The Kennedy Center Honors

The Kennedy Center Honors are given to those in performing arts who have helped bring American Culture to light. On December 5, these honors were given to a select few; Berry Gordy a record produces, Bette Midler a singer and songwriter, Justino Diaz an opera star, Lorne Michaels created SNL, and Joni Mitchell a singer and songwriter. These honorees range from creators of SNL to singers and actors.

In recognition of Lorne Michaels, founder of popular skit show “Saturday Night Live” (SNL), President Biden gave a speech acknowledging the fact that political satire plays an important role in our society. This includes calling out the American government when they don’t accurately represent the American people. This was a slight jab at the Trump Administration and also gave a nod to SNL with their many Trump-related skits

Biden’s attendance at this event is something Trump did not do in his four years in office. The honors always hold a place for the current U.S president and Trump’s absence did not go unnoticed in the entertainment industry. David Letterman, a late-night host, said, “It’s nice to see the presidential box once again being occupied.”

Having the Kennedy Center Honors and the Oval Office join conveys the respect between the entertainment industry and the politics of America. Without entertainment through satire, song, or acting, society would be very dull. Biden’s appearance is reminiscent of democracy and the society America was before Trump’s presidency, one where entertainment and politics can bounce off of one another.