The Covid-19 Vaccine Needs to be Safer Than Ever


Keegan Jack

After almost ten months of dealing with Covid-19 and quarantine, the Covid-19 vaccine is on the horizon, and it needs to be safer than ever.

On November 20th, Boulder and several other Colorado counties moved the level red due to the drastically increasing number of Covid-19 cases. This moves us to the second-highest level on the state dial, meaning we are at severe risk in terms of the virus. This comes with several changes, including most indoor activities being prohibited and updated capacity restrictions. 

Though this increase in cases is scary, many are optimistic about a new vaccine. The pharmaceutical company Moderna is going to apply for authorization of their vaccine from the FDA; their data has shown the drug to be 94.1% effective at preventing the disease. The CDC is set to vote on December 10th on who will be the first to receive the treatment. This is exciting news, and many people are hoping the vaccine will be rushed and released as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many barriers may prohibit this vaccine from being as successful as possible.

The most important part of a vaccine like this is effectiveness, and though in the trials, this vaccine has been quite successful, there are many factors that affect widespread distribution. For example, while these vaccines are being transported, it’s important they are kept in ideal conditions, or they may not work. Because this virus is so dangerous, people receiving an ineffective vaccine and acting as if they are immune could cause another spike in cases. It can take several weeks after receiving the vaccine for it to be effective, so even after receiving a working vaccine, you may still need to social distance for several weeks. There will also probably be a distribution timeline, essential workers and healthcare providers will likely be the first to receive the vaccine, and it could take longer before the vaccine is readily available to the public, especially for low-risk people. 

With cases on the rise and a vaccine on the horizon, it’s more important than ever to be careful. The best-case scenario for this vaccine is that everyone who receives it is not currently infected. Those who have already recovered may still benefit from the vaccine depending on which strand of the virus they had. But if a person has Covid 19 and receives the vaccine, it won’t do anything, and if that person acts as though they’re immune to the virus, it will only spread more. 

Right now, everyone should stay at home to the highest extent they are able. Avoid indoor gatherings, and work from home if possible. The progression of the vaccine is very hopeful, and it’s important to hold onto that hope, but it’s equally important to create an environment where the vaccine could work as well as possible once it is released. The vaccine will make major progress towards stabilizing the pandemic; however, it is vital to follow protocols as this will make the vaccine as effective as possible.