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Laird Krodelsmith, Insights & Features Editor

17-year-old Laird Krodelsmith is known for having a 6th sense for finding cute dogs. A corgi lover, Laird loves cheffing up “bussing” meals for his dog Rique. As a line cook at River and Woods restaurant, Laird knows how to lure girls in with his tasty treats. At 5’11 and 1/4, Laird is without a doubt one of the quirkiest people in the BHS community. Laird likes listening to indie, underground music that you’ve probably never heard of; some may even say it’s “weird,” as if this mumble rap nonsense that people listen to is anything but talentless garbage. Laird likes to shred his board down the blue and sometimes the single-black runs at Eldora. His trusty board “Powder Ranger” crushes down the slopes like nobody’s business. Always up at 7:00 AM, you heard me, 7:00, Laird does his best to maintain a grindset mentality. With finals just around the corner, Laird always makes sure he’s working hard (and playing hard to boot ;). Despite his hardworking demeanor, Laird likes to let loose by shooting the s with his friends and battling foes like “Ohio Final Boss.” Laird joined the Owl as a features editor to crack cases (and skulls if it comes to that). Laird vastly prefers green grapes, as his first time trying purple grapes was the worst experience of his entire life, cancer being a close second. And I guess that’s it from me. Signing off, Laird K.

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Boulder High’s Least Favorite Holiday

Laird Krodelsmith November 27, 2023

Welcome back Panthers, this month we asked you guys what your least favorite holiday was, and we got some pretty good answers. In a poll of 77 students, just over a third of responses said that Easter...

A much brighter, beautiful color than the black and white seen in the print version.

Chef Lairds Praiseworthy Pumpkin Pie

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The holiday season tends to be pretty stressful at times, and in focusing on the feelings and opinions of others many forget to treat themselves, this recipe is a quintessential solution to both of those...

BHS’ Favorite Artist

Laird Krodelsmith October 26, 2023

This month writers at The Owl asked eachother, what is a good tell on what kind of people there are at BHS? And then we agreed, the music students listened to could give us an idea of who they were. So...

Chef Laird’s Temptingly Tasty Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

Laird Krodelsmith October 25, 2023

Passed down through generations, this pumpkin bread recipe will blow away anyone who enjoys the pleasure of indulging. In a survey conducted by The Owl, we asked 40 students to give the delectable bread...

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Laird Krodelsmith