Ultimate Frisbee: Ultimate Fun


Caitlin Rogers

Passing Lines at Start of Practice

Frisbee is a mix of football and handball, both teams having to pass the disc to a teammate in the end zone and Boulder has their very own team! GWave is the co-ed ultimate team that plays in the fall. Flower Power is the girls team and Wave is the boys team, the same as the co-ed name, both playing in the spring. Since 2006, the teams have been meeting after school and have grown in size to 60 total members.

Recently, the issue of cultural appropriation has been drawing attention and people have been more proactive towards the matter. Previously, the name of the team was Hula, but it was brought to their attention that it might be considered cultural appropriation to wear leis on their jerseys at the frisbee matches. To resolve this issue and respect Hawaiian culture, they decided to change their name. The captains suggested names that had the same energy as Hula, some leaning to represent Coloradan culture more than others. They discussed their options for weeks, contemplating which would be best. According to one of the captains, Mary Smith, ‘22, some of the other names were “Pink Panther, Larkspur, and Boulder Blitz,” ultimately they chose Wave because it was the most popular option. 

In regards to the girls team, Flower Power, they won their second state championship in 2018, the first time being the year before. The girls team has also been voted Spirit of the Game Champions three times beginning in the 2012 spring season to the 2014 season. Spirit of the Game refers to “integrity, community, respect, and working through conflicts and disagreements with class and compassion.” In the spring 2021 season, they got second in the state tournament and tied for first for Spirit of the Game. The boys team in spring 2021 finished fifth in Division 1 of the Colorado High School State Championship Tournament. In 2016, they also won the Spirit of the Game Award in Division 1, capping off a successful tournament. In the coed, fall season of 2018, the team placed fourth in Division 1 in the Colorado State Mixed Division Championship, the year previous to that placing fourth.

This season, the team practices three times a week, with games once a week as well. They have reopened the team to new members, compared to last year when membership was excluded to only past members to reduce Covid-19 exposure. To join, you can go to a practice and later get a membership through USAU (USA Ultimate) and then pay team dues. Because the season has already started, the joining process is closed for the fall, but the spring season is the next opportunity to join and they always welcome new athletes. 

Coach Joe Curtis graduated from Boulder High School in 2017 and continued as a coach of the team. When asked what the best aspect of the team was, he  commented, “We’re always welcoming.” Coach Alexia McCaskill also states, “Regardless of how long someone’s been playing on the team, they’re always welcomed,” when asked the same question. The players have worked hard to create this environment and it has paid off with increasing participation and enthusiasm for the sport.