Really…? Boulder High: Fire Alarms


One of Boulder High’s overactive fire alarms. Photo by Amanda reader.

Hey Boulder High! Welcome back to my column! Today we will be discussing something near and dear to all of our hearts… our beloved building. More specifically, whether or not we can expect it to burn down any time soon. With all the fire alarms that we’ve had go off in the past two weeks, no one can be sure if our building is going to turn to ash at this very second, or if it will live to see another day. The reasons behind these fire alarm mistakes are also ridiculous.

One of Boulder High’s fire extinguishers. Photo by Amanda Reader.

The first fake fire was caused by a burned bag of popcorn in the choir room. This snack attempt gone wrong led to Boulder High’s entire student population being dragged out onto the field for 30 minutes while we patiently waited for the fire trucks to arrive. When they finally arrived, they were able to quickly call this fire what it was–a burned bag of popcorn. The next fake fire was the lovely result of some girls lighting up a cigarette in the bathroom, inevitably causing the fire alarm to be triggered. This second false fire took place during 6th period, and it caused most BHS students to lose a lot of class time for the second time in a week. While this may not seem like a big deal, it makes me wonder “Really?… Boulder High.” It seems like we as a school can do better; hopefully, we will, as standing out on the fields come winter sounds like a lot less fun.