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Oli Ruzic

Oli Ruzic, Webmaster/ Social Media Director

Oli Ruzic is finally a senior at Boulder High and is beyond excited for her first and last year as the social media director and webmaster in The Owl. Oli decided to join the newspaper after she was inspired to pursue journalism by her AP Lang teacher. So far, she has loved spreading her unwanted opinions across the school. Oli is in a constant state of busyness, however, when she has a moment of free time, she can usually be found in the crow's nest of the Boulder High Theater, reading mysteries or listening to music (mostly Hozier). Outside of school, she enjoys rock climbing, ice skating, and playing Stardew Valley. One of Oli’s greatest passions is food, and she firmly believes pho is the best thing known to mankind. Oli used to incorrectly believe that purple grapes were superior, but her opinion was recently changed after tasting the fabulous cotton candy green grapes, and will never go back.

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May Horoscopes: Summer Edition!

Oli Ruzic and Jules Conners May 16, 2024

Have you been eagerly grabbing the newspaper, scanning through each article on a mission to find out your future, and finding the horoscopes missing from the paper? Well have no fear, the May horoscopes...

This part of the under stage is known to have the most encounters with the theatre ghost, Ralph.

Haunted Hallways

Oli Ruzic, Webmaster May 13, 2024

Boulder High is one of the oldest school buildings in Colorado. Built in 1875, Boulder High has had a colorful history of staff and students who have walked the century-old halls. While being one of these...

Despite Hockeys smaller fanbase, there is still a group of dedicated fans who cherish it.

Hockey is the Most Underrated Sport

Oli Ruzic, Staff Writer February 26, 2024

Winter in Colorado usually means only one thing: Skiing and Snowboarding. However, there is one sport that lies under the radar. That sport is Hockey. It’s finally time for another winter sport to have...

Students often do the Wordle instead of paying attention in class. In the back you can see Rogan Oakes very clearly disappointed by Jules Conners straying from her work.

Connections: The New Wordle?

Oli Ruzic, Staff Writer January 30, 2024

Wordle has been one of the most famous phone games for nearly two years, but that might change. Wordle has rapidly increased in popularity since its initial release. One month into the game there were...

Many people that invest in astrology also invest in tarot cards. Though they are different practices, they both help to predict the future.

Are the Answers in the Stars?

Oli Ruzic December 21, 2023

“What’s your zodiac sign?” is a common question that can have two very different responses: “I’m a Cancer sun, Gemini moon, and Aquarius rising!” or “Why would I know that?”. There is a...

The directors pulled inspiration from the song Playing the Game in Mary Poppins. This song had a similar idea of vengeful toys seeking revenge on ungrateful children

The Toy Box: A New Spin on The Haunted House

Oli Ruzic October 26, 2023

Halloween is one of the most highly anticipated holidays, especially for students. Who doesn’t love dressing up, stuffing your face with candy, and most importantly: subjecting yourself to terror for...

Mrs. Armbruster is one of the many teachers that has had to adjust her classroom in order to fit all the people. Due to this, she has to change how she teaches the class itself.

Too Many Panthers!

Oli Ruzic September 26, 2023

As we entered school on August 17th, students were nearly suffocated in the math wing, bulldozed in the science wing, and left without a spare seat in most classes. How many can relate to this? Shockingly,...

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