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Ruby, a senior at Boulder High, is a first-year member of the Owl and hopes to explore the world of journalism through the eyes of a writer. While she isn't new to this style of writing, she has taken many years off from it and is excited to dive back in. Over the last year, The Owl caught her attention as she continued to read the funny, informative, or controversial articles her classmates had produced the year before. She is thrilled to take on stories in multiple categories of the newspaper and find her strengths in each. While she enjoys writing, you can also find Ruby biking over a mountain, kicking a ball around a field, bingeing a new TV series, or torturing her beloved siblings (they love it). While she understands the merit of both green and purple grapes, it is with great sadness to share that she likes neither and would prefer to stay away from the squishy, explosive fruit.

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Why Does Society Have a Problem With Creatives?

Cole Drozdek and Ruby Link December 15, 2020

While taking the SAT, I came across an article that attempted to dissuade parents from steering their children away from artistic passions and careers. The article explained the negative stereotypes surrounding...

Emily in Paris has taken Netflix by storm, but is the hit show all its hyped up to be?

“Emily in Paris”?

Ruby Link, Staff writer December 1, 2020
Trending in the top ten on Netflix for weeks, Emily in Paris has been watched by millions of Americans.
One vote for the electoral college is thousands of individual voices that are drowned out and clumped together.

Colorado’s Adoption of the Popular Vote Means More Than Just a Vote

Ruby Link, Staff writer November 10, 2020

On election day, Colorado joined the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC), passing it as a law with 52 percent of the vote. Although the compact will not be enacted until enough states join...

Whether its to lessen eye strain or simply add an accessory to an outfit, everyone is sporting their new blue light glasses.

Blue Light Glasses: Real Relief or Simply Style?

Ruby Link, Staff writer November 3, 2020

Over the last few months, I have noticed many of the people around me have begun sporting a new pair of glasses. As someone who wears glasses in order to have clear vision, it was to my surprise to learn...

Last years FBLA members at the 1st Bank Center after receiving their awards at the state competition.

Future Business Leaders of America: A Club for Everyone

Ruby Link, Staff writer October 26, 2020

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is an embodiment of Boulder High's slogan “A Place for Everyone,” and it has made great strides to work around the barriers that have presented themselves...

Restaurants and shops on the Hill faced a tough two weeks with the absence of students.

How Did Boulder Businesses Survive the Student Ban?

Ruby Link and Luke Kreidl October 23, 2020

On September 24, the City of Boulder issued a Stay-At-Home order on people of ages 18-22, prohibiting all indoor and outdoor gatherings. While it applies to any person within this age range, it was mainly...

With activities confined to secluded, indoor activities, students find themselves dreaming of what they could be doing outside of their homes.

[Photo] Where We All Wish We Could Be Right Now

Ruby Link, Staff writer September 22, 2020

With activities confined to secluded, indoor activities, students find themselves dreaming of what they could be doing outside of their homes.

Looks like Dan has taken the lead in the Haloween decorating race...

[Photo] Drown Your Sorrows in Pumpkin Spice

Ruby Link, Staff writer October 2, 2020

Looks like Dan has taken the lead in the Haloween decorating race...

Eight Colorful Colorado Locations to Visit Before Winter

Ruby Link, Staff writer October 20, 2020

Although Colorado has mainly been put on the map for its ski slopes, one of the best times to visit is before the snow even comes. Colorado is home to some of the most breathtaking views that are amplified...

Schools are being forced to omit information about controversial historic events that are deemed unpatriotic due to the fear of being defunded. Photo via Snappy Goat.

“Patriotic Education” is Not Patriotic

Ruby Link, Staff writer September 29, 2020

Last week, President Trump announced his plan to sign an executive order to create a “National Commission to Promote Patriotic Education,” also known as The 1776 Commission. This order will inform...

The SAT: A Biased Measure of Privilege, Not Knowledge

Ruby Link, Staff writer September 15, 2020

Last year, College Board claimed over $1 billion in assets, despite its non-profit status. Non-profit organizations are designed to focus on the public good rather than profit-making, yet College Board's...

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