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Cody McConnell, Sports Editor

Cody McConnell is a senior here in The Land of Purple and Gold. New to the journalism scene and The Owl staff, he is passionate about writing and is ecstatic to be able to share his views and opinions with the wonderful community here at Boulder High School. Cody has been a football player for most of his life, playing for both Fairview and Boulder High, and he thus is well-traveled within the athletic community around town. He constantly tries to maintain a positive mentality and spread kindness to those around him. From his point of view, the world needs more uplifting people to oppose the sea of darkness and despair. He credits the BHS community for allowing him to improve as a whole, and is ever grateful that he was able to escape the prison (formally known as Fairview) across town. His personal ideas are like his taste in music, all over the place and often coming at you at a ridiculous volume. He strongly believes that the perfect grapes are purple, sweet, and maintain a rigidity soft enough to bite into as if it were butter, but hard enough to not be easily squashed between two fingers. He is adamant in preaching that any other grapes are inferior and barely worth a second glance.

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Bishop looks over the fall sports schedule with extreme care, making sure there are no errors.

Sittin’ With Bishop – Beloved Coach to AD

November 2, 2021

Boulder High School has a new athletic director, a man who is already known around the school for his booming voice, huge smile and unwavering dedication to his athletes and the general student body. This...

Look around, statistics show it really could be anyone; you never know.

Day-to-Day Depression

November 1, 2021

Every day, it takes me 15-20 minutes to get out of bed. This is a significant improvement over the hour that it took me just a few months ago. I go to my bedside table and take the small pill I take every...

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Cody McConnell