The New Attendance Policy


Cody McConnell

Students who are late to class and have unexcused absences can expect to face consequences such as lunch detention and Saturday Community Service.

Earlier this semester, Boulder High School revised its attendance to address chronic absences after data showed an issue with attendance for many students. The main change was the consequences for unexcused absences and tardies. Dr. Hill said, “We had to up the ante on the consequences.” Now, if a student has five unexcused absences, they will be assigned to lunch detention. Ten unexcused absences result in Saturday Community Service. 

Though it seems harsh to suddenly increase consequences during a hard transition returning to in-person school, the change was necessary. There are huge gaps in learning for many students after a year of virtual learning. To try to close many of these gaps, teachers are using “innovative things that have to happen in the classroom.” Dr. Hill added, “This is a critical time for students to, you know, not only get caught up from the last 18 months but to also, you know, move towards graduation.” 

Luckily, the new consequences have required little enforcement. A large number of students have shown up for detentions and Saturday school days, and attendance has markedly improved. As Dr. Hill said,  “A lot of the time If students are called out on something and given consequences, they’ll show up.” 

Since the change was implemented, attendance rates have gone up. Administration will review the official data at the end of the semester, but so far the policy change has shown to only be positive. We all need a little motivation sometimes, and being called out is sometimes necessary. However, as Dr. Hill said, “At the end of the day, we have great kids.”