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Art by @mapartche based off of the prompt for day 8 of Mindtober, a challenge created by 
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The Inktober Controversy Continues

Clara Thomas, Arts and Entertainment Editor October 18, 2021

Christmas for artists has come again; it’s October, and artists everywhere are pulling out their inks, apple pens, paints and pencils as many participate in the famous annual art challenge, Inktober....

The total cost of the SAT adds up to almost $840 for a single college applicant

Dethroning the College Board

Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer October 2, 2021

Now that I’m a senior, I’ve had plenty of exposure to the College Board’s SAT and AP tests. I’ve studied for months, hoping to get the scores I want on both. For the SAT, it’s not a matter of...

A photorealism paint of Mother Theresa by Palou

The Artistic Merit of Photorealism

Clara Thomas , Arts and Entertainment Editor October 2, 2021

Being generally passionate about the arts, I’ve spent plenty of time studying different art mediums, movements and styles. Throughout history, there have been many artistic movements, some more well...

Annika Bjorklund 22 climbs out her window at the start of the school day to avoid a fist fight with the car adjacent to her.

Why I Love the Senior Lot

Annika Bjorklund , Editor-in-chief October 2, 2021

There is one thing I’ve been looking forward to since freshman year: finally getting to park in the senior lot. I mean, what isn’t fun about tiny spots and teenage drivers?  Every day, I wake up...

Teens are disproportionately affected by marijuana, the plant pictured above.

Weeding Out the Facts

Jonathan Stafford, Stafff Writer October 1, 2021

An ordinary slice of pizza should take about three minutes to reheat in a pizza oven. Mine took 10. The date was May 3, 2018, and I went to Cosmos with my dad. The high school-aged employee taking our...

Capitalism Has Led to the Exploitation of Women

Capitalism Has Led to the Exploitation of Women

Amelie Panaccione, Junior Editor in Chief October 1, 2021

The definition of capitalism, according to marxism, is a socio-economic system based on privatized production and the exploitation of the labor force. In the capitalistic society of today with a free market...

Panera has 2,161 locations across the United States since 1987.

Why Panera is Overrated

Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer September 28, 2021

So often in high school, you talk to a person that loves Panera. They say how their mac and cheese is the best in the area and how they could never make their own grilled cheese as good as theirs.  To...

The audience for former Panther Derek Dames Ohls set was rapt.

PorchFest 2021

Hannah Cohen, Opinions Editor September 21, 2021

On Sunday, September 19th, neighbors and visitors flooded the streets of the Mapleton Hill neighborhood to enjoy the annual “PorchFest” event, where local musicians played sets on resident’s porches. Bands...

Death Grips’ sound is explosive, mind-bending, and impossible to fully define.

The Sheer Insanity of Death Grips

Lucca Swain, Staff Writer September 21, 2021

Throughout the history of music, there have been those who refuse to sit still in imposed creative boundaries, those who do not let any genre contain what they can do or what they can be. From The Beatles...

Varsity Girls racer finishes the initial ascent and begins the first downhill on the race course.

MTB First Race Report

Charlie Martin, Business Manager September 20, 2021

The whole mountain bike team headed up to Frisco to compete in their first race: an individual time trial. The goal of this race was for each rider to get placed in their divisions Varsity, JV, Sophomore,...

Boulder Highs Homecoming is on September 18th, and coming by yourself is not recommended.

Don’t Come Alone

Lucca Swain, Staff writer September 16, 2021

I’m sure that many students at Boulder High are excited about Homecoming: a fun night with your friends, full of song and dance, a night to have fun. I’m sure that many will decide to come by themselves,...

With Boulder High closely trailing Fairview, Boulder makes one of its 70 tackles in the game.

Boulder Fairview Matchup

Amelie Panaccione, Jr. Editor in Chief September 9, 2021
Lagenegger said, “[It was] the most emotions I've ever felt during a football game... that play really brought us back.”
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