Really…? Boulder High: Snow


iNFdesu via Creative Commons

Boulder’s handling of the massive snowfall back in November has some of us scratching our heads. Roads remained clogged for days after the initial storm, making transport difficult and even dangerous for many back-to-school commuters.

Hey Boulder High! It’s Amanda, back with another edition of Really?… Boulder High. Today I will be discussing the recent snow storms that we have had, and how the lack of snow removal has made it difficult for students to be safe and comfortable getting to school. Not only are the roads still covered in thick ice, but the actual walkways at school are a slipping hazard. Although the sidewalks directly in front of Boulder High are cleared, it is the surrounding sidewalks and roads around the school that are the main culprit. Many students have fallen outside of school, where it appears that there has been no effort by Boulder High, or the City of Boulder, to remove the ice on the sidewalks that line Arapahoe in front of the school. Students on their way into the building are sliding along, as if on an ice rink,  in hopes of avoiding a public fall in front of their peers. The sidewalks are not the only issue, as the parking lots are also a mess. The senior lot is particularly bad, as there is massive ice accumulation, making seniors trudge through the snow to get into the building. This leads to students being inevitably uncomfortable, as their sneakers are soaked in dirty water. This uncomfort leads to distracted learning and to poor attitudes of students as well. These safety and comfort concerns could be readily remedied with some ice melt or gravel, but the fact that this hasn’t happened leaves me wondering really?… Boulder High.