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Betty White stealing the spotlight on the red carpet at the 1988 Emmy Awards, where she was a nominee for Outstanding Lead Actress In a Comedy Series for The Golden Girls.
You Wish You Were Betty White
Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer • May 9, 2022

Betty White remains an inspiration to many of us still, even after she passed in her sleep on December 31, 2021. Only a few weeks from her 100th birthday, she accomplished countless things, starring in...

Arcane premiered on Netflix in November to extreme amounts of praise, which is shocking considering the negative reputation that League Of Legends, the game that acts as the shows source material, has.
Arcane: The First Great Video Game Adaptation
Lucca Swain, Staff Writer • May 9, 2022

League Of Legends is not a good game. The unbelievably toxic community is a major contributing factor, though Riot Games’ consistently questionable handling of the game can also cause frustration. The majority of the time, the game ends up being more painful than fun. But despite this, players come back to the game because they remember that rare moment of fun or positivity that they had, hoping...

Subterranean horror, neon-lit cities and hidden dreamworlds are all what make up this months edition of Cinema of the Season.
Cinema of the Season - February
Leah Frankel, Staff Writer • March 13, 2022

This is where I put all my thoughts on November. Thank you very much and good day to ya. Parasite - Bong Joon-ho There tend to be very few movies I believe to be worth the acclaim - Parasite directed by Bong Joon-ho lives up to the label. The movie proves to be a masterfully constructed, compelling genre piece (effortlessly transitioning between familial drama, heist movie, satirical farce,...

The intersection of racism and horror runs deep, finding the roots of an evolving genre.
Racism & Horror
Leah Frankel, Staff Writer • February 3, 2022

“Horror is a great way to see a society’s fears materialized as some fantastical theatrical experience”, states Robin R. Means Coleman. Known widely to shock and provoke thought, horror as a genre has been around since the beginning of filmmaking. The best horror movies set you up for 90 minutes of tension and release - moments of emotional reaction, comedic release, leaving you feeling unsettled...

Nina Dawallu 23 plays in the competition that is the latest in a long history of Boulder High’s musical excellence.
Concerto Competition a Resounding Success
Hannah Cohen, Opinions Editor • February 1, 2022

On Friday, December 10th, three of Boulder High’s musicians competed in the annual school Concerto Competition. While usually written for soloists accompanied by an orchestra, the students performed selections from a concerto of their choosing with only a piano accompaniment. Sam Meyer, ‘22, performed the first movement of Bruch’s Concerto in G Minor on violin. Concertos are often in three...

Little Simz made waves in 2021 with her fourth studio album.
The Best Album of 2021
Lucca Swain, Staff Writer • February 1, 2022

The week of August 29th was monumental for music in 2021. For one, both Drake and Ye (formerly Kanye West), two of the biggest artists in music, released albums. But Ye’s Donda and Drake’s Certified Lover Boy were hyped up even more by the drama surrounding the albums and the artists themselves. The two rappers had planned for their albums to be released within the same week, to see who’s...

Moments after Boulder High’s moving 1812 Overture.
Boulder High’s Orchestra Concert: Musical Melodies for the Masses
Kate Schwab, Staff Writer • January 7, 2022

On Nov 16, the Boulder High Orchestra, directed by Ryan Woodworth, presented a marvelous winter program of music comprised of classical and modern favorites. Orchestra 3 opened the recital with an eclectic collection including Longfield’s Rondo In Blue whose mysterious tone was reminiscent of a James Bond soundtrack. They followed this piece with Beckham’s Elegy; which, like its name, seemed ceremonial...

With November brings winter comfort movies and excellent cinematography skills from directors.
Cinema of The Season: November
Leah Frankel, Staff Writer • November 19, 2021
Dune brings the desert alive through out of this world cinematic skills
Dune The Newest Oscar Worthy Sci-Fi Movie
Amelie Panaccione, Jr. Editor in Chief • November 19, 2021
       Music that makes one feel sorrowful or downcast is popular among the youth of today.
Why You Like Sad Music
Lucca Swain, Staff Writer • November 19, 2021
The End Of The F***ing World handles teenage love and angst better than most of its contemporaries
"The End Of The F***ing World" is a Beautiful Tragedy, and One of the Best Teen Dramas Out There
Lucca Swain, Staff Writer • November 19, 2021
There isn’t much better than being scared during the Halloween season.
Scary Stories, Movies, And Music To Keep You Up This Halloween
Lucca Swain, Staff Writer • November 2, 2021
Netflix popular show Lucifer recently released its final season off the series.
Lucifer: Redeeming the Devil One Crime at a Time
Annika Bjorklund , Editor-in-chief • November 1, 2021
Walt Disney with one of the earlier designs of Mickey Mouse, an iconic cartoon character.
Animation: A 3-Decrease in Quality
Clara Thomas , Arts and Entertainment Editor • November 1, 2021
Art by @mapartche based off of the prompt for day 8 of Mindtober, a challenge created by 
via @mapartche
The Inktober Controversy Continues
Clara Thomas, Arts and Entertainment Editor • October 18, 2021
Open Studios doesn’t just feature traditional paintings- artists create clothing, whimsical ceramics, and photography as well.
Open Studios 2021: Local Art & Why You Should Care
Hannah Cohen, Opinions Editor • October 8, 2021
A photorealism paint of Mother Theresa by Palou
The Artistic Merit of Photorealism
Clara Thomas , Arts and Entertainment Editor • October 2, 2021
Death Grips’ sound is explosive, mind-bending, and impossible to fully define.
The Sheer Insanity of Death Grips
Lucca Swain, Staff Writer • September 21, 2021
Whats Problematic About Bridgerton
What's Problematic About "Bridgerton"
Clara Fraser, Opinions Editor • April 26, 2021
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