Kicking the Knights to the Curb


Kirsten Boyer

Owen Kalisher ’23 adding yet another save to one of his many from throughout the shutout against Fairview.

Deep into the second half of the tense Boulder vs. Fairview soccer game, the crowd holds its breath as the score still reads 0-0.

The energy between the BHS Panthers and the Fairview Knights has always been electric. The two schools are widely known for their rivalry, and their two teams are loyal to the tradition as much as any other student. As Logan Sims ‘23, states, “With us and fairview, it’s always gonna be a battle. No matter which side has the stronger team that year, anything can happen.”

Kicking off the game, the BHS Panthers dove straight into the play, giving the Fairview Knights a run for their money as they viscously pressured Fairview’s front line. But as the Fairview Knights fought back, forcing the ball up to the goal, Owen Kalisher ‘23 and his back line were all that stood between the Fairview Knights and victory. Kalisher ‘23 comments, “Sometimes it gets really intense, you know with the crowd, the atmosphere, it all comes into play… it can be stressful out there, there’s only so much I can control, but I’m used to it. I’m used to my team. I look up to them. I’m proud of them, and I knew they would get the job done.”

Fairview got their fair share of chances at a goal, but Boulder High’s backline had the ball evicted before they could even come into the goal box. But if the knights ever did make it past our relentless defense, their carefully placed shots were tipped out by goalkeeper Kalisher. Save after save, he made it clear no goals were getting past him.

In line with the infamous rivalry, the game was filled with many fouls. With the budding competition between the teams, and the intensely vocal hatred from the fans, each yellow card and free kick brought a wave of conflict and shouting. Despite discouragement from administration to use hateful chants, each side made it clear that this rivalry would not let up anytime soon.

As the clock ticked down, the energy in the BHS Panthers shifted. However, fiercely they were playing before, the team knew the time to dial it to 11 was now.

With 20 minutes left in the game, the Panthers battled the ball into Fairview’s half. After a Fairview kick went awry, we stole a throw-in right next to the goal line. Victor Torres ‘24, threw the ball to Jose Ordaz ’23, volleying it straight to Ben Schkutek ‘24, a first-year transfer student from Germany.

With a perfectly placed header, the ball landed in the center of the goal, and the crowd erupted.

From that point on, there were no slip-ups from BHS. Despite never faltering in their intensity, the energy was clear to both sides. Boulder High had won.

The BHS soccer team has had a wildly successful soccer season so far, with this game following a multitude of wins against big names such as Legacy, Fort Collins, and Silver Creek. This win against Fairview continues the upward trend of their successful season and has had players’ and fans’ spirits lifted high.

Following his incredible goal, Schkutek ‘24 summed it up, “Those guys, they’re amazing. Mi Familia, they’re all just super cool.” With only half of their season left, the BHS Panthers are looking to continue to compete at the highest level for the rest of the season.