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Saisree is a senior who enjoys interviewing and featuring people at any chance. Since the age of 10, when she wrote an article about Will Smith using a discussion that had never happened, she knew she eventually wanted to interview people. Apart from Newspaper, Saisree enjoys taking contesting courses that she prays she will do well in just for a challenge. She is particularly interested in biotechnology and how it will either benefit or end the human race. She is an artistic person, very much in tune with her culture, and does Indian classical dance, violin, and vocals. To power the force Saisree attempts to be, she relies solely on purple grapes because they are higher in antioxidants and protect against heart disease. During her last year at The Owl, she hopes to impact her community with controversial stories.

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Buildings, buildings everywhere. In place of the old liquor mart is a project that is being undertaken by Brinkmann Constructors.

Why Is There So Much Construction in Boulder?

Saisree Kumar, Features Editor April 27, 2023

As Boulder High School students, we are all familiar with the recent construction projects that have been popping up throughout the city. While some of us may be excited about the prospect of new buildings...

The movie received critical acclaim and was remade in Tamil with a Hindi remake in the works. Licensed as a promotional poster.

The Great Indian Kitchen

Saisree Kumar, Features Editor April 23, 2023

The expectation of newlywed women in many cultures can be considered incredibly misogynistic. You must operate with obedience, cooking three different dishes three times a day, cleaning, and dealing with...

The film can add an Oscar for Best Music (Original Song for the song Naatu Naatu to a long list of awards.

RRR: Breaking Boundaries

Saisree Kumar, Features Editor April 23, 2023

The hit international movie on Netflix, “RRR,” directed by S.S. Rajamouli, has become an international hit since its release on Netflix. The movie recently won a Grammy for Best Original Song in a...

Puris are small, round, flat pieces of bread made of unleavened wheat flour, deep-fried, and served with egg curry, which is made with hard-boiled eggs, onions, tomatoes, whole & ground spices, and herbs.

You’re Doing “Indian Food” Wrong

Saisree Kumar, Features Editor January 7, 2023

A popular trend that's taken over my “For-You” page recently has been Indian food virgins rating Indian food, and so far, I have not seen a single positive TikTok. It seems odd that there isn't one,...

“When it comes to subjective offenses like disturbance or disobedience vs. objective infractions like tardiness or truancy, minority students are more likely than White students to be referred for disciplinary action.”

Do the Crime, Pay the Time: Privelege and Punishment

Saisree Kumar, Features & Insights Editor November 14, 2022

In 1968, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the first federal hate crimes statute that stated it was a crime “to use, or threaten to use, force to willfully interfere with any person because of race,...

When immigrants study hard to come here for a better life on a skill-based visa that states they can do the given job better than a citizen, they never imagine how some of them may not be able to go back home for the next 20 years.

Shackled: Skill-Based Immigration is an Unfair Process

Saisree Kumar, Features Editor October 24, 2022

Forty-seven million people in the United States are foreign-born immigrants. Almost a million and a half immigrants are in the country due to their hard work and a skill-based visa. That's 1.4 million...

Rachel Christenson (‘23) bumps the ball as Ava Cawley (‘24), Palmer Robinson (‘24), Izzy Barsh (‘24), Marley Tuitele (‘25), and Kayla Rothman (‘24) cover her.

Spiking Into the Season

Saisree Kumar, Features Editor October 1, 2022

Boulder High’s Girls Volleyball team had their first at-home game on August 24th against Westminster High School. While the junior varsity team was victorious against the Wolves, the sophomore and varsity...

Teachers can view your screens and open tabs even after class hours.

Go, Go, GO Guardian

Saisree Kumar, Features Editor September 20, 2022

There are two things every BVSD student should know. One is that the school nachos are absolutely delightful. The other is that the district has installed what might be described as spyware onto all student's...

The chorus of Sweeney Todd during the musical number The Ballad of Sweeney Todd.

The Demon Barber on Arapahoe Avenue

Saisree Kumar, Features Editor August 15, 2022

Forty-three years after its initial premiere, Stephen Sondheim’s critically acclaimed Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street was brought to Boulder in an impressive performance by Troupe 60....

Netflix continues to fund mediocre TV thats insulting to the viewers taste by discontinuing shows that are far better.

Netflix is Running Out of Good Ideas

Saisree Kumar, Features Editor August 15, 2022

A recent TikTok I watched told me to go 35 minutes into the fourth episode of a show called “Best New Cherry Flavor,” and I would not be disappointed. I was horrified at what I saw and baffled by what...

Dr. Hill has been principal of Boulder high for six years and now is leaving to pursue an administrative position in BVSD.

Bidding Adieu to Dr. Hill

Saisree Kumar, Features Editor March 14, 2022

After six years of being principal of Boulder High, Dr. Hill is leaving to pursue a new position as Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources for BVSD. He is a  Colorado Springs native, and has had...

I-70 continually gets backed up on the weekdays from over-congestion and the tricky mountain turns increase braking.

A 10 Year Sentence for Four Deaths

Saisree Kumar, Features Editor January 27, 2022

In 2019, 26-year old Rogel Aguilera-Mederos was speeding at 85 mph in a 45 mph commercial vehicle speed zone on Interstate 70 when his truck slammed into traffic after the brakes allegedly failed, killing...

An encampment on the intersection of Arapahoe Ave. & Folsom St.

The Homeless in Boulder

Saisree Kumar, Features Editor January 7, 2022

There are an estimated 580,466 homeless people (2020) nationwide because of the lack of affordable housing, unemployment, poverty, mental illness, the lack of needed services, and the substance abuse that...

The Pill Crisis

Saisree Kumar, Features Editor November 19, 2021

Early in March this year, officials in Boulder county notified our community about fentanyl-laced street drugs circling. Since the announcement, our city has had several fatal overdose cases tied to the...

Not so soft–– the softball team after their win against Overland.

Nothin’ Soft about Softball

Saisree Kumar, Features Editor November 1, 2021

On Friday, September 17th, the girls’ softball team bagged another win against Overland High School to add to their impressive record this season. The game was nowhere near close, with Boulder taking...

Escape from the Anti-Vaxxers

Saisree Kumar, Features Editor October 2, 2021

The COVID-19 vaccine has stirred up many conspiracy theories about the legitimacy of the vaccine and its side effects. This has created turbulence in the teen demographic. One of the more critical side...

“The Queen’s Gambit” Review

Saisree Kumar, Staff writer November 18, 2020

Dramatic, thrilling, exciting. These adjectives would usually describe high-paced movies with an intense plot, but these are adjectives I now associate with a show about chess. Luckily, the show lived...

Boulders Chief of Police Maris Herold is new to the Boulder Police but has been an officer for over three decades.

What do the Boulder Police Think of Black Lives Matter?

Saisree Kumar, Staff writer October 23, 2020

While 2020 has been a year of reinvention for some and loss for others, we can all agree it has been a year of change. This change ranges from the little things like staying at home and wearing a mask...

Due to Boulders increased rate of fentanyl-related deaths, Colorados Good Samaritan laws, which let people have some immunity from substance laws when reporting on overdoses, have never been more relevant.

Boulder County Stay-At-Home Order

Saisree Kumar, Staff writer October 2, 2020

On Thursday, September 24, the city of Boulder issued a new Stay-At-Home Order targeted at students between the ages of 18-22, halting all gatherings, among other rules. The order states that students...

Pictured at one of the Bag Programs seven pick-up locations, BVSD employees and volunteers are hard at work providing meals to students in need.

BVSD’s Heroes Provide Food to Students in Need

Saisree Kumar, Staff writer September 24, 2020

While almost everybody has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, some feel its effects more than others. One of the many impacts of this global crisis is food insecurity. As reported in a study conducted...

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