Future Business Leaders of America: A Club for Everyone


Ruby Link

Last year’s FBLA members at the 1st Bank Center after receiving their awards at the state competition.

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is an embodiment of Boulder High’s slogan “A Place for Everyone,” and it has made great strides to work around the barriers that have presented themselves this year.

Albin Halquist, Lucas Gonzalez, Luke Leiden, Audrey Kaufman and Madison Felix at the last in-person event (districts) before COVID-19 hit. (Ruby Link)

Everyone is welcome to join regardless of their interest or previous involvement in the basics of business as that is not all that is offered. VP of Recruitment, senior Maddy Felix, works closely with those that are thinking of joining the club and she believes that students have a lot of gain from FBLA because it “teaches a lot of life skills. We don’t just focus on strictly business-related topics so there’s something for everyone.” She continued to note that the club has aspects of a competitive environment if that is what you like, but it also “fosters community and friendship” making it so any type of person can benefit from joining.

The number of events that one can participate in is abundant—ranging from business law and sales presentations to graphic design and social media projects. While FBLA would have normally traveled to District, State and National competitions for these tests, they are being hosted virtually this year. This significantly reduces participation costs and makes it more accessible to those who weren’t able to join in the past.

Students vote on a sweatshirt or t-shirt design every year that is distributed to FBLA members. (Ruby Link)

The president of FBLA, Claire Mahon, says that “in order to keep the club engaging, they are also implementing lots of new activities.” The club hopes to get together in person (socially distanced) for club bonding with activities like “an outdoor movie night.” They also want to unite the members with some FBLA gear such as sweatshirts or t-shirts, which members will be able to vote on during the next meeting.

She also noted that the club is bringing in guest speakers. On Tuesday, Oct. 27, the CEO of TechStars, Scott Fords, is coming to talk about exciting events such as the accelerator program they offer and Startup Weekend. Students can join with the attached Google Meet link at 3:05 from their home or if you are attending in-person learning on that day, you may join from a study area in the school such as the cafeteria or library. The club hopes to set up more speakers for future dates, so there will be lots of opportunities to hear from members of the community on something you’re interested in.

FBLA is also involved in community service. Right now the VP of Community Service, Keara Friel, is hosting a canned food and supplies drive for families in need. You can contact her at kjfriel01@bvsd.org for more details on how to participate. 

For those looking to get in on all the benefits it brings, join FBLA! The club meets every other week on Tuesdays from 3:05 until 3:45 with the Google Meet code FBLA2020. For more information, you can visit the club’s Instagram @boulderhsfbla, their website or contact the club’s officers.