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Sandra Redak, Editorial Editor

Sandra Redak is an editorials editor at Boulder High; she’s a senior terrified and ecstatic about graduating. She loves spending time with her friends and family. She curses difficult decisions and is torn between becoming a spiritual master like the sexy beach man from Spongebob and becoming a badass military general in the Air Force. She is most grateful for her knees still working despite the abuse she’s put them through playing tennis. She has a strong, passionate relationship with all food, her favorite being her grandma’s mole. She hopes to live her teenage years to the fullest without going to jail. As for the grapes, she loves all grapes, but biting into a purple grape and finding a seed is betrayal on par with adultery, so it's gotta be green.


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Pictured here is a dumpling from Chiri’s. (A cute lil’ orange cart on Pearl Street) If you’re interested in trying out local dumplings on your own, check out the taste testers chart!

The Deal with Dumplings

Sandra Redak, Features Editor May 16, 2024

For our readers keeping up with Taste Testers: a tradition where we go around Boulder buying specific foods and ranking them on a handy little table to determine the quality, price, and deliciousness of...

A nice coffee mug is always a great gift! Especially if it features Chris Evans in a wool sweater.

Is Coffee Bad For You?

Sandra Redak, Editorial Editor May 13, 2024

What factor determines the equipment a pleasure craft must carry? Studies by the National Institute of Health, have indicated that 83.2% of US teenagers consume caffeinated beverages regularly, and at...

All Hail Dolly

All Hail Dolly

Sandra Redak, Editorial Editor April 9, 2024

I know it’s not good to idolize celebrities, but I’m not exaggerating when I say I would give my corneas to Dolly Parton if she asked. If you're uninformed of the Dolly-ification of society let me...

I saw (Jig)saw saw my brah on a see saw!

Seeing Saw? More like Yee Haw!

Sandra Redak, Editor January 29, 2024

What has no legs, or eyeballs, is covered with rotten pig guts, and is one of the most successful horror franchises ever? That’s right folks, we're talking S A W.  Starting in 2003, these movies...

John Oliver went to great lengths to ensure the Puhteketekes victory over the Kiwi bird. Including going on the Tonight Show dressed in a flamboyant bird costume.

Rigged Foreign Election

Sandra Redak December 21, 2023

The most important election in New Zealand in over a century has been blatantly hijacked by a notorious British-American faction. The election in question is of course: New Zealand’s Bird of the Year...

Organic Sandwich Companies pretzel bread comes out on top. Cooked to perfection, this sandwich was too good not to devour.

Sandwiches pt. 2

Sandra Redak and Madelyn Barnes December 21, 2023

Welcome back your gorgeous and obedient readers. We are not about to waste your time and introduce this article in a boring way. Let’s hop right in. 111 of you perfect little human beings responded...

A common idiom to describe someones ethnicity;  having a cactus on the forehead. Meaning someone is very Mexican.

Interesting Idioms

Sandra Redak December 21, 2023

Sitting there in the suspicious-smelling language classrooms of Boulder High, thinking about the hot person sitting across from you, paralyzed by the fear of the next test, the distractions are infinite....

Sandra demolishes the Jamaican Chicken Sandwich from Deli Zone. So yummy a college kid says from behind.

Sandwich Hierarchy

Sandra Redak and Madelyn Barnes November 17, 2023

We went on a mission, with a hungry disposition. It was the acquisition of much information to spread to the masses that motivated this accession. We did our best to honestly review the following sandwich...

Boulder High’s tennis team basking in the glory of a well-deserved win early in the season.

Season Recap: Boys Tennis

Sandra Redak November 17, 2023

The boy’s tennis team (along with all of the other fall sports that are not football), has sadly not been given as much attention as it deserves. But I’m here to amend that. For those who don’t understand...

Boulder High, circa 1669; the plague is nigh. If thou fustilarian canker-blossom habban thy plague in thy loins: Stayeth Backeth!

Favorite Old-Timey Disease

Madelyn Barnes and Sandra Redak October 26, 2023

Plagues are no new phenomena. In fact they are more prevalent than ever. Whether it’s rabies from a rabid Racoon, the Flu from the snot filled whippersnapper down the block, diseases that killed thousands...

An artistic rendition of fruits and vegetables; a classic staple of a balanced diet.

Bad EDucation

Sandra Redak October 2, 2023

The sweet nourishment of the body and soul; food is a central part of our chaotic teenage existence. A frothy cup of coffee can be a delectable companion to croissants and flaky pastries; or a scrumptious...

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