Why I Love the Senior Lot


Amelie Panaccione

Annika Bjorklund ’22 climbs out her window at the start of the school day to avoid a fist fight with the car adjacent to her.

There is one thing I’ve been looking forward to since freshman year: finally getting to park in the senior lot. I mean, what isn’t fun about tiny spots and teenage drivers? 

Every day, I wake up an hour earlier than my previous three years of high school combined. At 7:30, I begin my drive to school. 15 minutes later I’m at school and the journey truly begins! I cautiously pull into the most spacious spots I’ve ever parked in and watch as my fellow seniors do the same. Sometimes, I’m even lucky enough to watch seniors park each other’s cars! Nothing like team work to make the dream work. Just before the school day begins, I am faced with two choices: climb out of my window or start a fist fight with the car next to me. I then shimmy my way out of the space aisle, a friendly reminder of the claustrophobic math hallway I will soon face.

During my free period, I like to take a peek at Ruthie (my car) just to make sure she’s ok. I also take this time to glance at the off road adventures in the corner of the lot. I know we are all desperate to graduate but you don’t need to to start the outdoor excursions so soon, we still have eight months left. 

When the day finally comes to an end, I have the opportunity to get some cardiovascular exercise. The second the bell rings, I am out the door and speed walking down the science hallway to my car. I then get to lift some weights as I toss my backpack into the passenger seat and buckle my seatbelt. If I manage to pull out before the 50 other seniors, I get to wait for oncoming traffic at the exit of the lot while also hoping that other Boulder High students don’t walk in front of my car right as I pull out. 

The senior lot is where Suzanne Collins found inspiration for the Hunger Games. It really is every car for themselves.