Powerpuff Problems


Last year's Powerpuff participants get together for a photo after a fun-filled game. Photo courtesy of Charlotte Lee.

Despite the excitement and anticipation for this year’s Powerpuff game, the winter weather has led to an unfortunate cancellation of this sacred event. This cancellation of the important game for junior and senior girls was due to the boy’s soccer team’s first-round playoff game being moved from Oct. 31 to Nov. 1, at Recht Field, where the Powerpuff game was originally supposed to be held. Although we love our soccer team, it’s not ideal that their game being moved makes it impossible for the Powerpuff game to take place. This disappointing development has left many senior girls feeling cheated that they don’t get to participate in their second and final Powerpuff game, which some consider a right of passage at Boulder High. Gladly, not all hope is lost for these senior girls, as it has been announced that the Powerpuff game will take place in the spring instead. While little is known about what a spring Powerpuff game will look like, there is hope that the girls won’t be freezing in the snow like they would be this year, and as they have been in years past. The game being pushed back months is just another side effect of the snow, and hopefully, the girls are still just as willing to participate in the spring.