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Some schools get creative with their mascots- for better or for worse.

High School Mascots

Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer January 27, 2022

Nothing’s more creative and innovative than mascots like the Eagles, Wildcats, or the Bulldogs. But what about mascots that you haven’t heard? The ones that make you question if they even exist. I...

The team hoists the Lynn Daker Trophy triumphantly after their victory over Fairview.

Wrestling Team Wrecks Fairview

Gavriel Mulligan, Co-Editor-in-Chief February 18, 2020

Jan. 17: Boulder’s boys wrestling team took on cross-town rial Fairview under the dramatic spotlights in the Pit, absolutely crushing at the dual meet with a score of 63-13. The energy in the small,...

The controversial meme in question, proclaiming Atkinson to be career-a-gon. Via @skothers on Instagram.

We Need to Talk About This: Memes and the #MeToo Movement

Gavriel Mulligan, Editor-in-Chief February 3, 2020

We cannot launch into this coverage until we first extend our condolences to the Fairview community for the period of tumult they are experiencing and to victims of sexual harassment and assault who we...

Fairviews killer production of High School Musical blew viewers away. High School Musical the musical poster. Via Creative Commons.

Fairview Musical: Where the Rivalry Unravels

Akasha Brahmbhatt, Webmaster January 7, 2020

A large amount of Boulder High students have been programmed to compete with Fairview since they walked into this school as a freshman, with the “Beat Fairview” magnets plastered around the school...

The varsity boys soccer team huddles up during a game. Photo via Boulder High Yearbook.

Sko Soccer

Amanda Reader, Staff Writer October 24, 2019

The boys soccer team has been having a ball so far this school year with their 2019 campaign. Whether they are playing under the bright lights of Christian Recht Field, or destroying rival teams on the...

Photo by Boulder High Yearbook on August 29th at Recht Field.

Rivalry Remains Unchanged Through 20 Years

Brenna Wright, Staff Writer October 22, 2019

Over two decades, the landscape of this country has drastically changed: 9/11 left its permanent stamp on the country, both Google and the iPod were invented, Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc, Barack Obama...

The boys soccer teams hard at work

Soccer Rivalry Smackdown

Lili Stevens, Arts and Entertainment Editor September 15, 2019

This past Tuesday, Boulder High Varsity Soccer team kicked off against Fairview under a setting sun. Before the 5 minute mark, multiple shots had neared the crowd and the cheerleaders, who are arguably...

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