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Lili Stevens, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Lili Stevens is a senior at Boulder High School. She's always been interested in literature and writing, so she joined The Owl to further her involvement in writing-based activities. The television show, The Bold Type, inspired her to consider pursuing a career in journalism and publishing. As a member of The Owl, Lili is hoping to gain insight as to what it takes to be a member of a publishing team. She also wants to improve her skills in composing less formal pieces of writing. In her free time, Lili likes to watch true crime documentaries and historical dramas on Netflix, read fiction novels, and listen to podcasts. Lili is inspired by the activists of the younger generation who are making the changes that adults aren't willing to admit need to be made. Greta Thunberg is just one of the many young people included on this list. Something unique about Lili is that instead of using pre-made planners for school, she prefers to make her own bullet journals planners. This is a way for her to express her creative side and her type A planning side at the same time. Lili prefers crisp green grapes over their soggy red counterparts.

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Black Texas Instruments graphing calculator, Mathematics, Education, HD wallpaper, courtesy of

Balancing Home Life During COVID-19

May 4, 2020

While we are all dealing with this new form of learning, many students with specific at-home responsibilities such as childcare now have to balance their education and responsibilities on an unprecedented...

The 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, who recently faced impeachment. Trumps portraits by Svetik Petushkova, Andrew Sharapov is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.

Impeachment Recap: What You Should Know

February 24, 2020

In December of 2019, President Donald Trump became the third United States president to be impeached by the House of Representatives. The democratic-majority House voted to impeach Trump on the grounds...

The Ultimate Frisbee HULA team at States in the fall.

The Ultimate Spring Sport

January 31, 2020

Contrary to many high school movies, sports at Boulder High don’t seem to be at the center of everyone’s mind, unless you’re an athlete yourself. Underneath all of this disinterest, there’s...

Above is pictured a thermostat from a second-floor English classroom. Many students and teachers believe different classrooms have drastically different temperatures--but are they correct in this belief?

Difference in Classroom Temperature

January 28, 2020

Many people, myself included, have complained about the varying temperatures within the school, even after the grant for school repairs. I’ve given and received advice to “wear layers,” so that you...

Student members of the Sunrise Movement Club at Boulder hold up protest signs outside the Denver Capitol building on January 9th.

[Photo] Boulder High Sunrise Movement Members Detained after Peaceful Protest

January 26, 2020

Student members of the Sunrise Movement Club at Boulder hold up protest signs outside the Denver Capitol building on January 9th.

In an era where issues with body image seemingly run rampant throughout the country, a CU Boulder program called Mind Body Voice hopes to study the effects of counselling on body image and to aid young women and girls by fostering a sense of community and acceptance around body positivity.

Mind, Body and Voice

January 7, 2020

You may have seen the flyers around campus advertising something called Mind, Body, and Voice. But what exactly is that? And can you get money from it? I recently sat down with the leaders of this program...

A young woman concentrating on her studies. By Hero Images via Creative Commons.

Homework Is Invading Our Free Time

November 21, 2019

When I came up with the idea of writing this article, I was hoping to hear about the fun and exciting things my peers do during their off periods. What I really found out was that most kids just do homework. This...

The Night Shift, courtesy of @the_night_shift on Instagram.

Keeping up with The Night Shift

November 21, 2019

Ever wonder what the bands get up to after Boulder High’s “Battle of the Bands” competition? I caught up with bandmates from The Night Shift to see what they’ve been doing and what they have planned...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaking on the Green New Deal.

School Strike for Climate

September 19, 2019
This upcoming Friday, September 20th (yes, the same day as the Area 51 raid), thousands of young Coloradans are meeting at the State Capitol building in Denver to protest with the Sunrise Movement. 
Boulder Triple-Books Itself

Boulder Triple-Books Itself

September 15, 2019

Earlier this school year, we all learned that Homecoming was going to take place on October 19th, the same day as the most popular weekend for the Boulder High Haunted House and the first day of the Mountain...

The boys soccer teams hard at work

Soccer Rivalry Smackdown

September 15, 2019

This past Tuesday, Boulder High Varsity Soccer team kicked off against Fairview under a setting sun. Before the 5 minute mark, multiple shots had neared the crowd and the cheerleaders, who are arguably...

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