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Coach Geo Tam takes a photo of the Girls Cross Country team holding a medal after yet another amazing race this season.
Coach Interview: Geo Tam
Ella Gibney, Staff Writer • April 9, 2024

Coach Geo Tam is a familiar face around Boulder High, the head coach for one of the largest and most illustrious sports teams at Boulder… the cross-country team. When I got a chance to sit down with...

March Madness
Alex Spiridellis and Jonathan Stafford April 9, 2024

Well, it's that time of the year again when college basketball is on almost every day for the next few weeks. It's a time of nail-biting and suspense as one watches their March Madness bracket be decimated beyond recognition. March madness begins with Selection Sunday on March 17, and the first games...

Boys basketball coach Matt Smith hopes to incorporate the Hoosiers-style basketball tactics of his Indiana background into Boulder Highs training and games.
"The Greatest Sport You Can Possibly Play" with Coach Matt Smith
Ella Gibney February 26, 2024

Why did you decide to coach at BHS? “There were a couple of stories in the newspapers that reflected a community that was kind of hurt, and I just relate really well to kids and I hear their stories, and when I read that– I’m not coming there to fix it, but it drew me in. It was the only school...

Despite Hockeys smaller fanbase, there is still a group of dedicated fans who cherish it.
Hockey is the Most Underrated Sport
Oli Ruzic, Staff Writer • February 26, 2024

Winter in Colorado usually means only one thing: Skiing and Snowboarding. However, there is one sport that lies under the radar. That sport is Hockey. It’s finally time for another winter sport to have its moment. Hockey is one of the oldest sports and can be dated back to the 1500s. Despite its age,...

Boulder High’s successful winter Wrestling season is coming to an end in February.
Boulder High School Wrestling
Jules Conners, Editor-in-chief • February 26, 2024

Wrestling, the world's oldest sport according to The National Wrestling Hall of  Fame, is a celebrated sport at Boulder High School, amassing a small yet vocal parent and student section. After hearing of the success of the wrestling team this year, I wanted to find out more about the sport. I attended...

Hazel Huliman mid race at the statewide meet last year as a freshman. In this meet Hazel finished in the top 50 across the 5A class in the 100 breast.
Athlete Spotlight: Hazel Huilman
Sasha Framularo, Sports Editor • February 26, 2024

Hazel HuIiman, '26, is a star Boulder High swim team member. Hoping to swim at a D1 level, her main focus in the pool is swimming to achieve faster and faster times. However, Hazel still manages to balance her work ethic with being a good teammate.  Hazel's main event is the 100 breaststroke, in...

Meagan Mathews, current junior, has been playing varsity Basketball for all three years shes been at Boulder High School. This year she plans to stay on the grind and work on improving her skills.
Athlete Spotlight- Megan Mathews
Lorelei Keppeler, Sports Editor • January 31, 2024

Meagan Matthews started playing basketball at about five years old. Although she tried a few other sports when she was younger, she says she “always liked basketball the best.” Ultimately when she got to high school she decided that basketball was going to be her area of focus. For the past three...

#1 on the Eagles: Jalen Hurts, leading the #1 team in the NFL to another Super Bowl appearance
The Best Team in the NHL: Philadelphia Eagles
Alex Spiridellis, business-manager • January 31, 2024

Let me introduce you to the most complete and successful team in the National Football League: the Philadelphia Eagles. Many of you may have heard of their run to Super Bowl LVII earlier this year, where they lost by a slim 3 points to the Kansas City Chiefs. But the past is the past, and it's time to...

Basketball Coach Intro
Lorelei Keppeler, Sports Editor • January 31, 2024

This year the Girls' Basketball team welcomed their new coach Tobin Skenandore, who says he’s “Not a typical basketball coach.” Tryouts took place during the week of November 12th, where twice as many girls as last year showed up, wanting to put their skills to the test. In the end, 12 made varsity,...

An exhausted Kyle Blauch, hard at work in the boys basketball game against Prairie View high school where the panthers walked away with a 84-40 win. Blauch put up 24 points this game, the most of any player from either team.
Athlete Spotlight- Kyle Blauch
Sasha Framularo, Sports Editor • January 30, 2024
Pre work out powders containing creatine can come in almost any flavor you can think of, from black cherry to sour candy to tasting like nothing.
Creatine; Pump Up Your Mind and Body
Lorelei Keppeler, Sports Editor • January 30, 2024
Coach Carl has coached multiple track stars to state championships and beyond in his 44 years at Boulder High.
An Interview With Boulder High's Longest-Standing Track Coach
Ella Gibney, Staff Writer • January 30, 2024
The infamous Y traverse at Flagstaff, providing a difficult but fun location to climb, these two Boulder High Students are seen scaling the side of the rock.
Rock Climbing
Cahl Arnold, Staff Writer • January 30, 2024
Mountain Bike Team Goes to States
Lorelei Keppeler November 17, 2023
Boulder High’s tennis team basking in the glory of a well-deserved win early in the season.
Season Recap: Boys Tennis
Sandra Redak November 17, 2023
Kiki Vaughn Chose to include her Boulder High running uniform in her senior pictures showing her love for the panthers running community.
Boulder High's Cross Country Star
Sasha Framularo, Sports Editor • November 13, 2023
Boys Soccer celebrating one of their 4 goals joyfully in their October 25th playoff game vs Grandview.
Boys Soccer, Finding Success Late in the Season
Sasha Framularo, Sports Editor • November 13, 2023
Athlete Spotlight: Sophia Pereira
Sasha Framularo October 26, 2023
Anika Neu 24, Serena Hunnicutt 26 and Adah Eliss Rissler 24 post-preseason workout for Boulder High Girls Basketball.
Preseason Pressures
Jules Conners October 25, 2023
Boys Golf Goes To State
Boy's Golf Goes To State
Lorelei Keppeler October 25, 2023
Now when a Boulder High athlete reaches the end zone, they will be racing towards an end zone sporting the words BVSD.
Field Under Fire
Jules Conners September 26, 2023
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