My Classes and the Colors that Represent Them



Each color creates a response, and objects can often be associated with a certain color.

Math: Dark pink

With its fun problem solving and exciting environment, pink fits its personality. Although the majority of my days in math are enjoyable, there are also moments of turbulence where I don’t understand what’s happening (the darker red side of the class). I spend the night stressing with my homework, until it finally clicks and all is well again.

Language Arts: Dark Blue

Language arts and its calm, artistic curriculum is well portrayed in blue, a color that embraces the tone of the class. Once you get the hang of writing one essay well, a darker aspect is evident when the next prompt comes along and makes you question your ability to put a simple sentence together. After that, though, the class is back to its normal ways and feels smooth with completing assignments and expressing your opinion.

Art: Yellow

Art rarely has any problems, and usually has a very welcoming, warm, and bright environment. Even if I suck at creation, the teacher appreciates me trying, and I feel confident in my work. I barely feel stressed with the work in art and I use the class as an outlet.

History: Brown

Brown has a very rustic, textured feel. The interest level for history class depends on the material.  Learning about things like the American Revolution or the Civil War interests me, but when it comes to the slower sides of history like how the states started forming or farming, I tend to zone out. As much as I love and appreciate the history of our nation, there are aspects that don’t stay in place in my mind.

Science: Green

Green represents nature, growth, and taking action. Since science focuses on how things function and the bases of our creation and life, green perfectly encompasses these aspects. Green is seen all around us and so is science. The course is interesting and calming, while being a foundation for other things in life.