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The most popular alcohol, according to students, is beer.

Teenage Drinking: Driving Forces

Calvin Boykoff, Staff Writer March 14, 2022

Going to any high school party there is a high chance of alcohol being on the table, so it’s no surprise that many teenagers have indulged in drinking. After talking to students around Boulder High,...

Dr. Hill has been principal of Boulder high for six years and now is leaving to pursue an administrative position in BVSD.

Bidding Adieu to Dr. Hill

Saisree Kumar, Features Editor March 14, 2022

After six years of being principal of Boulder High, Dr. Hill is leaving to pursue a new position as Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources for BVSD. He is a  Colorado Springs native, and has had...

Boulder High librarian Becky Vancura proudly displays the many brand new Chromebooks that are still waiting to be picked up by BHS ninth graders.

1:Web @ BHS

Norrie Boyd, Business Manager & Cartoonist February 3, 2022

The 2021-2022 school year has posed new challenges for the school to come up with innovative solutions. Last year one of the major concerns with online school was the lack of a means for doing school in...

Nina Dawallu 23 plays in the competition that is the latest in a long history of Boulder High’s musical excellence.

Concerto Competition a Resounding Success

Hannah Cohen, Opinions Editor February 1, 2022

On Friday, December 10th, three of Boulder High’s musicians competed in the annual school Concerto Competition. While usually written for soloists accompanied by an orchestra, the students performed...

Neko Dow grappling and grand slamming against Broomfield in a recent duel.

A Whole Lot of Grappling

Calvin Boykoff, Staff Writer January 31, 2022

Among the sports at Boulder High, success has always been a given. And that does not just go along the lines of the “big sports,” such as basketball, football, and soccer. In the new winter season...

Some schools get creative with their mascots- for better or for worse.

High School Mascots

Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer January 27, 2022

Nothing’s more creative and innovative than mascots like the Eagles, Wildcats, or the Bulldogs. But what about mascots that you haven’t heard? The ones that make you question if they even exist. I...

A quote from the wall of a physics classroom speaks for itself.

Is AP Physics the Hardest Class?

Norrie Boyd, Business Manager & Cartoonist January 21, 2022

I’ve recently been wondering what is the hardest class you can take at Boulder High. Is Mr. Trinkner's AP Macroeconomics class the most challenging? What about Calc BC with its ability to bring even...

Students who are late to class and have unexcused absences can expect to face consequences such as lunch detention and Saturday Community Service.

The New Attendance Policy

Annika Bjorklund, Editor-in-chief January 10, 2022

Earlier this semester, Boulder High School revised its attendance to address chronic absences after data showed an issue with attendance for many students. The main change was the consequences for unexcused...

 Prior to the sexual assault awareness and support walkout, sentences supporting survivors and reprimanding the district were spray-painted across the campus only to be haphazardly removed during the protest.

Boulder High Sexual Assault Walkout

On May 13 at 9:07 a.m., around one hundred Boulder High students and staff members walked out of their classrooms to gather on the soccer field in support of survivors of sexual assault.  Student Body...

Senior Car Parade: Sunday, May 16 at 9 a.m.

Senior Car Parade: Sunday, May 16 at 9 a.m.

Akasha Brahmbhatt, Editor-in-Chief May 5, 2021

The 2020-21 school year has been entirely different than any other. With online learning, no homecoming or haunted house, an unexpected sports season and many beloved traditions canceled, the class...

Boulder High’s yearbook, The Odaroloc, has been a staple piece of our community for decades. Every year, yearbook members participate in traditions like class photos, advice for underclass members and senior superlatives.

Senior Superlatives: The Good, The Bad and the Popularity Contest

Isabel Oliver, Features Editor February 10, 2021

Ever since the end of freshman year, I have been elated for nominating my grades’ senior superlative winners, wondering if my friends and I would receive nominations, and curious to see what my legacy...

This week, Boulder High announced that offseason sports practices are cancelled until Dec. 1

BHS Sports Canceled Until December 1

Larson Burak, Sports Editor November 20, 2020

Bad news for BHS student-athletes who were looking forward to their sport beginning to play in Season B—Boulder High has just canceled all offseason sports practices until Dec. 1. Suddenly, student-athletes...

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