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Varsity Softball, minutes before playing for their League Championship win. Photo by Samantha Green.
The Crack of the Bat
Jules Conners, News Editor • January 9, 2023

Let me take you back to 1997, Bill Clinton was president, chokers were fashionable and it was the last time Boulder High Girls softball won the title of League Champions. The last time, that is, until...

Owen Kalisher 23 adding yet another save to one of his many from throughout the shutout against Fairview.
Kicking the Knights to the Curb
Sophii Sherman, Opinions Editor • October 26, 2022

Deep into the second half of the tense Boulder vs. Fairview soccer game, the crowd holds its breath as the score still reads 0-0. The energy between the BHS Panthers and the Fairview Knights has always been electric. The two schools are widely known for their rivalry, and their two teams are loyal...

Rachel Christenson (‘23) bumps the ball as Ava Cawley (‘24), Palmer Robinson (‘24), Izzy Barsh (‘24), Marley Tuitele (‘25), and Kayla Rothman (‘24) cover her.
Spiking Into the Season
Saisree Kumar, Features Editor • October 1, 2022

Boulder High’s Girls Volleyball team had their first at-home game on August 24th against Westminster High School. While the junior varsity team was victorious against the Wolves, the sophomore and varsity teams struck out this match but put up a good game and hope to do better as the season progresses....

Dakota Hess 23, tackling Bejamin Mischke 24, as Boulder High defense hopes to continue their domination.
Conquering the Centaurus Warriors
Jonathan Stafford, Features Editor • September 21, 2022

The time on the clock read one minute and thirty-five seconds left in the fourth quarter. With the Boulder High Panthers leading 16-10 over the Centaurus Warriors, the Warriors held the ball at the 20-yard line and a touchdown would win them the game. Fourth down and short was quickly upon the Warriors,...

Team Rowdy kept energy high even as the referee made a contentious decision against the boys soccer team.
Kicking off the Season with Controversy
Jules Conners, News Editor • September 19, 2022

A dodgy call cost it all at the Boys Boulder v. Valor Christian soccer game.  Valor player #8 gets a free kick at the end of the first period. He kicks it shy to the right, and the ball bounces off the goalpost and then is kicked back by a Valor player. As the ball hurdles towards the goal, Boulder...

A player for BHS Flower Power team guards an opponent during an intense point against Monarch.
Spring's Ultimate Sport
Clara Thomas, Arts and Entertainment Editor • July 7, 2022

Spring is upon us; snow is melting, students count down the days left in the year, and spring sports, including ultimate frisbee, are kicking off their seasons once more. Beginning next week, the spring ultimate frisbee teams, Flower Power and Wave, will play games about once a week against other Colorado...

The Mess at CU
The Mess at CU
Cody McConnell, Sports Editor • May 9, 2022

The cross town rivalry, purple vs red, the game that is always circled on the calendar. When Boulder plays Fairview, it’s always a blast for everyone involved. It’s intense, everyone in the arena is passionate about their side, and of course it is loud. Yet, none of this ever stood out to me. The...

NFL players look intently to the ground to see the result of the coin toss.
The Problem with O.T.
Jonathan Stafford, Staff Writer • March 14, 2022

On January 23, 2022, there were several great quarter-final playoff football games. All of them came down to just one score, but the game that caught my eye the most was the Chiefs vs. Bills game, which went to overtime after the two teams scored a total of 25 combined points in the final two minutes...

Rinks have long been the center of a culture of abuse.
Toxic Culture in Youth Sports Perpetuates Abuse- Here’s How
Annika Bjorklund, Editor-in-chief • March 1, 2022

On December 13, 2021, USA Gymnastics settled with over 500 survivors of Dr. Larry Nassar, agreeing to pay 380 million dollars in total. In 2018, the #MeToo Movement exposed the systemic, generational, and widespread sexual abuse of young gymnasts by Nassar. Hundreds of women and girls, including...

The basketball team and fans standing for the national anthem before the game, as sung by the Boulder Highs choir.
Hoops, They Did it Again
Calvin Boykoff, Staff Writer • February 16, 2022
Neko Dow grappling and grand slamming against Broomfield in a recent duel.
A Whole Lot of Grappling
Calvin Boykoff, Staff Writer • January 31, 2022
Upcoming Colorado Ski Season
Leah Frankel, Staff Writer • January 23, 2022
Five Sports You Probably Didn't Know About
Alexa Dembo, Editor in Chief • December 16, 2021
Boulder High’s Mountain Bike Team celebrating the big win with runners up on either side
Mountain Bike Mastery
Calvin Boykoff, Staff Writer • November 18, 2021
Passing Lines at Start of Practice
Ultimate Frisbee: Ultimate Fun
Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer • November 2, 2021
Bishop looks over the fall sports schedule with extreme care, making sure there are no errors.
Sittin' With Bishop – Beloved Coach to AD
Cody McConnell, Sports Editor • November 2, 2021
Not so soft–– the softball team after their win against Overland.
Nothin' Soft about Softball
Saisree Kumar, Features Editor • November 1, 2021
Tennis on Boulder Highs Team is about teamwork and growing as a person, not just winning.
More than just a Game: How Boys Tennis is Breaking the Stigma
Amelie Panaccione, Junior Editor-in-chief • November 1, 2021
Varsity Girls racer finishes the initial ascent and begins the first downhill on the race course.
MTB First Race Report
Charlie Martin, Business Manager • September 20, 2021
With Boulder High closely trailing Fairview, Boulder makes one of its 70 tackles in the game.
Boulder Fairview Matchup
Amelie Panaccione, Jr. Editor in Chief • September 9, 2021
Peyton Manning Inducted into Hall of Fame
Isabel Oliver, Features Editor • March 2, 2021
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