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All Hail Dolly
All Hail Dolly
Sandra Redak, Editorial Editor • April 9, 2024

I know it’s not good to idolize celebrities, but I’m not exaggerating when I say I would give my corneas to Dolly Parton if she asked. If you're uninformed of the Dolly-ification of society let me...

Apocalypse Media
Apocalypse Media
Mia Myca, Staff Writer • April 9, 2024

I recently watched Carol and the End of the World and thought it was super cute! The show follows an introverted 42-year-old woman facing the “carpe diem” mentality as a foreign planet is projected to collide with Earth. Instead of partying and traveling like the rest of the world, Carol finds an office job and gets drinks at a closed-down Applebees with her coworkers. The show was endearing, quirky,...

In Defense of Xanadu
Delphi Davalos, Staff Writer • April 9, 2024

In 1980, disco had been pronounced dead. However, unfortunately missing the memo, the disco-fantasy movie Xanadu starring Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly premiered that same year. The film, despite starring two movie-musical legends Olivia Newton-John (Grease) and Gene Kelly (Singin’ in the Rain), was a box office flop and critically derided.  Xanadu was received so poorly that it, along with...

According to Business Insider, Mean Girls 2024 is a mix of the original production and the 2018 musical adaptation.
Individuality, Diversity, and Kalteen Bars... Mean Girls Remade
Ella Gibney, Staff Writer • April 9, 2024

One of the most iconic movies to watch at a sleepover, many of us love–or love to hate–the 2004 Mean Girls movie. Now, twenty years later, Regina George and her posse of Plastics return to our screens again, this time in a musical remake that is bringing a rush of viewers into movie theatres across the country.  Advertised as “Not Your Mother’s Mean Girls,” Tina Fey has taken this chance...

“We have not granted any permission for the use of Pokemon intellectual property or assets in that game. We intend to investigate and take appropriate measures to address any acts that infringe on intellectual property rights related to Pokemon.” -The Pokemon Company, Jan 25 2024
Palworld Vs. Pokemon
Wallace Gilreath, Staff Writer • April 9, 2024

What do you think the second most popular game of all time on Steam is? Most people would probably guess something extremely well known, a COD game or something from a AAA studio that has hundreds of people working on it and hundreds of millions of dollars poured in. Recently the second-place game for most concurrent players, capping out at two million one hundred thousand concurrent players was Palworld,...

Many movies did not end up making the final bracket, such as other gems from director Neil Breen, and sleeper hit Hobgoblins.
Worst Movie Ever
Delphi Davalos and Becca Kless February 26, 2024

We love bad movies and we’re sure a lot of other people can relate. Hate watching is a fun fad and so we’ve decided to do some studying to determine which movie, according to users on Letterboxd (a movie reviewing app) and our own humble opinions, is considered the worst of all time. We created a bracket (pictured above) of 16 movies that, in general, have reviews of one star or lower on Letterboxd....

Lifeguards new Extended Play record, Dressed in Trenches, recently released in July of 2023, starting their collaboration with Matador Records.
They Saved Me From Drowning: Lifeguard
Becca Kless, Staff Writer • January 30, 2024

You’re in highschool, I’m in highschool, and so are the members of an up and coming band called Lifeguard. Though they are new on the scene, (having only released their first EP on spotify in 2020), they have been signed to Matador Records, a prominent label known for also representing artists like Pavement, Lucy Dacus, Snail Mail and my favorite band Car Seat Headrest. Members of Lifeguard,...

With an 87% rotten tomatoes score from both critics and audience, everyone can agree Loki Season two is a must watch.
Highkey, watch loki
Wallace Gilreath, Writer • January 30, 2024
I saw (Jig)saw saw my brah on a see saw!
Seeing Saw? More like Yee Haw!
Sandra Redak, Editor • January 29, 2024
Oppenheimer Movie Review
Oppenheimer Movie Review
Jonathan Stafford, Editor-in-Chief • January 29, 2024
John Oliver went to great lengths to ensure the Puhteketekes victory over the Kiwi bird. Including going on the Tonight Show dressed in a flamboyant bird costume.
Rigged Foreign Election
Sandra Redak December 21, 2023
Madelyn Barnes December 21, 2023
Fans of the video game of the same name will know what’s possible in this spin-off movie, but anyone approaching it as just another horror film might be confounded, 1/5 stars (Edward Porter, Sunday Times)
Critical Critics
Wallace Gilreath December 21, 2023
Organic Sandwich Companies pretzel bread comes out on top. Cooked to perfection, this sandwich was too good not to devour.
Sandwiches pt. 2
Sandra Redak and Madelyn Barnes December 21, 2023
#StoptheMobVote 2023
November 27, 2023
Sandra demolishes the Jamaican Chicken Sandwich from Deli Zone. So yummy a college kid says from behind.
Sandwich Hierarchy
Sandra Redak and Madelyn Barnes November 17, 2023
Many think Doja Cat spent all nine of her lives with the release of her new album, Paint the Town the Red. Devious dances and lyrics have killed her popularity.
Cred. Youtube/Doja Cat
DOJA CAT: She IS One of the Mandem
Madelyn Barnes November 17, 2023
The Breeders 30th anniversary edition of the album cover features and overlaid picture over the original album cover. Reimagined by Chris Bigg, the new sleeves art has Vaughan Olivers original design with Biggs touch.
Spotlight On The Breeders
Mia Myca November 17, 2023
The creative space is located a mere five minute walk from Pearl Street.
Free Art Studio Opens in Boulder
Ella Gibney and Summer Gardner November 14, 2023
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