Trends: Gut und Schlecht



Spotted in the wild: a pair of Nike blazers, yet another example of sneakers popular now that were popular in the 20th century.

Some of the worst trends at this school revolve around fashion, whether it is clothes, accessories, hair, or something else-the students have opinions about. 

Some of the most popular trends now are Nike Blazers and Yeezys, two expensive shoes that have been popularized by the media. I can agree that Yeezys are abominations. They’re disgustingly ugly, not to mention associated with Kanye’s extensive resume of questionable debacles. Yikes. And Blazers make people’s feet look about a mile long, especially in contrast to how obscenely skinny the ankles are.  

Another hated item is socks over leggings. There is no need to display your white Puma socks, obnoxiously white against your Lululemon leggings as if you just got off the ski slopes and didn’t have time to separate your pants from your feet before going to school. It is unnecessary and honestly just not that cute. 

Parachute pants were only mentioned once by an interviewee. The loud crunching and swishing noise they make while people may be trying to write essays or do math is not only stressful but also annoying as hell. Parachute pants look great for your Instabook and Facegram photos, but for school, they just aren’t practical. 

Buzzcuts were another hated item ( I disagree with this 100%. I love buzzcuts but I have to listen to the people).

Clothes are the main source of hated trends, but there are actions that we all hate as well. PDA in the halls and blocking the hallways to talk to your friends are two of them. Hey man, you will see them right after class, you can survive 50 minutes without shoving your tongue down their throat. Please, you don’t look cool, you just look nasty. You make us all uncomfortable. I don’t want to see you dry-humping your significant other in the science hallway after taking the most stressful and god-awful chem test that I got a 61% on. 

Schoolwise, there are some other trends people hate. Wearing IDs and the cretinous attendance policy, for one. If I’m five minutes late because I need to find parking six miles away, I get a fat “unexcused”. I’m not going to show up to class. It’s stupid. If you want to encourage students to come to class, 1. Make parking accessible, 2. INCREASE THE TIME! Five minutes is never enough time to go through the hallways, take a leak, get some water, and still get to class on time. I could write a whole article on this, but we’ll save that for another time. 

The majority of the people interviewed for this article chose to focus on bad trends, the things they are sick of seeing. But multiple students- and Becky, the librarian- mentioned colored hair as a good trend. Bright, fun, funky, and fresh colors to make yourself seen are appreciated. It is a nice way of self-expression that is encouraged by many. Another popular answer for the best trends was ditching class. Now obviously I cannot condone ditching class- but I also can not not condone it. As a joke. Obviously. No one would actually ditch class. That’s crazy. Especially crazy with the new attendance policy (nothing like being marked absent if you show up 5 minutes late) 

The following trend was not once mentioned by the students of Boulder High, but it is my duty to enlighten this community. An ode to mullets: what I’m about to say is incredibly controversial. But it’s my article so I can say what I want. Mullets. Mullets are the best haircut in this school. Mullets have transformed the world. Delicious long locks, falling down the drape of your neck, the shaved sides, creating a perfect cut. A perfect summer and winter haircut that keeps you warm, but lets you stay cool at the same time. It should be a requirement to have a mullet, a law. Just thinking about the incredible haircut that is mullets is making my mouth water. If I can make a suggestion to everyone in this school, please get a mullet. Do the whole school a favor, improve your community, be a better person. Shave the sides of your head, grow out your hair, and get that damn mullet.

Although trends can be controversial and not always practical, they are jollifying to debate and try out!