Really…? Boulder High

An investigation into the collective incompetence of senior drivers


Comic by Lillian Ruelle

Hey, Boulder High! My name is Amanda Reader, and welcome to my column! This will be a place where I discuss all the things that Boulder High has done that are… less than ideal, and things that may leave you saying “Really?… Boulder High.” Today I would like to discuss the beloved senior lot that seniors get to call home for our cars for the day. As most of us know the “slot” is just the best place on earth! When you’re nearby, the sun just gets brighter and the birds start singing… right? Wrong. This is far from the case. Pulling up to the senior lot is like pulling into an industrial wasteland where all hope and joy goes to die.

Haphazard parking job spotted in the senior lot.

Not only are you about to spend the next several hours of your life at school, but you can rest easy knowing that your car’s doors will never be the same once they get pummeled by the genius who parked next to you and parked over the line. To be fair, the spots are so incredibly small that most are probably not even able to get within the line, no matter how many attempts they make to get their massive Toyota 4-Runner parked in the center of the spot. Parking is so bad that you will often see seniors crawling out of their trunks or shimmying between cars in hopes of escaping the claustrophobic environment that exists in the senior lot. Although the “slot” and its crappiness are a tradition at Boulder High, I don’t think anyone would be opposed to a change. This leaves me and probably many others wondering “Really?… Boulder High.” For all the best moments in Senior parking, visit @boulderbadparking on Instagram.