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Emergency responders blocked off Arapahoe as cars attempted to take students to school even 30 minutes after the initial call was made.

Fake Shooting Reported at Boulder High- Twice

Hannah Cohen, Editor-in-chief April 27, 2023

Before school started on Wednesday, February 22nd, Boulder High School went on lockdown. At 8:33 am, the non-emergency line at CU received an anonymous call from a person who said they were going into...

Boulder High has an exceptional business program.

FBLA Means Business

Jules Conners, News Editor April 27, 2023

FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America, and this phenomenal team of Business people and young entrepreneurs is breaking ground with extreme success. The team, which is now on its way to possibly...

Buildings, buildings everywhere. In place of the old liquor mart is a project that is being undertaken by Brinkmann Constructors.

Why Is There So Much Construction in Boulder?

Saisree Kumar, Features Editor April 27, 2023

As Boulder High School students, we are all familiar with the recent construction projects that have been popping up throughout the city. While some of us may be excited about the prospect of new buildings...

Tuition alone at Pomona College costs over $58,000 a year.

Tuition is Thousands a Year. Where Does That Money Go?

Hannah Cohen, Editor-in-chief April 27, 2023

In the middle of November, classes and working laboratories in the University of California’s 10 campuses came to a halt. Almost 50,000 workers- primarily graduate students and researchers -at the schools...

Students must scan IDs to get in, but often the door is held open and ID scans rarely occur.

School Safety: Fireworks at BVSD Board Meeting

Jonathan Stafford, Features Editor April 27, 2023

Less than two years after the horrific mass shooting at King Soopers in South Boulder, the threat of school violence has reared its head in Boulder. Just weeks ago, a former student threatened acts of...

So many options, so little time.

The College Controversy

Heidi Naumov, Staff Writer February 14, 2023

How can a borderline minor, fresh out of high school (where they had to ask to go to the bathroom), be expected to make a decision about the course of the rest of their lives? Institutionalizing the search...

The hidden culture of girls bathroom at BHS is nuanced and deep.

“No, What Are You REALLY Doing in There?”

Jane Dunbar, Staff Writer January 25, 2023

Every student who uses the girls bathroom at Boulder High School has undoubtedly lived the troubling experience of getting hit in the face with the smell of cotton candy vape clouds and Pink’s “Fresh...

Boulder High is the oldest high school in Colorado.

What’s Up With the Gargoyles?

Jules Conners, News Editor January 24, 2023

The City of Boulder is an eclectic place, so it’s only fitting that the gargoyles at Boulder High are as much. These nude, gargoyle-like statues keep watch over Boulder High, yet most students don’t...

Captain Ryan Barnes helps cart the robotics team to victory.

Take a Byte of the BHS Robotics Team

Madelyn Barnes, Staff Writer January 17, 2023

Mr. Zahner was a beloved teacher at Boulder High. One that was passionate about robotics and teaching his students. He was an incredible mentor who taught with enthusiasm that was reciprocated by his pupils....

Osvaldo Garcia Barron, wholl always offer a smile in the hallway, is involved in numerous leadership programs.

Student Spotlight: Osvaldo Garcia Barron

Jules Conners, News Editor January 7, 2023

Every day, the students of Boulder High accomplish amazing things. Here at The Owl, we have chosen to recognize these specific students through a segment called “Student Spotlight." This month we will...

With its picture-perfect backdrop, decades of Boulderites have wondered why our cross-town rivals have few windows facing the mountains.

Was Fairview Really Designed by a Prison Architect?

Sophii Sherman, Opinions Editor January 7, 2023

It’s a well-believed rumor that Fairview's plain, windowless, and, frankly, intimidating building was designed by none other than the same person who designed the Colorado Prison. A poll of Boulder High...

Local issues are known to spur tension in a community that votes fairly homogeneously in national elections.

Your Future, Your Ballot

Hannah Cohen, Editor-in-chief October 24, 2022

Even if you can’t vote, knowing what issues your community is deciding not only is important for its effect on your future but also for being a well-informed resident of Colorado. Here is a selection...

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