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Jonathan Stafford, Editor-in-Chief

Jonathan Stafford is a senior at Boulder High School this year and will be taking on the role of editor-in-chief. This is his third year with The Owl.  He has always liked writing and sharing his opinions. He looks forward to sharing his thoughts and opinions with the Boulder High community. When not in school, Jonny enjoys playing basketball and baseball, fantasy football, hanging out with friends and family, and being out in nature. He feels that journalism is a great way to educate the general population while expressing his own opinions. One debate he feels passionate about is the grape debate. When it comes to this debate, he feels that purple grapes are superior to any other type of grape.  

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March Madness

Alex Spiridellis and Jonathan Stafford April 9, 2024

Well, it's that time of the year again when college basketball is on almost every day for the next few weeks. It's a time of nail-biting and suspense as one watches their March Madness bracket be decimated...

Oppenheimer Movie Review

Oppenheimer Movie Review

Jonathan Stafford, Editor-in-Chief January 29, 2024

It used to be that most Oscar-winning movies were released in the fall of that calendar year, but that is no longer the case. As of late, movies released at any time, have had success. For example, Everything...

Why You Shouldnt Hit Snooze On Your Alarm Clock

Why You Shouldn’t Hit Snooze On Your Alarm Clock

Jonathan Stafford November 17, 2023

The modern alarm clock, that is, one that is equipped with mechanical movement and adjustable time, was patented in 1847 by the French inventor Antoine Redier. And, in my opinion, that was the downfall...

Most Traumatizing Movie

Finn (Baby-Batter) Smith and Jonathan Stafford October 26, 2023

We all have that one movie that haunts us. It could be an R-rated movie you saw when you were 9, or even a PG movie from last month. We asked Boulder High students what movies traumatized them the most,...

The Original (medium) turkey sandwich from potbelly has about 450 calories in it and 34 grams of protein, so its a relatively healthy option.

Sandwich Wars (Deli Zone vs. Potbelly)

Jonathan Stafford October 25, 2023

It’s 11:20 in the morning and the 4th-period lunch crowd has one thing on their minds: food. The budget is tight, as the part-time job isn’t yielding as much money as I previously thought. The lunch...

Students must scan IDs to get in, but often the door is held open and ID scans rarely occur.

School Safety: Fireworks at BVSD Board Meeting

Jonathan Stafford, Features Editor April 27, 2023

Less than two years after the horrific mass shooting at King Soopers in South Boulder, the threat of school violence has reared its head in Boulder. Just weeks ago, a former student threatened acts of...

While LA is notorious for its confusing parking signs Boulder might just be a close second.

Parking Around Boulder High

Jonathan Stafford, Features Editor April 25, 2023

Parking citations. These tickets are arguably the most annoying and money-draining things for students at Boulder High School, and I can’t help but think that the city has zero regards for the teenagers...

Although the subject of some controversy surrounding its portrayal of Mexico, the movie ultimately grossed over $90 million. Licensed as a promotional poster.

Rambo: A classic Movie Series Comes to an End

Jonathan Stafford, Features Editor April 18, 2023

John Rambo, the quintessential action character whose bravery and courage enthralls the viewer and keeps them coming back, is finally coming to an end. Rambo Last Blood marks the fifth and final film...

The tardy policy is especially difficult given how long it takes to get through the crowded hallways.

A Sinister Tardy Policy

Jonathan Stafford, Features Editor November 2, 2022

Last school year, if a student was twenty minutes late or fewer, they were marked tardy. As tardies built up for a student, they would have some disciplinary measure enacted upon them to reduce the number...

Dakota Hess 23, tackling Bejamin Mischke 24, as Boulder High defense hopes to continue their domination.

Conquering the Centaurus Warriors

Jonathan Stafford, Features Editor September 21, 2022

The time on the clock read one minute and thirty-five seconds left in the fourth quarter. With the Boulder High Panthers leading 16-10 over the Centaurus Warriors, the Warriors held the ball at the 20-yard...

Members from the Refuge cast answer questions from Boulder High Students.

BIFF’s Standout Showing of 2022

Jonathan Stafford, Staff Writer August 15, 2022

How can a single, unlikely friendship transform a man from being a hateful, white supremacist to an empathetic person with a better understanding of alternative ethnicities? This was one of the main themes...

In the 2021-22 school year, clubs were unable to draw consistent members.

Clubs Deserve a Dedicated Time

Jonathan Stafford, Staff Writer August 15, 2022

Colleges value diverse clubs and care about seeing them on prospective students’ applications, but often at the high school level, they are pushed aside and made to be less important than academics or...

NFL players look intently to the ground to see the result of the coin toss.

The Problem with O.T.

Jonathan Stafford, Staff Writer March 14, 2022

On January 23, 2022, there were several great quarter-final playoff football games. All of them came down to just one score, but the game that caught my eye the most was the Chiefs vs. Bills game, which...

Expressing yourself can be both a blessing and a curse.

[Photo] Perspectives From a Man Bun-er

Cody McConnell, Sports Editor January 5, 2022

Expressing yourself can be both a blessing and a curse.

Boulder’s Sugar Tax: Back to 1773

Jonathan Stafford, Staff Writer November 5, 2021

 I went to Safeway on 28th and Iris in Boulder. Craving a soda, I went to aisle six, the soft drink aisle, for a 12-pack of Coca-Cola. What did I find? Outlandish prices for that 12 pack, each can holding...

Teens are disproportionately affected by marijuana, the plant pictured above.

Weeding Out the Facts

Jonathan Stafford, Stafff Writer October 1, 2021

An ordinary slice of pizza should take about three minutes to reheat in a pizza oven. Mine took 10. The date was May 3, 2018, and I went to Cosmos with my dad. The high school-aged employee taking our...

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