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Taylor Robinson, Webmaster/Social Media Director

Holding the title of the best resting judgy face, this senior is ready to publish all the opinions their friends are tired of hearing. A visual person at heart, this senior is excited to publish comics and boot up The Owl’s social media. In school, they’re motivated enough to maintain a good GPA but find that most classes bore more than teach. Outside of school, Taylor Robinson is known for picking the presence of their daughters and son (three parakeets and a cat) over human interaction. However, when bad reality TV is involved, or food, they will crawl out of their blanket cocoon and rejoin society. Despite their body’s continual effort to impede their day-to-day existence, Robinson still finds the energy to hit the gym, ride horses, and take jiujitsu classes, and now dive into all their thoughts on BHS.

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There has been growing pressure on teachers from parents when their students dont perform well.

Grade Inflation and Its Downfalls

Taylor Robinson December 21, 2023

As the US dollar inflates, so does the youth’s currency equivalent: grades. Between the pandemic affecting scoring and an increase in parents pressuring teachers to give their students better grades,...

Senior Lot Comics

Taylor Robinson November 17, 2023

Are Textbooks Here to Stay?

Taylor Robinson November 17, 2023

Nearly every high schooler has the experience of being handed a thick book, cover peeling, covered in pencil doodles in the first week of school: The Textbook.  Bags sag for no longer than a day, as...

This is the only poster still up in Logans. Originally there were more distributed, but they have been taken down as it becomes clear Logans is closing.

So Long Logan’s

Taylor Robinson September 26, 2023

Any Centennial Middle School graduate or North Boulder resident is familiar with the little coffee shop tucked cozily on the corner between Lucky’s and Art Cleaners. This little shop has been pumping...

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