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Becca Kless is a Senior at Boulder High School, and for some mysterious reason, decided to take Newspaper this year. Becca is a proud parent of an NSHSS scholar, or so says the bumper sticker they sent her. She is most known for being unremarkable and loving a stupid band called Car Seat Headrest. Becca plans on graduating and becoming a social recluse or a popular vlogger. She currently runs Jewish Culture Club and was once mugged by a purple grape, thereby solidifying her fear of them. She had 200 dollars in that wallet, so it was totally uncool on the grape’s part.

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On October 13th, a vague announcement was made, reciting rules about hate speech and discrimination from the student handbook.

Let’s Talk About Hamas

Becca Kless November 17, 2023

On October 7th of this year, the terrorist group, Hamas, launched a surprise attack on Israel. They broke past the barriers into Israel and proceeded to kill over 1,000 civilians and kidnapped over 100...

During signing events, Hozier has been known to draw funny faces on the records given to fans. Photo by Island Records

“Unearth”ing Hozier

Becca Kless October 26, 2023

Andrew Hozier-Byrne, or “Hozier,” has been famous worldwide for years for his music. Recently, he released his new album, Unreal Unearth, which is a big step in a new direction for the artist. Hozier...

James Supercave recently released a photo book along with their newest single, which contains photographic representations of their music and brand.

The Musical Genius of James Supercave

Becca Kless September 26, 2023

With only 107,106 monthly listeners, James Supercave is a relatively small band based in Los Angeles, made up of Joaquin Pastor, Patrick Logothetti, and Andreas Villalobos. Described as “Psych-Rock,”...

No system was ever put in place to educate Boulder High School students on hallway etiquette.

Hallway Hell: Why Is Walking So Hard?

Becca Kless September 26, 2023

This year has barely just begun, and the hallways are already in the worst state they’ve ever been. In previous years, the hallway traffic has been famously terrible.  This year however, there seems...

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