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Mia Myca, Staff Writer

Mia Myca is a senior at Boulder High and a writer for the school paper, The Owl. She is most known for being an art freak and running Art Club during her Junior year. She plans to continue being the weird art kid her whole life and becoming an eclectic art teacher. But in the meantime, she most enjoys being with the “people” she calls friends, working at a summer camp with sticky children, and listening to pretentious music. Ask her anything about 90s alternative music, and she’ll probably know; she might even talk to you about it against your will. She loves to eat healthily and will complain about how she can’t eat cheese. With that, she loves green grapes and how crunchy and fresh they taste. 

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Apocalypse Media

Apocalypse Media

Mia Myca, Staff Writer April 9, 2024

I recently watched Carol and the End of the World and thought it was super cute! The show follows an introverted 42-year-old woman facing the “carpe diem” mentality as a foreign planet is projected...

One frustrating aspect of profiles like these it that the people behind them refuse to take down posts. The only way to try to get your post deleted is to incessantly report it, which often times doesnt even work.

Is This Actually Funny?

Mia Myca, Staff Writer February 27, 2024

Where do we draw the line between teasing and bullying? Often, it has to do with power and the equality or imbalance of it. Teasing is light-hearted, whereas bullying is ruthless. While this isn’t new...

If you want to find your Daylist, all you need to do is search Daylist on Spotify. The playlist updates multiple times a day so you should be able to relish in your interesting titles multiple times a day.

What Do You Mean I’m Having a Charming Madchester Monday Morning?

Mia Myca, Staff Writer January 30, 2024

Recently I’ve been lost in a sea of moodiness. I can’t seem to find the words to describe my inner world. That was until Spotify showed me the way. Through music genres, I’m finally able to tell...

Students at Boulder High sport a variety of different hairstyles including undercuts, shags, extreme frosted tips and regular shmegular mancuts.

End Frosted Tips

Mia Myca and Becca Kless December 21, 2023

Recently, a strange phenomenon has gripped the students of Boulder High School by the throat. A mysterious occurrence, known as buzzing your hair, bleaching it, and letting it grow into a weird limbo-like...

Many students noted that they wish the music was different at homecoming. One person said the music is way too repetitive while others wished that the DJs actually took song requests.

Woo Hoo! Lets All Jump Up and Down!

Mia Myca December 21, 2023

As we all know, school dances are literally the peak of your high school experience. They’re potentially even the peak of your entire life. They’re fun-filled and it’s definitely not too hot in the...

November Horoscopes

Mia Myca November 27, 2023

Aries - Your Thanksgiving spirit food is cranberry sauce straight from the can cut into slices.    Taurus - Go ahead and get some carving pumpkins with all your friends. You deserve a little...

The Breeders 30th anniversary edition of the album cover features and overlaid picture over the original album cover. Reimagined by Chris Bigg, the new sleeves art has Vaughan Olivers original design with Biggs touch.

Spotlight On The Breeders

Mia Myca November 17, 2023

If you’ve ever looked up to grunge icon Kurt Cobain, you might want to pay attention to his taste in music—specifically to the band that made one of his favorite albums of all time. The Breeders have...

The Obscenity of the Menstrual Taboo

The Obscenity of the Menstrual Taboo

Mia Myca October 25, 2023

For centuries the menstrual cycle was seen as impure, supernatural, and unhygienic. From ancient societies claiming that period blood would make you sick if you touched it, to 20th-century marketing, women...

Artist Patricia Rangel created a dirt monolith with soil from Ollin farms, to represent resilience, and regeneration within ecosystems.

Where Farming And Art Meet

Mia Myca September 26, 2023

You would think farming and art would have nothing in common, but the agriCULTURE exhibit at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art proves they do when it comes to land rights, food accessibility, farming...

When asked what fruit they would hate to transform into, Lobpries (left) and Wilson (right) had differing answers. Lobpries would not like to be a coconut due to her disdain for the texture and taste. Whereas Wilson would not like to be a pomegranate because of how segregated the inside of the fruit is.

Pomegranates and Coconuts: A Look at the New Art Teachers

Mia Myca September 26, 2023

High school can be a cumbersome time for teenagers desperately trying to find their identity in a sea of people and classes. The process of self-discovery often involves experimenting with new ideas and...

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