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Kai Fox, Staff writer

Kai Fox is a sophomore soccer player for Boulder High School that thrives in his math classes. In Kai’s free time, you will often find him on the soccer field or with his friends, but if he is not there, then he is not willingly doing homework for his classes. Kai fox joined The Owl for the pursuit of becoming a better writer. Kai also wishes to join the owl to become a bigger part of the Boulder High community. Kai also loves to snowboard in the winter with his friends, his dad, and even sometimes with his brother. Kai Fox loves his free time, and he will try to get as much of it as possible between schoolwork and soccer. Some people will go as far as to say that Kai admires his free time as much as his love for green grapes.

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While students love to complain about school, the photos are the real problem.

School’s True Problem

Kai Fox, Staff writer December 15, 2020

Students tend to complain about school's many problems, but they never mention the one true atrocity inflicted upon us: school photos. These dreaded picture days are torture to go through. Have you...

The European Super League

Kai Fox, Staff writer December 9, 2020

Every soccer fan has wondered what it would be like to see the top European teams face off against each other in their own domestic league of 16 teams. How cool would it be to see all the top European...

The best Halloween candy, KitKat, has an iconic packaging many of us love and get excited to see once the Halloween season arrives.

What is the Best Candy Bar?

Kai Fox, Staff writer November 8, 2020

After Halloween, many of us are stuck with leftover candy. Everybody has their own opinions about what their favorite candy bar is. Many people think of Snickers, Milky Way, or even Twix. But they are...

Teachers have had to change many aspects of how they teach due to COVID-19, especially with a lot fewer people. At Boulder High, this means teaching in person and virtually at the same time.

What Makes a Great Teacher?

Kai Fox, Staff writer November 5, 2020

There are many aspects that make a great teacher, as well as many factors that are not necessarily so terrific. But, I will be just talking about the aspects of those great teachers. Many teachers end...

Is fantasy football the best way to pass time?

Is This the Best Waste of Time?

Kai Fox, Staff writer November 3, 2020

When it comes to filling time, many people use the same strategies for occupying themselves. They try to play on their phone, they try to start a conversation and even play board games. But none of those...

The Broncos’ Quarterback Catastrophe

Kai Fox, Staff writer October 20, 2020

As one myself, I know the pain that Denver Broncos fans are going through right now. The Broncos have been trying to find a good quarterback since Peyton Manning retired after the team won Super Bowl 50...



Kai Fox, Staff writer October 6, 2020

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