The White House: Not Just a House



At the White House, the South Portico has been the backdrop to many an event, including the RNC.

This past Monday, President Trump returned to the White House from a three-day stay at Walter Reed Military Medical Center after being diagnosed with COVID-19. He stood atop the South Portico steps, removed his mask, waved a bit, then turned and entered his home—all without his germ shield. At first glance, one may think, “yeah, I don’t wear masks in my own home, so it makes sense that Trump wouldn’t.” However, the White House is much larger and affects many more people than your typical three-bedroom, four-bath abode. 

The historical residence serves as the workplace to about 400 employees and clocks in at almost 60,000 square feet, containing much more than just the president, his family, and their living spaces. While still technically a residence, think of all the other things that the White House could hold. 60,000 square feet is a little bit hard to picture, but this list will help to really get an idea of the great size of Trump’s home. 

Things that could fit in the White House

 34 Starbucks Coffee Shops

Starbucks stores are usually between 1,500 and 2,000 Sq Ft. ( Gary Rogers Geograph)

Next time you enjoy your morning joe, imagine doing so while looking out at the Rose Garden and clinking tacky souvenir cups with Melania! Now picture your favorite coffee location times 34. There’s no more need to wait in line for your Venti Pink Drink—you can just run up the stairs to another store. Maybe if you’re lucky, one of Trump’s advisors will be manning the register! 

An Entire Football Field

Recht field, Boulder High’s very own football field. Football fields are 57,000 Sq Ft. (Amanda Reader)

With COVID-19 running rampant during the football season, the NFL might need some extra room to practice. Luckily for them, the White House has more than enough room to host a game! 

28 Colorado Homes

The Mork and Mindy House is one of the most recognizable houses in Boulder but at 3,818 Sq Ft it’s much larger than the average Colorado home size of 2,126 Sq Ft. ( WikiCommons)

Coloradans can relax knowing that should their home disappear; the White House has more than enough room to take them in! Why, 28 homes could be a small town—let alone just one residence! Maybe we should all move into the White House.

625 10-Yard Dumpsters

With 625 96 Square Foot dumpsters, there would be no excuse to litter in the White House halls. (Wikicommons)

One may ask why you would ever need so many huge dumpsters. Maybe to hold all of the masks Trump refuses to wear? 

1,423 King Sized Beds

The grandest bed of them all stands (or should I say lays) at 42.15 Square Feet. (Creazilla)

You’re supposed to change your mattress once every 7 years. With this many mattresses, you would have to live 203 years to use all of them. The longest someone has ever actually lived was 122.  

35 NBA/NCCA Basketball Courts

A basketball court is 1,700 square feet. Although, if you include the crowd in a non-COVID-19 year, it’s much larger. (Flickr)

Lastly, with the NBA playoffs wrapping up, what could be a more timely measurement unit than basketball courts? Yes, my friends, with the White House’s square footage, LeBron James, could dribble down 35 whole courts.  

No matter your stance on Trump, we can all agree that the rules that apply to us in our homes shouldn’t be the same rules that apply to the White House. Please keep yourself and those around you safe by wearing your mask.