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Madelyn Barnes is finally a senior and is now faced with the real responsibilities that being an adult comes with. She is fearfully ignoring the ever-impending doom that is college applications and, instead, is choosing to learn how to crochet like the geezer she wants to be. Madelyn is excited to be a part of The Owl again and now is an Arts and Entertainment editor and Business Manager (hit me up if you want to make a sketchy transaction). She loves the hot weather—but is not a fan of global warming—and enjoys mucking about with her friends. Swimming in the rain is a newfound addiction Madelyn has (un)fortunately developed and will be moving to someplace with a beach as soon as possible. Her guilty pleasures include reading old magazines, eating ONLY green grapes, watching random niche documentaries, and encouraging her dog to take a leak in the annoying neighbor's yard.

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Madelyn Barnes December 21, 2023

Girls with Balls is a cinematic masterpiece. Funny, scary, dramatic. Tim Burton is shivering in his loafers. Quentin Tarantino is crying himself to sleep, Taika Waititi is counting his days.  A 2018...

Organic Sandwich Companies pretzel bread comes out on top. Cooked to perfection, this sandwich was too good not to devour.

Sandwiches pt. 2

Sandra Redak and Madelyn Barnes December 21, 2023

Welcome back your gorgeous and obedient readers. We are not about to waste your time and introduce this article in a boring way. Let’s hop right in. 111 of you perfect little human beings responded...

Even simpleton dogs prefer real art to the raising trend of Minimalist art styles. There was no food involved in this experiment, I promise, you can trust me.

Modern Art Is Gross

Madelyn Barnes December 21, 2023

Minimalist Art makes me want to puke. People are getting rich for drawing lines, and it feels like a spit on the graves of the greats. Van Gogh didn’t go crazy and cut his ear off for a black paint splatter...

Sandra demolishes the Jamaican Chicken Sandwich from Deli Zone. So yummy a college kid says from behind.

Sandwich Hierarchy

Sandra Redak and Madelyn Barnes November 17, 2023

We went on a mission, with a hungry disposition. It was the acquisition of much information to spread to the masses that motivated this accession. We did our best to honestly review the following sandwich...

Many think Doja Cat spent all nine of her lives with the release of her new album, Paint the Town the Red. Devious dances and lyrics have killed her popularity.
Cred. Youtube/Doja Cat

DOJA CAT: She IS One of the Mandem

Madelyn Barnes November 17, 2023

Amala Dlamini, better known as Doja Cat, has found herself in hot water with her fans around the world. Many are boycotting her music, unfollowing her, and whatever else people feel necessary to do. There...

Boulder High, circa 1669; the plague is nigh. If thou fustilarian canker-blossom habban thy plague in thy loins: Stayeth Backeth!

Favorite Old-Timey Disease

Madelyn Barnes and Sandra Redak October 26, 2023

Plagues are no new phenomena. In fact they are more prevalent than ever. Whether it’s rabies from a rabid Racoon, the Flu from the snot filled whippersnapper down the block, diseases that killed thousands...

Teeth are the only thing in the human body that cant repair itself, therefore, we MUST scrub those puppies to keep em chomping

What toothpaste do YOU recommend? Denticle scrubbing, Palatable or vomitus?

Madelyn Barnes September 26, 2023

“Nine out of ten dentists recommend.” This common jingle plagues every single toothpaste ad. But is that really true? Who are these dentists? Have they been paid off? Are they even real? After wondering...

Student IDs have been the conflict of the year. Most career office jobs require IDs but majority of school dont, so should we be wearing them?

1984 or 2023?

Madelyn Barnes September 26, 2023

I’ll admit, I, along with the majority of my fellow classmates whom I started this school year with, held a riveting hatred for the ID policy.  Ugly photos and lanyards that don’t match the fit, ...

Spotted in the wild: a pair of Nike blazers, yet another example of sneakers popular now that were popular in the 20th century.

Trends: Gut und Schlecht

Madelyn Barnes, Staff Writer May 15, 2023

Some of the worst trends at this school revolve around fashion, whether it is clothes, accessories, hair, or something else-the students have opinions about.  Some of the most popular trends now are...

Classrooms are hotbeds for analytical and fantastical thought.

Class Time Daydreams

Madelyn Barnes, Staff Writer May 15, 2023

It's no secret that school can be ridiculously boring. Long lectures, miserable socratic seminars-that one kid talking the whole time- and review time without music, or some kind of distraction is depressingly...

Despite teachers best efforts, students often spend their valuable educational minutes on a silly little video app.

TikTok Gems

Madelyn Barnes, Staff Writer April 18, 2023

TikTok has taken over youth lives. Hours upon hours a day, children sit on their butts watching these short videos. They ignore homework, their families and friends, fall behind in class work, and just...

Captain Ryan Barnes helps cart the robotics team to victory.

Take a Byte of the BHS Robotics Team

Madelyn Barnes, Staff Writer January 17, 2023

Mr. Zahner was a beloved teacher at Boulder High. One that was passionate about robotics and teaching his students. He was an incredible mentor who taught with enthusiasm that was reciprocated by his pupils....

Which one of these postal services is the best at moving boxes to houses?

Postage preferences

Madelyn Barnes, Staff Writer November 15, 2022

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? This philosophical question has plagued us for years. But now, I have another question. One that, objectively, is even more important: Which delivery company is...

Apocalypse, situated on Pearl St., is a popular, but expensive, thrift shop in Boulder. Although it’s location is great, the price seems to be a huge turn-off.

Boulder’s Thrifting Chronicles

Madelyn Barnes, Staff Writer September 25, 2022

Thrifting is a cheap, eco-friendly and accessible way for many people to buy products, making it trendy in today's community. The appeal of thrifting, according to Juliana Park ‘24, is “how good it...

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