High School Mascots

Some Are Better Than Others


Caitlin Rogers

Some schools get creative with their mascots- for better or for worse.

Nothing’s more creative and innovative than mascots like the Eagles, Wildcats, or the Bulldogs. But what about mascots that you haven’t heard? The ones that make you question if they even exist. I can assure you, these are all real and memorable.

1 Panthers – Boulder High School

What can I say? The intimidating panthers are superior and I’m sure the other schools in Colorado are envious of our mascot. 

2 The Mighty Bunnies – Benson High School

In elementary school, my soccer coaches would allow us to name our teams. We’d come up with names like Blue Bananas, Ballerz, and possibly even something like the Mighty Bunnies. I’m not sure if “mighty” is the adjective to describe bunnies, but it’s surely memorable!

3 Galloping Ghosts – Kaukauna High School

Hmmmm. I’ve never seen a galloping ghost, or even a real ghost at all, but I could imagine being intimidated seeing a ghost bolting at me like a horse.

4 The Winged Beavers- Avon Old Farms School

I can see how this could be intimidating. Beavers already have sharp teeth that chew through wood, now imagine it with wings, snarling in the air. Although it doesn’t seem very likely to happen, you have to watch out for those Winged Beavers.

5 Nimrods – Watersmeet High School

This is just a low blow from the district’s administration, if you ask me. Someone was definitely petty after they got rejected by someone from this high school. If anyone transfers to Watersmeet High School, you’ll be surrounded by a bunch of Nimrods! Not only them, but you’ll be one too…

6 Awesome Blossom – Blooming Prairie High School

For those who’ve seen The Office, the only image that comes to mind when I hear this is Michael ordering the Awesome Blossom dish at Chili’s. Not only is “Blossom” bad, they decided it wasn’t enough, and added the cheesy rhyme to get the idea across. Extra points for creativity, though. 

7 The Hot Dogs- Frankfort High School

Sure, it’s supposed to actually be a weiner dog, but why change it to Hot Dogs? I mean, we’ve heard of the Bulldogs or the Pitbulls, but Hot Dogs just defeats the purpose. Nice try.

8 The Skeeters – Mesquite High School

My thought process behind this one is maybe they were connecting the connotation of mosquitos being annoying and small enough that they’re hard to catch? They sure do leave their mark (literally) and are remembered for a couple days. It’s also just fun to say.

9 Pretzels – New Berlin High School

I guess there’s one thing to take away from the Pretzels: it’s a yummy snack. Although I don’t see how it could be a mascot instead of the food sold at the concession stand at a football game. It is truly unique, though.

10 The Knights – Fairview High School

It’s common courtesy they’re even on here.