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Cate is a senior this year at Boulder High School, and in her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball, swimming, and hiking in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. Cate has always loved to write, and she wanted to learn more about journalism by finally joining The Owl! She has never been exposed to journalism before and is excited to make her debut in The Owl this year. Cate is enthusiastic about making The Owl popular once again at Boulder High. She hopes to create a more significant following for the paper, so everyone at Boulder High and the community will read The Owl daily! Her friends and family members are the ones who inspire her every day to be the person she wants to be, and the relationships with them mean the world to her! One of Cate’s many heroes is Malala Yousafzai because of how she took an incredibly hard experience and was able to change the world for the better and see the good in her situation. Cate looks up to Malala and tries to be as strong as her every day. Cate’s biggest quirk is that she owns way too many fanny packs! Cate also prefers green grapes over red.


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How to Make Your Own Masks for Family and Hospital Workers

May 4, 2020

Due to COVID-19, the CDC is now recommending that everyone wear a cloth covering around their face when they go out into public. This recommendation is to prevent spreading the disease to other people...

Maddie Munro (right) stands on the podium with Shirin Van Anrooij and Puck Pieterse after her 3rd place finish. Photo courtesy of Michaela Thompson.

Boulder High Athletes Ride Their Way to Success in Switzerland

April 2, 2020

Boulder High is known for its reigning state champion mountain bike team, and recently a few of its riders have taken their competitions from the state level to a global one. Seniors Maddie Munro, Michaela...

Summit attenders discuss threats to the ecosystem in the ecosystem breakout session.

Boulder Climate Youth Summit Inspires the Community to Take Action

February 13, 2020

Inspiration was the theme surrounding the Boulder Public Library auditorium on Saturday, Feb. 2 during the Climate Youth Summit organized by the Youth Advisory Opportunities Board, a group of 16 high schoolers...

Student members of the Sunrise Movement Club at Boulder hold up protest signs outside the Denver Capitol building on January 9th.

Boulder High Sunrise Movement Members Detained after Peaceful Protest

January 26, 2020

Due to ongoing legal events, the names of students have been retracted from this article in order to protect their privacy.  On Friday, Jan. 9, six members from the Boulder High chapter of the Sunrise...

Boulder High defense held strong against a scrappy Cherry Creek offense, forcing many fouls and turnovers that led to a nail-biting game. Photo by Cate Landry.

Panthers Persevere

January 25, 2020

The Boulder High boys basketball team lived up to their slogan of ADU (aggressive, discipline, unselfish) and proved to be a difficult team to shake in a nail-biting game against Cherry Creek on Dec. 12....

Former staff member Brenna Wright watches Tik Tok on her phone in class. Photo by Cate Landry.

The Truth About Tik Tok

January 24, 2020

After scrolling through the depths of Instagram and finding a relatively dry and boring explore page over Thanksgiving break, I decided to download TikTok as a way to avoid the awkward small talk that...

Mallus and Jung pictured here alongside their fellow Rotary Exchange Program members. Via Elena Mallus.

From Fondue and Fettuccine to Football Games

November 21, 2019

The idea of leaving home and attending a school in a country across the world that speaks a different language and has a whole set of cultural differences sounds daunting to many teenagers. Yet, for three...

Though the club began mere weeks ago, it already has a strong following of BHS students ready and excited to give back to their communities. Photo via Charlotte Gorgemans.

Letters of Hope: A New Club’s Mission

November 21, 2019

There’s a new club at Boulder High that has flown somewhat under the radar for a few weeks but is gradually growing and gaining popularity. The Pen-to-Heart Club, started by juniors Charlotte Gorgemans,...

The iconic PTV Boys McClory, Williams, and Coan pictured left to right. Via Mr. Wright.

Making PTV Great Again

October 22, 2019

With a new semester comes a new cast of PTV and a fresh selection of skits. This year, the revival of PTV has many students looking forward to watching the weekly announcements. This is in large part due...

Students from the Colorado area congregate at the Colorado State Capitol Building during the Denver Climate Strike on Friday September 20th.

You Marched… Now What?

September 26, 2019
If you felt inspired by the global climate strike, here are some easy ways to continue to use your voice to spark change. 
A photo of the Boulder High student section of the bleachers from the Boulder Fairview game on August 29th.

Thursday Night Lights?

September 9, 2019

Ringing in the new football season, the Boulder Panthers went head to head with the Fairview Knights in the opening game of the season on Thursday, August 29th. Yet, the match-up against cross-town rival...

Boulder High FBLA Holds American Enterprise Extravaganza

Boulder High FBLA Holds American Enterprise Extravaganza

March 22, 2019

On March 21, 2019 from 2:15-3PM Boulder High School FBLA hosted the American Enterprise Extravaganza in Boulder High School’s main gym. Sports teams at Boulder High participated as “businesses” in...

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