Lili Stevens
Lili Stevens is a senior at Boulder High School. She's always been interested in literature and writing, so she joined The Owl to further her involvement in writing-based activities. The television show, The Bold Type, inspired her to consider pursuing a career in journalism and publishing. As a member of The Owl, Lili is hoping to gain insight as to what it takes to be a member of a publishing team. She also wants to improve her skills in composing less formal pieces of writing. In her free time, Lili likes to watch true crime documentaries and historical dramas on Netflix, read fiction novels, and listen to podcasts. Lili is inspired by the activists of the younger generation who are making the changes that adults aren't willing to admit need to be made. Greta Thunberg is just one of the many young people included on this list. Something unique about Lili is that instead of using pre-made planners for school, she prefers to make her own bullet journals planners. This is a way for her to express her creative side and her type A planning side at the same time. Lili prefers crisp green grapes over their soggy red counterparts.

Lili Stevens, Arts and Entertainment Editor

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Lili Stevens