A Breakdown of Sleeping with Socks


Cole Drozdek

To everyone who thinks sleeping with socks is weird, think again.

Let’s talk about going to bed with socks. I thought going to bed with socks was normal until a conversation in class arose, where many of my classmates thought it was weird to wear socks to bed. To those nay-sayers on the going to bed with socks topic, I assure you this population is not weird or crazy; we just have to adapt to the circumstances that are given to us. Although socks in bed may seem to be a questionable decision to the non-sock-to-bed population, wearing socks to bed has offered me a type of comfort so rare and so luxurious that I previously thought it impossible.

In both my parents’ households, my room has sadly been designated the award of coldest room in the house leading me to run abnormally cold year-round. This leaves me in a predicament where you stack two comforters and three blankets on your bed but somehow your toes are still cold. Anyone else been there? Well, having cold feet creates an inability to go to bed by constricting blood vessels. The solution is simple: wear socks to bed.

At first, when I tried to wear socks to bed, I was so uncomfortable. My toes felt as though they were being strangled to death. I felt like my toes were saying, “Let me out!”. It took me a few weeks to get used to the constricting feeling, but in the end I was getting more sleep than before. 

Let’s not forget that the type of sock also matters, a great deal. Based on the temperature of the room and general material used. The short socks that I wear with my shoes don’t make the cut for my high standard of bedtime socks. Bedtime socks must go to a minimum length of mid-calf. For the fall and spring, I wear the socks United Airlines provides on overseas flights. After all the socks I have tried, one real game-changer is the soft texture and stretchy nature of the sock and with the added benefit of grips on the bottom, you will never be falling down in these socks! Now, for the winter socks, I wear Smartwool ski socks that go up almost to my knee and are thin enough where I still have airflow. The socks you wear to bed matter a great deal for the ultimate sleeping experience. 

To all those people who think wearing socks to bed is still weird, I was once in your position until I was so cold that the only way to stay warm is socks. Nobody wears socks to bed for fun (though the socks that you wear can create a wonderful or miserable experience). I strongly suggest to any of my cold feet gang out there to try wearing socks and to the no-sock gang to also try wearing socks. You might just realize that’s the key to sleeping better.