Really…? BVSD

BVSD’s “snow two-hours”


“Snowfall” by iNFdesu via Creative Commons

Hey, Boulder High! It’s Amanda again, back with another edition of Really?… BVSD. Today I would like to discuss the crazy amounts of snow that have accumulated this past Sunday and Monday morning. More specifically, the even crazier decision that the BVSD superintendent Dr. Anderson made to not call a snow day. There were over 10 inches of snow in many parts of town, and students driving in from the mountains had to face well over a foot trying to get to school. Instead of canceling school or keeping it running on the normal schedule, the brains behind the BVSD snow day operations decided to delay school two hours, making everyone’s schedule all out of whack, and not solving the problem of kids still trying to get to school in the freezing cold and on the iced-over roads. BVSD has again put student’s lives at risk in this scary weather, in exchange for not risking the somewhat impossible chance that we may have to extend school a day in the summer, something that has not happened ever in the memorable past. Not only were students putting their safety on the line trying to get to school, but with the shortened schedule and having only 35 minute long classes, the whole point of school– learning– is essentially thrown out the window, as not much instruction can occur at all in the shortened class period. This lack of thought leaves me as always wondering really?… BVSD.