Da 5 Bloods follows five black men and their participation in the Vietnam War. (Netflix)
"Da 5 Bloods" Review
Lucca Swain, Staff writer • October 22, 2020

Da 5 Bloods, the newest movie from accomplished director Spike Lee, is not subtle with its message. It’s gory, profane and incredibly tense, with imagery of real Vietnam violence and police brutality. Sometimes you may want to walk away or turn the movie off, but in typical Spike Lee fashion, Da 5 Bloods delivers its message in a smart, provocative way that keeps you watching to the very end.  The movie takes place in Vietnam and centers around a group of African American veterans who have gone back after 60 years to find the body of their friend and retrieve the millions of dollars...

An example of Inktober Art by Lisa Schmidt (aka Mullana.) The art is an anthropomorphism of Wikipedia.
The Inktober Controversy
Clara Thomas, Staff writer • October 20, 2020

Since its creation in 2009, the annual "Inktober Challenge" has gathered many participants of varying skill levels. By providing a new prompt every day in October, the challenge encourages artists to draw every day of the month. The prompts are one word, allowing the artist to freely express creativity, with some examples from the 2020 list including: “radio,” “disgusting,” “sleep” and...

"Enola Holmes" Movie Review
"Enola Holmes" Movie Review
Akasha Brahmbhatt, Editor-in-Chief • October 15, 2020

Enola Holmes, a 2020 mystery movie, follows 16-year-old Enola, the younger sister of the famous Sherlock Holmes, on a mission to find her missing mother. Enola, the main character throughout the movie, is portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown, who began her career only four years ago as Eleven in the TV show Stranger Things. I would rate this film very highly; since we've all been spending more time...

Virtual concerts quickly took hold this summer as tours worldwide were canceled and rescheduled. But just how big of an impact did these new forms of entertainment have?
Are Virtual Concerts Here to Stay?
Luke Leiden, Webmaster and Social Media Director • October 13, 2020

Over the course of the pandemic, virtual concerts experienced an unprecedented uptake in support and profitability, as singers and fans alike were forced to turn to alternative methods to connect over music and entertainment. But now that the pandemic restrictions are (hopefully) beginning to wind down will this demand persist? Will virtual concerts continue once Covid-19 has passed? Virtual concerts...

Myself and the friends that I made at a concert in 2018, including Ella Myers (middle, behind flag) and Iman Moaddeli (far right).
What I Don't Miss About Going to Concerts
Stella Hofferman, Arts & Entertainment Editor • October 13, 2020

As Covid-19 has put a significant halt on each of our lives, we can take time to reflect on what we used to do pre-pandemic. Reminiscing about going to school, dances, parties and more, I began to realize that one of my favorite activities was perhaps not as enjoyable as I remembered: going to concerts. While I scrolled through old concert clips on my phone, it dawned on me how disgusting, dangerous...

Cast photo from the Spring 2019 production of Les Miserables at Boulder High.
What Does COVID-19 Mean for Troupe 60?
Alexa Dembo, Arts & Entertainment Editor • October 13, 2020

The onslaught of a new school year riddled with COVID-19 related difficulties has resulted in complications for extracurriculars. Boulder High’s Troupe 60 recently had a meeting discussing the new board members, hypothetical plans for the year and how they hope to successfully navigate this troubling time while also maintaining the community they cherish so dearly. The main concern of this year...

Wallace Roney, right, the virtuoso jazz trumpeter at the Jazz Jamboree in 1994 with members of the Wallace Roney Quintet.
From Pop Smoke to Neil Peart: Honoring Musicians Lost in 2020
Larson Burak, Sports Editor • October 13, 2020

A year that has been full of loss, angst and grief for many, not least of which felt by music-lovers, needs some positive energy. Instead of lamenting the departure of names and sounds dear to the American soundscape, let’s celebrate the impact their lives had on the cultures they influenced so greatly. What better way to do this than re-listening to the work of artists who helped define and push...

Many artists have created renditions of scenes from Moby-Dick. This illustration by I. W. Taber features Captain Ahab, a man who is set on pursuing the white whale after losing his leg to it.
What To Know Before Reading Moby-Dick
Clara Thomas, Staff writer • October 8, 2020
100 gecs’ collaborative album titled 1000 Gecs and the Tree of Clues.
Experimental Music's Surge in Popularity
Stella Hofferman, Arts & Entertainment Editor • October 4, 2020
Mulan: A Dumpster Fire of a Film
Mulan: A Dumpster Fire of a Film
Alexa Dembo, Arts & Entertainment Editor • October 2, 2020
Some of the most popular posthumous albums released in the last year include music from Pop Smoke, XXXTentaction, JuiceWRLD and Mac Miller (top left to bottom right.)
The New Wave of Posthumous Albums
Keegan Jack, Webmaster & Social Media Director • September 24, 2020
Educate Yourself
Educate Yourself
Selah Dow, Staff writer • September 24, 2020
 Megan Fox on the cover of the promotional poster from the original 2009 release of Jennifer’s Body.
The Ressurection of Jennifer’s Body
Stella Hofferman, Arts and Entertainment Editor • September 22, 2020
Nicki Minaj in Sydney, Australia at her “Pink Friday Perfume” launch in 2012. Her album Pink Friday was released during the height of her popularity. Photo via Wikicommons.
Who is “The Queen of Rap?"
Isabel Oliver, Features Editor • September 15, 2020
High Fidelity Review
Amara Uvalle-Ordonez, Staff Writer • April 23, 2020
With the now-out Sonic the Hedgehog movie fading from relevance, one OWL reporter took it upon herself to make a commemorative cake in his honor. This is her story.
Cooking with Lex: My Experience Baking a Sonic the Hedgehog Cake
Alexa Dembo, Staff Writer • April 15, 2020
The awe-inspiring movie poster for this cinematic masterpiece. Photo via IMDb.
'Velocipastor': The Embodiment of "So Bad it's Good"
Jac McCarty, Co-Editor-in-Chief • April 2, 2020
Just Mercy Movie Review
Just Mercy Movie Review
Author • February 20, 2020
Castle Crashers Review
Castle Crashers Review
Sarah Gasta, Staff Writer • February 13, 2020
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