The Mess at CU

The cross town rivalry, purple vs red, the game that is always circled on the calendar. When Boulder plays Fairview, it’s always a blast for everyone involved. It’s intense, everyone in the arena is passionate about their side, and of course it is loud. Yet, none of this ever stood out to me. The only thing that shined brighter than the lights illuminating the area of play were the smiles of everyone, no matter the side. People united together to root for one cause, to cheer on the people they see everyday. It’s one of the coolest things I think anyone could possibly witness. So why does it all deteriorate as soon as the game ends? Why can’t the battle end in the area of play? So many suspensions, bans, punishments in general. The injuries, the animosity, all for what? A cool video? The story itself? And for what cause? To prove one school is superior over the other? That you have more spirit? Pride maybe? Senseless, immature conflict, why? 

Part of it might come from the game itself, as was the case only a few weeks ago where a fight broke out after the Boulder High vs Fairview basketball games. While the BHS women’s team crushed it, winning by a 7 point margin, the men’s game was much more of a nail biter, even going into overtime, and everyone was having a blast through the entire game. The atmosphere was one of intensity and passion, and the chants were so loud, the mostly empty arena still sounded like it does on a packed out night of Pac-12 basketball. After a last second turnover, Boulder High ended up losing the game, much to the dismay of the purple stands, and of course, a wave of jeers from the Fairview side. These jeers eventually got taken outside. Punches were thrown. Bodies were slammed. Bruises, blemishes, and blood now appeared amongst the recently joyful and fun loving crowd. Unfortunate to say the least. Was it the result of the game that caused this? Possibly, afterall, a hard fought game filled with insults being thrown back and forth between fans is bound to boil over. But there has to be a way to prevent this kind of violence, it is beyond unnecessary. 

Should it be on the shoulders of the admin to take action? But it is nearly impossible to control, chants are going to happen until bans happen, as was proved earlier this year with the suspensions occurring after the football and soccer games’ cheers became a bit over the top. No one wants suspensions or to be banned from games, plus these punishments seem harsh and lack any chance at redemption. Plus, these jeers are recurring, so it can be said these punishments don’t solve the problem, and they hurt attendance. 

That being said, the students can’t be excused for their actions. At some point in time, teens need to learn to control their anger, that teen angst phase has to give way to maturity. I went to a Bruins vs Avs game about a month ago, and my Bruins lost. My Dad and I had drunken fans screaming at us through the parking lot, we could have had any reason to throw punches, but we didnt. Why? Because there is a time in place for everything. Was there really any need to leave the game and fight? No. Is there any need to insult the other fans? No. But much like the Avs fan who my father and I faced, and as I have said before, jeers are a part of sports, some would say they make things extra competitive. But I think it can be agreed upon that the line has to be drawn when it comes to physicality. Punches should never be thrown, no matter what the jeer is, it’s all really in good fun. I know it is hard to seem otherwise, but one must consider the jeers they throw back as well.