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Instagram user @ninaamenell models a white custom THEFT hoodie.

Student Business Spotlight: THEFT

Oscar Gralnick, Staff Writer April 27, 2020

This student-run clothing company has been making waves through Boulder for about a year now. These hand-drawn designs and the big black box letter “THEFT” appearing on each item has become a prevalent...

Maddie Munro (right) stands on the podium with Shirin Van Anrooij and Puck Pieterse after her 3rd place finish. Photo courtesy of Michaela Thompson.

Boulder High Athletes Ride Their Way to Success in Switzerland

Cate Landry, Staff Writer April 2, 2020

Boulder High is known for its reigning state champion mountain bike team, and recently a few of its riders have taken their competitions from the state level to a global one. Seniors Maddie Munro, Michaela...

Mr O'Block strikes a pose as the science consultant for the Visindi Circus at a fundraiser at CU.

Everything Ryan O’Block Does in a Day

Elijah Boykoff, Sports Editor April 2, 2020

Have you ever wondered how Mr. O’Block manages to achieve all that he does in a day? One may see him enthusiastically teaching, manning the scorer’s table at boys and girls basketball games, jumping...

Bedoya displaying some of his artwork on his hand. Provided by senior Diego Bedoya.

Diego’s Doodles

Lauren Carvalho, Staff Writer April 2, 2020

Many high schoolers doodle on notes and homework when bored in class, and while it may annoy your teacher, there are quite a few benefits to doodling.  According to an article by TECHWELL, doodling...

The huge sign outside the store to catch the eyes of the passers-by. Photo courtesy of Belinda Ruelle

Boulder’s Wild Places and People: Judi Lesta

Lillian Ruelle , Staff Writer April 2, 2020

Are you a fan of antique stores and are also looking to expand your exploration and taste in wild goods? Check out the Amazing Garage Sale located at 4919 Broadway St, Unit #1 in Boulder. It’s an antique...

Amaya Brooks, junior, Lili Stevens, Rory Mendelow Sara Proctor and Ellory Boyd, seniors, posed with pictures they colored during the first Student Alliance for Consent and Sexual Safety meeting.

The Student Alliance For Consent and Sexual Safety

Akasha Brahmbhatt, Webmaster April 2, 2020

The Student Alliance For Consent and Sexual Safety is a new program at Boulder High School started by seniors Sara Proctor, Ellory Boyd and Izzy Perez. It was an hour of discussion on Wednesday that concerned...

Senior Emma Bagley smiles for her senior photo. Photo courtesy of Emma Bagley.

Student Athlete Spotlight: Emma Bagley

Amanda Reader, Staff Writer April 2, 2020

Recently, I got the chance to sit down with Boulder High senior Emma Bagley. Bagley is a very competitive athlete and plays on the Boulder High girls basketball team, as well as the Boulder High girls...

6th period LOYO dancers flaunt their skills as photographed from the audience packed into the Pit.

The Rise, Ruin and Restoration of the LOYO Rally

Gavriel Mulligan, Co-Editor-in-Chief April 2, 2020

Living on your own! It’s a challenge that looms in all our futures, and the fantastically popular course offered to seniors at Boulder High designed to prepare them for the challenges of the adult world...

BHS junior Sophie Katz designed this sticker as the official logo for this year’s Boulder Arts Week. She said she made it as a tribute to one of her friends. “He was diagnosed with cancer this year. And hey found it in his hip and his lungs. And he's one of my close friends, and I wanted to do something because I knew it was like a sticker that a lot of people would see. I wanted to do something in contribution to him, so that's why it's a torso with a ribcage and pelvis. And one side of it is like a butterfly and flowers because he relapsed again this year.”

Boulder Arts Week Springs into Action

Jac McCarty, Editor in Chief March 22, 2020

When you think of art, what do you imagine? Oil paintings? Maybe Picasso’s funky-looking cubism or that one Monet exhibit you saw in Denver? Whatever your definition, Boulder Arts Week (scheduled...

A simple set up that all high school students need to succeed: Computer, Water Bottle, and Advil.

Preparing for College: An Uphill Road

Sydney Trebus, Business Manager February 25, 2020

College. A long, stressful, and intense process that seems to originate in the womb. Now, this may seem like a bit of an exaggeration, but please, let me explain. College today is all about money; if you...

Since his departure from PTV, former BHS student Zander Christoff (right) has been keeping busy with his role as guitarist and vocalist in local bands the Night Shift and Tanguel. Here, he performs with fellow Night Shift member Zach Dhaliwal (left).

Zander Christoff and Post-PTV Fame

Sarah Gasta, Staff Writer February 21, 2020

Zander Christoff is a former student at Boulder High School. He worked and starred in videos for PTV with his friends. His main goals were to create something people could look forward to in PTV and to...

BHS Artist Spotlight: Laura Younge

Amara Uvalle-Ordonez, Staff Writer February 21, 2020

Many art students choose to take AP Art and Design as upperclassmen. One of those students is Laura Younge, a senior at Boulder High. She’s won many awards for her art including the Pearl Street Banner...

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