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Colleen Hoover dominates the NYT bestseller list, using superficial plots and soapy romance. From the New York Times.

I Declare War on Young Adult Fiction

Amelie Panaccione, Editor-in-chief April 25, 2023

Recently I was exploring the New York Times bestseller list. I was interested in finding some new books that would have a compelling plot and some literary merit. When I opened the list, I was surprised...

Netflix has not renewed Ginny & Georgia for a third season, although its second did exceptionally well in terms of views. Licensed under Creative Commons.

A Brutal Review of Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia

Amelie Panaccione, Editor-in-chief April 18, 2023

Netflix has recently aired the show Ginny and Georgia, and it was disappointing, to say the least. Ginny and Georgia is about a relationship much like a thoughtless version of Gilmore Girls. Ginny is...

This incident came in the first year that gun violence was the number one cause of death of children in the United States.

Fairview’s Social Media Threat Poses More Questions Than Answers

Amelie Panaccione, Editor-in-chief January 9, 2023

On Wednesday, October 19th, a past student of Fairview High School posted a harrowing image of him inciting violence against several current Fairview students on Instagram. Many parents subsequently raised...

Westworld, A Glimpse Into the Future

Amelie Panaccione, Editor-in-chief September 21, 2022

Westworld is a compelling sci-fi show that brings awareness to the intricacies of human society. This captivating show aired in 2016 on HBO and made headlines for its controversial plotline and questionable...

Cryptocurrency Encourages Economic Equality

Amelie Panaccione, Editor in Chief September 14, 2022

Cryptocurrency - one word brings controversy and a new technologically advanced currency to this time period. In one word, cryptocurrency is the possibility of making thousands of dollars with one investment...

Dr. Morales is especially interested in working for Boulder High given the schools rich history.

A Vision and Mission of Trust and Respect

Hannah Cohen and Amelie Panaccione May 9, 2022

Next school year, Dr. Alana Morales will assume the principalship at Boulder High. Dr. Morales brings her passion for education and drive for connection, along with two decades of teaching and three years...

Banned books offer insight into the topics that shape America.

Book Banning is More Sinister than “Protecting the Children”

Amelie Panaccione, Jr. Editor in Chief March 22, 2022

Book banning has spread violently in recent weeks. The media is full of outrage over the extreme censorship of books that open readers’ eyes to racial or gender struggles. These bans are knowingly focusing...

Governor Polis signing into law a plastic bag ban. This ban fails to take into account the economic inequality of renewable bags being costlier, and broadening the gap between rich and poor.

The Climate Change Movement Needs a Reboot

Amelie Panaccione, Jr. Editor in Chief March 14, 2022

Growing up, I was the typical Boulder kid who was always outdoors, so when I had the opportunity to get involved in climate change I jumped at it. It seemed like the perfect mix of helping the world and...

I-70 continually gets backed up on the weekdays from over-congestion and the tricky mountain turns increase braking.

[Photo] A Deep Dive on Traffic

Amelie Panaccione, Jr. Editor in Chief February 3, 2022

I-70 continually gets backed up on the weekdays from over-congestion and the tricky mountain turns increase braking.

The Kennedy Center Honors

Amelie Panaccione, Jr. Editor in Chief December 10, 2021

The Kennedy Center Honors are given to those in performing arts who have helped bring American Culture to light. On December 5, these honors were given to a select few; Berry Gordy a record produces, Bette...

Dune The Newest Oscar Worthy Sci-Fi Movie

Amelie Panaccione, Jr. Editor in Chief November 19, 2021

Dune is the newest movie by producer and 2017 academy award nominee Denis Villeneuve. This film is an epic adaptation of the 1965 sci-fi novel by Frank Herbert and stars Timothy Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson...

Education is Failing All of Us

Amelie Panaccione, Jr. Editor in Chief November 18, 2021

Personally, the education system has failed me. I cannot take a test without blanking on everything I have learned; however, I can recite almost every single thing about the unit and give a comprehensive...

Tennis on Boulder Highs Team is about teamwork and growing as a person, not just winning.

More than just a Game: How Boys Tennis is Breaking the Stigma

Amelie Panaccione, Junior Editor-in-chief November 1, 2021

This season, Boulder High Boys Tennis dominated the 5A region and reached their goal of qualifying for states. On October 17, they placed sixth in the state, qualified all seven of their lines and won...

Capitalism Has Led to the Exploitation of Women

Amelie Panaccione, Junior Editor in Chief October 1, 2021

The definition of capitalism, according to marxism, is a socio-economic system based on privatized production and the exploitation of the labor force. In the capitalistic society of today with a free market...

With Boulder High closely trailing Fairview, Boulder makes one of its 70 tackles in the game.

Boulder Fairview Matchup

Amelie Panaccione, Jr. Editor in Chief September 9, 2021
Lagenegger said, “[It was] the most emotions I've ever felt during a football game... that play really brought us back.”
Mainstream feminism has lost the true meaning of feminism.

I’m Frustrated with Mainstream Feminism

Amelie Panaccione, Staff writer December 26, 2020

In the new age of mainstream feminism, pussycat hats are worn by individuals and body positivity posts are the norm. The typical feminist is painted as a confident powerhouse who dominates in the workplace....

PTV has been Boulder Highs favorite TV show for years, but its 2020 content has left us with a few questions.

PTV: We Love It, But…

Amelie Panaccione, Staff writer December 9, 2020

Dear PTV, Even with a new cast and a pandemic, PTV is unstoppable. Every week when I watch your skits and announcements, I feel like I’m watching a Comedy Central skit. However, certain aspects of...

Minimum Wage: It’s More Confusing Than We Think

Amelie Panaccione, Staff writer December 9, 2020

Writing this article, I had hoped to show why we need to raise the minimum wage and that it’s a black and white issue. Yet, with more research, I realized my original idea lacked the proper knowledge...

To everyone who thinks sleeping with socks is weird, think again.

A Breakdown of Sleeping with Socks

Amelie Panaccione, Staff writer December 4, 2020

Let’s talk about going to bed with socks. I thought going to bed with socks was normal until a conversation in class arose, where many of my classmates thought it was weird to wear socks to bed. To those...

Among Us is the latest video game to take the industry by storm.

The Rise of “Among Us”

Amelie Panaccione, Staff writer October 14, 2020

In the past few months, a new game has arisen out of nowhere, taking the gaming industry by storm. That’s right folks, I’m talking about Among Us. Launching in 2018 with little traction, it slowly...

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