Keegan Jack
Keegan Jack is a senior at Boulder High School with, among other things, a passion for the combination of media and information. It was this very passion that inspired him to pursue working for The Owl. He loves exploring the wonderful nature of Colorado and trying to capture its beauty through the art of photography. He also enjoys various other hobbies, such as illustration, playing cello, and boxing. Keegan prides himself on being an effective communicator, but this sometimes means he ends up trying to convince people about things that they don’t want to change their mind about, such as his belief in the ambiguity between the types of grapes. Although the COVID-19 virus has certainly been an inconvenience within the realm of school for him, Keegan is grateful that it is only that. In fact, he has enjoyed much of his time alone, for it has allowed a new era of introspection to realize in his life. Recently, Keegan has been pondering how he wants to incorporate his many passions (and possible new ones) into higher education, and even his career. For this reason, he hopes that joining The Owl will be a great opportunity to explore his interests.

Keegan Jack, Webmaster & Social Media Director

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Keegan Jack