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Caitlin is a senior at Boulder High School and a new member of The Owl. By joining the newspaper, she hopes to use it as an outlet to share interesting stories, dive deeper into topics that interest her, and have a more thorough understanding of journalism. Not only does she like writing, but she plays both club and high school soccer. She started the sport when she was in 4th grade and has continued to love the game more each year. Unless she has soccer practice, she often goes to get boba tea with friends or the swings at North Boulder Park at night with them. Ever since she was young, she’s loved to bake cakes and cupcakes. Her favorite part of the process was decorating and making them look edible-even when they weren’t. One thing that always made them edible was topping them with green grapes because they are perfect for any occasion and always bring joy.

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Americans are stubbornly attached to their daily showers at somewhat detrimental effects.

You Don’t Need to Shower Every Day

Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer July 6, 2022

Either after a long day or before a long day begins, most people like to enjoy a warm shower to wash off their fatigue. Those who shower every day, though, may be doing more harm than good to both their...

You Wish You Were Betty White

Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer May 9, 2022

Betty White remains an inspiration to many of us still, even after she passed in her sleep on December 31, 2021. Only a few weeks from her 100th birthday, she accomplished countless things, starring in...

Some of the stress factors high school seniors feel like they need on a college resume to impress the institution.

Colleges’ Absurd Expectations

Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer February 13, 2022

Colleges look for good grades, hard classes, and a range of extracurriculars in their prospective students. Though some of these expectations are doable, high schoolers don’t have enough time to do all...

Some schools get creative with their mascots- for better or for worse.

High School Mascots

Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer January 27, 2022

Nothing’s more creative and innovative than mascots like the Eagles, Wildcats, or the Bulldogs. But what about mascots that you haven’t heard? The ones that make you question if they even exist. I...

Each color creates a response, and objects can often be associated with a certain color.

My Classes and the Colors that Represent Them

Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer January 10, 2022

Math: Dark pink With its fun problem solving and exciting environment, pink fits its personality. Although the majority of my days in math are enjoyable, there are also moments of turbulence where I...

Students’ level mental health got worse as the pandemic forced schools to go online.

Why I Prefer In-Person Learning

Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer January 5, 2022

After living through a year of online school, I can confidently say that it was the worst year of my high school experience. I’d log onto a class on Google Meet, listen to a teacher’s lesson, and they’d...

Sitting on the Floor can be more enjoyable than expected.

Take a Seat, on the Floor

Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer November 18, 2021

People often joke about how I sit and lay down on the floor in random places. When I’m waiting for my food to heat up in the oven, I wait close by, on the floor, too lazy to walk to the kitchen table...

Passing Lines at Start of Practice

Ultimate Frisbee: Ultimate Fun

Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer November 2, 2021

Frisbee is a mix of football and handball, both teams having to pass the disc to a teammate in the end zone and Boulder has their very own team! GWave is the co-ed ultimate team that plays in the fall....

Students at Boulder High are hard at work as they bring back the haunted house.

Welcoming Back the Haunted House

Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer November 1, 2021

After two years, Troupe 60 is welcoming back their iconic haunted house, and this year’s theme is “Nightmares.” Unlike previous years, the actors and viewers will need to wear masks while in the...

The total cost of the SAT adds up to almost $840 for a single college applicant

Dethroning the College Board

Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer October 2, 2021

Now that I’m a senior, I’ve had plenty of exposure to the College Board’s SAT and AP tests. I’ve studied for months, hoping to get the scores I want on both. For the SAT, it’s not a matter of...

Panera has 2,161 locations across the United States since 1987.

Why Panera is Overrated

Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer September 28, 2021

So often in high school, you talk to a person that loves Panera. They say how their mac and cheese is the best in the area and how they could never make their own grilled cheese as good as theirs.  To...

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