Boulder Valley School District reported in 2018 that 33% of their high school students vape regularly and 46% have vaped at least once.

Nico-teens: Teenage Vaping in Colorado

Rogan Oakes December 21, 2023

Back in 2020, Colorado raised the legal age to buy nicotine products statewide 18 to 21. This was in response to the astonishingly high amount of teenage nicotine users in the state of Colorado compared...

BVSDs 56 schools all gathered in the BVSD is the place to be event on October 11th in an attempt to let individual schools convince students to join the district.

[Photo] Is BVSD the Place to Be?

Rogan Oakes and Milan Gdowski November 13, 2023

BVSD's 56 schools all gathered in the BVSD is the place to be event on October 11th in an attempt to let individual schools convince students to join the district.

The seemingly normal, hippy inspired murals in the Yellow Deli reveal religious texts and founding ideals for the Twelve Tribes religious group.

Yellow Deli: A Good Place to Eat or a Cult on the Street?

Milan Gdowski and Rogan Oakes October 25, 2023

When you think of Pearl Street, the economic heart of Boulder, you may conjure up images of some of your favorite restaurants and stores. From Illegal Petes to Avantis to Rocket Fizz, Pearl Street is full...

Another way Circle K attemps to price gouge its customers is by covering up the iconic 99 cent label on every can of Arizona it sells with its own logo.

Circle K is not OK

Milan Gdowski and Rogan Oakes September 22, 2023

Circle K is one of the most common places for the students of Boulder High to get a quick drink or snack when they have freetime during the school day. It is so popular amongst the students of Boulder...

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