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Annika is a senior at Boulder High this year. Though this is her first year with The Owl, she has long enjoyed writing and previously worked with other school publications. In her spare time, you can find Annika at the ice rink skating or hiking around Boulder. You may also find Annika watching Criminal Minds on Netflix, or cooking mac and cheese. If she had to choose a type of grape to go along with her mac and cheese, she would choose green grapes, although as a child she would have chosen purple grapes. After high school, Annika is planning on heading to college (no, she doesn’t know what she wants to study yet). Annika can’t wait to begin writing articles and is excited for the coming year with The Owl! 

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Rinks have long been the center of a culture of abuse.

Toxic Culture in Youth Sports Perpetuates Abuse- Here’s How

Annika Bjorklund, Editor-in-chief March 1, 2022

On December 13, 2021, USA Gymnastics settled with over 500 survivors of Dr. Larry Nassar, agreeing to pay 380 million dollars in total. In 2018, the #MeToo Movement exposed the systemic, generational,...

Boulder Valley School District lifted the mask mandate Tuesday, February 15th following the Boulder County Board of Health. BVSD has been in Phase 4 learning since March 2021.

BVSD Rescinds Mask Mandates

Annika Bjorklund, Editor-in-chief February 16, 2022

On Monday, February 14th, the Boulder County Board of Health voted to end the mask mandate from September 3rd, 2021. The rescinded order will go into effect in Boulder County on Friday, February 18th at...

Students who are late to class and have unexcused absences can expect to face consequences such as lunch detention and Saturday Community Service.

The New Attendance Policy

Annika Bjorklund, Editor-in-chief January 10, 2022

Earlier this semester, Boulder High School revised its attendance to address chronic absences after data showed an issue with attendance for many students. The main change was the consequences for unexcused...

You can register as an organ donor today at

I’m a Registered Organ Donor; You Should Be Too

Annika Bjorklund, Editor in Chief November 19, 2021

When my father was 31 years old, he was given the gift of life: a new kidney. After years spent at home on dialysis, this kidney was a new lease on life. My father moved out of his parents’ house, found...

Although this room spray was sitting at the bottom of the display shelves, it definitely deserves a spot at the top.

Trader Joe’s Fall Food Reviews

Annika Bjorklund and Alexa Dembo November 2, 2021

Autumn soup I had high hopes for this festive soup.With a tomato base, as well as pumpkin and butternut squash, how could I not fall in love with this soup? After trying to open the soup jar for about...

Lucifer: Redeeming the Devil One Crime at a Time

Annika Bjorklund, Editor-in-chief November 1, 2021

Halloween is approaching and 'tis the season for creepy, kooky, haunted movies and shows. Personally, the first movies that come to mind when I think of Halloween are the classic Disney movies from my...

Students at Boulder High are hard at work as they bring back the haunted house.

[Photo] Welcoming Back the Haunted House

November 1, 2021

Students at Boulder High are hard at work as they bring back the haunted house.

The stands at the homecoming game were tightly packed, making the spread of germs easy.

An Indoor Mask Mandate is Not Enough

Annika Bjorklund, Editor-in-chief November 1, 2021

As the Boulder High homecoming game began, students filed into the stands and crammed within inches of each other. Along with their spirit, the Panthers brought all of their germs and happily spewed them...

Students sit on the floor, disappointed that they have no furniture. Luckily, Mrs. Zimmerman is a creative and flexible teacher.

Breaking the Algorithm

Annika Bjorklund, Editor in Chief October 3, 2021

If you are taking a computer science course you probably expected to walk into room 2246 on the first day of school to see new computers, tables and chairs. Unfortunately, 2246 was without tables and chairs...

Annika Bjorklund 22 climbs out her window at the start of the school day to avoid a fist fight with the car adjacent to her.

Why I Love the Senior Lot

Annika Bjorklund, Editor-in-chief October 2, 2021

There is one thing I’ve been looking forward to since freshman year: finally getting to park in the senior lot. I mean, what isn’t fun about tiny spots and teenage drivers?  Every day, I wake up...

Mrs. Cornacchione took a different direction on Wild West day.

Mrs. Cornacchione: Gone “Wild” in the West

Annika Bjorklund, Editor-in-chief September 21, 2021

Perhaps you saw a woman walking around Boulder High School looking a little out of place on Thursday September 16th. She may have been wearing ski pants, a helmet, and goggles. Unfortunately, it appeared...

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